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  1. It just doesn't work here. There's a reason Louis Theroux made his name in America. I'm actually wondering if there's some sort of psyops at play from labour and the Democrats to destroy both opponents by simply letting them do and say whatever they want unchallenged, because they're just so utterly bonkers.
  2. Conceding soft goals and then having to pepper the other end until something goes in makes for excitement but it's not conducive to winning stuff..
  3. They're totally finished as a party. This isn't america, there aren't enough conspiracy nuts to sustain a movement.
  4. I did go to one when I was about 23 I think, so seven years after I'd left. Nobody had changed at all, the class bully had a veneer of maturity but it was still there under the surface, the quips and the smirk. The fittest bird in the class was still fit and still smug with it, and her fella turned up later in the evening on yellow alert.
  5. Was reading this today actually, software that summarises books so people who want to sound like a smart arse can pretend they've read it. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2024/apr/07/we-may-lose-ability-to-think-critically-at-all-the-book-summary-apps-accused-of-damaging-authors-sales
  6. Sad truth is we've never had a front three that works as a unit the way salah, mane and Firminho did. It feels like we have to have five shots to get a goal. The idea of being under the kosh for 89 minutes, having one chance and grabbing one goal for a one-nil win doesn't feel like something we can do. The heavy metal has to be cranked up to the max, the second it's not we go a goal down after 10 seconds.
  7. Yep. My Mrs liked school so has always fancied a reunion, I never did so have never wanted to. I went to a Christian school and they all fucking married each other and their kids go to the same school. Fucked up.
  8. The draw isn't the issue, you'd have probably taken that given the context and location, the issue is having them by the balls and instead of squeezing, you turn around and pull your pants down. Winners don't do that.
  9. Anyone who doesn't hate the mancs more than any other team isn't a proper red in my book. City, Everton, Chelsea and all the rest of them pale info comparison. Anyone who ever has to ask why will never understand. From hell's heart I spit at thee. To the last, I will grapple with thee.
  10. I love these lads and Klopp, but... Two non performances against this abject shower of shite is frankly unforgivable. To turn up week after week but then sleepwalk through matches against truly bitter rivals, presenting the fans' arses on a plate all lubed up and ready to go, is fucking shit. Klopp often moans about the fans. Do sing, don't sing, do sing this but don't sing that. Well it works both ways. If our fans have to sit through that bile, and times it by 20 if we don't get a win, then at least show us you know what it means, and you understand what's at stake. They've proven in both these games that they don't, sadly.
  11. Shanks wasn't competing against an actual country though to be fair, a corrupt one at that.
  12. My uncle's mate was being a smart arse once with a welding torch, instead of putting the mask on he took the black eye visor out and held it over his eyes while he welded something with his other hand. When he finished all his face was burned except for a perfectly rectangular patch around his eyes.
  13. Sorry to hear this mate. My father in law had that. They had to remove his oesophagus and couldn't repair it (they usually connect your throat to your bowel as a sort of replacement) but his bowel had scarring so they couldn't do it. He's tube fed now. He's cancer free thankfully and otherwise healthy, but the feed goes on about 7pm and lasts through the night. He can't even have a sip of water. Just an incredibly cruel situation. I can't imagine how torturous that must feel to a human being. I used to love having a whisky with him before bed when we were over staying and taking him and the mother in law out for good food when they'd stay here. It's heartbreaking. His brother has just had cancer return too having fucked it off about 10 years ago. It's in his prostate, lung and bones. I think they're treating it. I don't care what anyone says I'm convinced it's far more prevalent than it was. Between us we know loads of people who've had it, most thankfully recovered. It'll come out in the future that it's plastics in our food, bluetooth or mobile networks or some shit, or if it is they probably already know.
  14. To be fair to him that's just modern society. Everyone has got a brand and a "hustle". When you see contestants now on reality game shows they're very rarely engineers and bus drivers, they're wellness coaches, podcast hosts, dropshippers and other various forms of non jobs. Celebs are increasingly the same. Every Christmas the supermarket book charts are clogged up with ghostwriten novels by the likes of Sarah Cox, and the digital airwaves are filled with podcasts by the likes of Abigail Clancy and Martin Kemp's son. It's quite exhausting. An economy built on absolute shit.
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