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  1. We've got a pic of my great, great grandmother wearing a swastika pin badge in 2015. We call her our nazi nan.
  2. I don't truck chinese food prepared by Caucasians, I don't care how good it tastes, some things you just don't fuck with. Remember Gremlins.
  3. I think where we differ on this stuff is that I see Starmer's labour as merely playing within the confines of the rules. 100% of my disdain is reserved for the British public, because it's the British public that tolerate those rules.
  4. It's all apples and pears though. There's nobody in the parliamentary labour party with the levels of grift, corruption, racism and general debauchery as your rank and file tory.
  5. Totally bonkers that the likes of Lammy gets grief and the Tories get a free pass. Who was that cunt who had about 11 jobs? People wonder why Starmer keeps shtum and yet the right wing media have turned Angela Rayner into Bernie Madoff.
  6. They sort of did to an extent, Roosevelt was very much an outlier and they only got involved in both world wars due to being attacked first. The top echelons of American society though have always been reluctant to take action unless there was oil involved or dirty commies threatening to spread their socialist poison and take their money. Turds didn't even help us in the Falklands. Marines and Paras forced to fucking tab and yomp to Stanley while the seventh fleet was in Honolulu eating pineapple pizza and shooting hoops.
  7. You only have to go on Linkedin to see this is the case. Everyone has got 'guru' or 'ninja' in their job title. Nobody seems to actually make or do anything useful, the British economy seems to just be a circle of people each with their hand in the next person's increasingly empty pocket.
  8. There's nothing more depressing than seeing the ageing, physical degradation of the school fitties. Was proper head over heels with some bird in college who looked like a young Beyonce, now she looks like Bungle. Crucified grace.
  9. In these games I've felt there's a divergence between the fans and the team, as in they just don't understand what it means to lose or even draw to this abject scum. It's just unforgivable to not put a shift in and, even worse, take your foot off the pedal when you've been sucker punched by them before.
  10. John McDonnell himself said Labour only started doing better in the polls in 2017 during purdah because the press had to rein it in. The Owen Jones's of this world know this of course, which is why I find much of the current brouhaha and ballyhoo dissengenuous.
  11. Who's running their marketing these days? Paul Mason?
  12. Will probably take shit for this but what the fuck is going on with big issue sellers these days? Most of them seem to be Romanian pensioners. Back in the day it was random blokes. There's about four I encounter regularly now. Walked out of a shop doorway the other day and one was just sat cross legged on the floor next to it and I shit myself. She clocks me and goes "ello!" and I replied hi and then she just started making funny noises which sounded like gargling mixed with beat boxing. Damndest thing I've ever seen.
  13. Kadyrov and Neil Mellor have never been seen in the same room.
  14. I'm talking about people who make out all MPs are bent with their snouts in the trough, so "no point voting'. There's lots of good MPs out there on different sides, and lots of good people in politics at all levels.
  15. "Did I miss it? Did I miss the battle?" "You have missed the war."
  16. What a time to be alive The leader of Reform UK has warned his candidates not to use social media after drinking alcohol, to avoid posting “inappropriate” comments. The party has ditched seven candidates for the upcoming election following complaints about their social media posts.
  17. In fairness this is a country where an MI6 agent working on a case of dirty Russian money was found dead in a zipped up holdall in a bath and police said it was suicide,
  18. What a dickhead. BBC News - MP's misleading website links 'arouse suspicion' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-68739728
  19. It's unusable now. I see probably one or two posts from friends at most, some of them really old, and the rest us adverts and spam.
  20. Deliberate ploy by the right wing media that though. "They're all the same". They're quite clearly not. Genuinely amazing to see Ashcroft slagging Rayner off for a £1,500 tax bill and he's avoided something like £150mil of tax in his time. When Lisa Nandy gives her gardener a public sector contract or Ed Miliband puts his brother in the house of Lords, we'll talk business.
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