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  1. I think I'm starting to hate this lad. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/jamie-carragher-drinks-eights-pints-29100311
  2. Everyone on here is now a Belarusian bot except for A Red. And it's 2035.
  3. Blackpool voted Tory, got fucked over by them (say it aint so!) So responded by almost putting Reform in second place.
  4. Good read that. Yeah it's total garbage now. My feed is just spam, and posts from four days ago.
  5. Why managers not backed by Russian gangsters or middle Eastern slave states struggle in the Premier league.
  6. I'm not kidding but since this was announced I've seen at least five blokes who look exactly like him, must be like when you get a new car and you start noticing that model on the road more.
  7. Oh no, the talent!!! Haidar said two non-dom friends had already left the UK, less than two months after the chancellor announced in his spring budget the abolition of the regime from April 2025. He said the men, who run hedge funds, had left for Dubai and Switzerland.
  8. Heavens no. https://www.theguardian.com/news/2024/may/02/i-am-moving-tycoon-bassim-haidar-non-dom-tax-status-super-rich-exodus
  9. Timex expedition, good choice.
  10. Oakshit was crying the blues about not being able to get her mate any help because she's got ME, or middle class lazyitis as I call it, the horrendous twat.
  11. Mirror universe Sulu was a bad, bad motherfucker.
  12. The Tories' polling changed in 48 hours after Truss balsed up the economy. If the S*n, Mail and all those other cunts went hammer and tongues after Labour, I absolutely guarantee we'd end up with a hung parliament.
  13. You hear people saying he's a gamble, he is, but almost anyone is going to be a gamble after Klopp. I genuinely think that's why Alonso didn't fancy it, the idea of being the 'next man'. Who would? Also, there isn't a panoply of top tier coaches around like there was years ago, Ancelotti and Zidane, at a push, are the only ones who spring to mind in terms of having been there and bough the T-Shirt. This guy sounds like he ticks a few boxes but he's going to need time, at least 18 months IMO before a serious judgement can be made. People are saying the squad is in good shape, it is in terms of raw talent, but it's also very unbalanced and very one dimensional in terms of how it's set up to play.
  14. Shocked and appalled, from the man whose dad once spent 14 grand on a desk, who's only jobs outside politics were working in Selfridges and as a data entry clerk, and couldn't get a job at a paper until he became pals with the son of a KGB bureau chief. These are the kind of people I want lecturing me on the concept of hard graft and the undeserving poor.
  15. Because young people will vote for them anyway/won't vote at all. The battleground is the red wall. The red wall hates darkies and loves wetherspoons.
  16. Part of that is Starmer's doing though, he owns the middle ground.
  17. Metabolism plays a huge part. I've been fat since I was a kid, I only keep weight off when I stay o a diet, the second I come off I put weight on, I'm talking 'a' biscuit or ice cream. You only realise how little shit you eat when you meet someone (usually skinny) who eats loads of shit.
  18. Starmer has essentially helped destroy the Tory party. He's completely sewn up the centre ground so they've been forced to move further and further right and base their entire ideology on Daily Mail headlines. Someone was on that Peston bollocks the other day or something similar talking about them tanking in the polls, and saying Sunak was facing 'pressure to move further to the right'. Great, I say.
  19. If there's even the merest hint of another far right German government nuclear weapons have to be deployed, like a hot press to an angry boil.
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