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  1. The Brick is now offering straighteners on Twitter. Scenes.
  2. The Brick talking about itself in the third person, quality. I'm gonna try and slip this comment in to the Mrs at some point today. "Where has the Brick said this?"
  3. I wish Gnasher could condense everything into one post, it's like an unholy union twixt Vicky Pollard and Twitter.
  4. Yeah it's good but not epoch defining like it's made out to be. Samuel L Jackson was probably the best thing about it as that was the first time we'd seen him play that type of character, he's parodied it many times since. I'm not into Tarentino at all, Inglorious is the only other film of his I don't mind. Django at a push.
  5. It's funny that I've tried to input some Simon Green related stuff and it can't handle it. "Man in glasses biting off tip of his own finger purely because he's bored" Does, not....compute. ROBOT ROBOT!!! Bzzzzzzzz.
  6. Rowling has gone a bit Tommy vs Spider.
  7. Gnasher having a pint with Vladimir Putin.
  8. Chelsea supporting fireman losing his job for posting bad stuff on the GF.
  9. Nothing more symbolic of how the Tories eventually shit on everyone, even their base, than all the hooray henries having to have their stomachs pumped after the boat race at the weekend.
  10. Planning to criminalise homelessness. Wait. What?
  11. Been watching that three body problem on netflix with this magnificent strumpet in.
  12. Hospitals Press Civilians It's like war crimes top trumps.
  13. When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's Amorin
  14. It's bollocks that, Truss destroyed the Tory lead in 24 hours.
  15. The magic money tree stuff is nonsense but that's not the point, Brown and me and you aren't the people whose votes he needs to attract. If starmer is still spouting this stuff a year from now then I'll happily see him fucked off. Brown is actually a great example of what happens to a principled politician who doesn't play ball. He lost the election.
  16. Zebedee from Magic Roundabout with giant testicles, and a man called Rico who hates trans people.
  17. I asked for 'face down in michael barrymore's pool'. Disturbing on a number of levels.
  18. There was a Tory mp on twitter campaigning for a new chippy. I think they may have run out of ideas.
  19. I used to turn it off whenever I lost so I had a 100% win record.
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