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  1. Rodgers would make a good England manager, there I said it.
  2. It's so they can put taxes up, petroleum jelly for the masses.
  3. At the republican convention apparently.
  4. This is what Jnr posted when Pelosi's elderly husband was attacked with a hammer.
  5. Vance is a strange choice for VP, was always saying how much he hated Trump.
  6. Oooh let me just go to me grey bin by gum where I keep me turnips and me Gola trabs.
  7. Livia Soprano over here.
  8. Paddy Pimblett was born on 3 January 1995[8] and grew up in Huyton, Merseyside. If you've got a brown bin you're on thin ice with the woolyback jibes.
  9. The dad looks like one of the gangsters from Bugsy Mallone.
  10. While not condoning it, you can see why anger against the right on both sides of the pond often manifests itself in violence, as the normal levers which are supposed to contrain them in a democracy, be they legal, civil, moral or press scrutiny, simply - provably - don't work. And people get to the end of their tether. Coppers died, actually died in the capital building riots, and nobody cares. Trump is a bona fide idiot surrounded by idiots, yet somehow he's brought the world's last superpower to its knees, and there's nothing FBI, the CIA, MFI or DHL can do about it.
  11. He is blind through to be fair, should have put it on the serious things you shouldn't laugh at thresd. This was probably about an hour after everyone left.
  12. Colleen Rooney on steds, only famous for having her husband's second name. I could go around telling schoolgirls to reach for the stars, what's hard about that? Providing my DBS check comes through.
  13. One of the biggest fallacies in the last few years is that each opinions carries equal weight. Saying bleach can cure a viral infection, of inciting violence against Congress, is not a side of an opinion, it's just wrong.
  14. Sad news, a mother's son at the end of the day.
  15. It'll be Lampard nailed on.
  16. You've got to give US law enforcement the benefit of the doubt for their shitness, didn't a whole class of kids get killed while the Sherrif was fucking around outside with hand sanitizer?
  17. Lineker and Shearer were always at their best when you needed a goal in a big game in a big tournament, Kane is the polar opposite.
  18. Has to be the most overrated striker in English football history. Cometh the hour, the man goes missing or is found to be "playing with an injury". He's a good striker, but the idea that he's captain and is lauded as the star man in every tournament has always baffled me.
  19. He had four European cups behind him in his trophy room, which was a bit odd.
  20. Big Sam on telly saying the problem is there's too many foreigners in the Premier league. I'm not kidding.
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