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  1. "Appeal to BOTH sets of fans not to engage in tragedy chanting." Yawn. I'd like to appeal to both Ike and Tina Turner to stop hitting each other. Scumbag club, run by scumbags and supported by scumbags.
  2. Hankey clearly doesn't have a nose for business.
  3. Three body problem. Thought it was excellent but goes a bit bonkers in the last couple of episodes. 8/10.
  4. I'm convinced now he's gonna quit after the locals giving poor performance as an excuse and big tits will be parachuted in to lead them and then she'll call an election to "get a mandate". I reckon it's all been agreed.
  5. I see you didn't post two other bits of starmer news in recent days Gnasher, one that "four in five" Labour members back Starmer, and two that Labour are "on course for 400 seats". You absolute scoundrel.
  6. She's top drawer, some Ray Charles motherfuckers on this thread.
  7. Bonkers that. I sent a pic or my knob to some bird I was seeing back on Boxing Day, 2004, with the words "good morning". She went mad because her son was in the next room when she got it. I never understood that.
  8. Looks like William Wragg sent a pic of his cock and/or bottom to someone off a gay dating app, they blackmailed him into providing phone numbers of colleagues, a few of whom were contacted on WhatsApp, two of whom then also sent pictures of their cocks and or bottoms. It's a Chinese fire drill over there.
  9. He's just babbling shit now, I reckon he'll walk after the locals and go to the USA for a job at silicon valley. It's already in the bag I reckon.
  10. It's widely under-estimated what a piece of work Cameron is. Austerity, the European migrant crisis, brexit, the rise of Johnson. He's done more to destroy this country than anyone I can think of in living memory.
  11. If they put him on a pay as you play contract he'll be shopping in Oxfam for boxies.
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2024/apr/03/trump-media-es-family-trust-2022-loans Exclusive: Trump Media saved in 2022 by Russian-American under criminal investigation Trump’s social media company went public relying partly on loans from trust managed by person of interest to prosecutors
  13. Yeah I won't believe it (any kind of win at all) until it's in the bag, the British public's idiocy knows no bounds.
  14. Labour on course to win more than 400 seats, and majority of 154, YouGov MRP poll suggests YouGov has released polling suggesting Labour is on course to win more than 400 seats at the general election, and a majority of 154.
  15. What's Elon Musk got to say about this.
  16. Not many I don't reckon, a few mentalists, stuff is falling apart around us and we need actual real politics, discussions and answers. We need experts. I think the angry mob and all the other tedious idiots who led us down this route have had their day.
  17. I just find these people tedious now, they don't even make me angry. "Well, well, why don't we gas fat people, and shoot poor people, and burn their houses down!!!" Where's my column fee? Yeah. Okay love.
  18. Was chatting to someone about this and he reckons at least some of it goes back to care in the community, the idea that there's people who simply can't look after themselves but we try and make them do so anyway. Maybe that worked better when councils had better funded support systems, but without them people just fall through the cracks. To a lesser extent it's probably why ex forces personnel end up on the streets, they've spent so long having the simple things taken care of for them that they're dumped out into society with little idea of how to build or maintain a civilian life, coupled with any mental illness issues they've acquired during their service due to being exposed to stresses.
  19. Because tory economic and social policies are so provably, visibly disastrous, the only people who still publicly back them are overachivers, sociopaths and imbeciles. The Hesseltines of this world have retreated to their Cotswald cottages to play with their trsinsets. Even the Iain Dale types are having road to Damascus moments. Peter Oborne and Rory Stewart have discovered that they are in fact now, reasonably left wing. The Tory approach to homelessness is childlike and ham fisted, just like their approach to everything else "let's drop taxes and not explain how", let's tell the Russians to just "stop it and go away". That's why their communications strategy is now to draw memes of Starmer looking like a Mr Whippy ice cream. This is how Conservative politics ends.
  20. Aye, it's taken us decades to get a squad this good, the thought of someone just tearing it all up is petrifying.
  21. Yeah I think Willard is confusing being skint and desperate to being Grizzly Adams.
  22. "Thank you Gnasher"? These tweets are available on Twitter, ever thought of going on Twitter?
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