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    Oh, you can't watch it, my stormtrooper friend. You're needed to help guard a ship that's just been pulled in on the tractor beam. It's all routine. It's not like they'll be hiding in the smuggling compartments, shoot the scanning crew, shout for help (pretending to be the scanning crew), shoot you and steal your uniform. But I digress, Vader's orders, no footy for you.
  2. kopitegaz


    I was under that impression too.
  3. kopitegaz

    Left Back v Benfica

    How could Mavinga possibly be in contention if he isnt registered in the Europa League Squad?
  4. Just received this from my MP. Dear Mr Bradburn Thank you for your message. I have a number of similar requests. However I must advise you that I have taken up this matter with the government in the past. The response which I have received is that although the government has a controlling interest in RBS and concerns itself with general policy on loans to business it does not involve itself in the micromanagement of individual transactions. The bank is expected to make such decisions on the basis of the financial credentials of applicants. Yours sincerely Eddie O'Hara
  5. I've just done the same as well, having received same message.
  6. kopitegaz

    Entertain Me

    Can we play connect 4? O
  7. kopitegaz

    Footballers who look like lesbians.

    Have all of these been in Prisoner Cell Block H?
  8. kopitegaz

    David Cameron

    The Dark side of of the Shadow cabinet is a pathway to many MP's, some consider to be unnatural.
  9. kopitegaz

    The Penguins around the City Centre

    Ok, I'm wrong again then, as per usual.
  10. kopitegaz


    Well thanks for making out like I'm some heartless cunt. I had no idea what the problem on the road was. There were no police out and no wreckage was apparent. Obviously whatever problems with traffic congestion were on my route home were a consequence of something on one of the other routes out of town. Cheers anyway, for now making me feel like shite.
  11. kopitegaz

    The Penguins around the City Centre

    Jesus Christ, you're miserable arent you?
  12. kopitegaz


    Getting out of town was a nightmare this evening. Got on bus in Victoria street at 5.45. Should have been home around half an hour later. Didnt get home until 7.40. What are other cities like in this respect? It seems in Liverpool, if one main road is blocked, it fucks up the rest of it. Good job I don't live any further than 6 miles away from the City centre.
  13. kopitegaz

    I want to know...

    My sincere apologies to you. I will start all future threads or posts with "for the benefit of odris". Have a nice day & thanks for reading.