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  1. Shit, imagine if Diouff worked in McDonalds? I'd wouldn't let him walk out of view with my fries I tell thee
  2. Facism is less racism and more the belief that your country and state are superior to everyone, ultra-nationalism if you like, not that different to the England fans from Brighton who went on the rampage in Marseilles in France 98 really!
  3. How the bllocks do you get those circles above the words? Do you have some sort of super-swede keyboard? Hej Jude
  4. Likes his south americans does Rafa, seems to forget we don't have the same permit regulations as Spain though! Hope he does his homework first and we don't end up having to loan him out to Real-whateverthefuck for a year
  5. It would be class if Parry started advocating a 'hunger strike' policy
  6. John Arne Riise didn't look too arsed when he scored his stonker either, I think its refreshing, they know such clubs are there to be beaten so they do a professional job, beating such teams is merely a task to be accomplished and they treat it as such. Stevie looked pretty pleased when Alonzo's half-way effort trickled into the net!
  7. "fukin ell robbie this is the fifteenth time!!! I've gotta be at the Pan Am in twenty minutes! for sure..."
  8. to be fair though Walcott had all the cards, he wasn't even signed up to a propper contract (and still isn't apparently)
  9. Proof of the pudding is in the eating (a class phrase) this season, no Viera = shit team No Henry for a long spell = even worse and no goals
  10. That does seem to be something they've tried on in the past, but who is ever going to fall for that again after SWP? Except for that 18 year old Nigerian everyones always banging on about? Its gonna be in the back of every players mind now, they'll be thinking, "hang on, do they want me? Or do they want to stop me going to a rival at the expense of my career?"
  11. Fair enough, but would they have won the league without Vieira and Henry? Would Chelsea without Terry and Lampard? I doubt it myself...
  12. If you look at their best performers though, Cole, Lampard, Duff we could have bought any of them for a decent price a few years ago. They've been augmented by players from foreign leagues that are in no way better than any of ours (Carvalio/Hyypia Robben/Kewell) And Terry came through the ranks, their Gerrard if you like... I said yesterday that i always felt Arsenal had been a two-man team in their pomp, Henry and Vieira (not to say the rest were shit, just that the side would be nowhere near the team it was with those two) I honestly think the same applies to Chelsea with regards Terry and Lampard. Lampard is their chiref goal threat and driving force, Terry is their heartbeat, the man that kicks them up the arse in a winter match - their Tony Adams. I remember the last time we played them and Terry was everywhere at the back and shouting his mouth off, and i thought "without him, we'd own these Fagots"
  13. Was a bit gutted about Raven - he looked quality
  14. I keep hearing people - particularly the media - stating that football now consists of Chelsea and everybody else, and how nobody can compete. i personally think this is all shite, the bulk of their team is comprised of players we could have bought at certain times if we were so inclined. There's also the myth that they can buy anyone they want, if thats the case, where is Shevchenko? Ronaldhinion? dare i say it...Gerrard? Big clubs don't need to sell their stars for ANY price, so their cash is mostly worthless. All Chelsea can do to ensure they continue to dominate the premiership is find the best young players (as we can) and try and buy the best players in smaller leagues, i'e Essien and Drogba. In this case, the only difference their money makes is that the price goes up, if we'd gone for Essien we probably could have got him for 12-15 million (still way over the odds) I know their cash allows them to do other things such as cancel the likes of Mutu's contract after paying big bucks for him, and buy up players to prevent other clubs buying them (SWP - Arsenal) but everyones cottoned onto that now (the Walcott deal) and are having none of it It annoys me the way the rest of football seems to have surrendered to them, especially the shit that Wenger spouts...
  15. The SWP debacle was a major plus for the rest of football, it warned other young players of the dangers of signing for them, as the Walcott deal with Arsenal proves
  16. Ha Ha! Made me smile too, there aren't many clubs out there that can attract the affection of players the way we can, city don't - as the guy himself points out.
  17. Gotta be Ian Rush - the original and best penalty box predator and blueshite destroyer-in-chief
  18. If we HAD managed to swap Cisse for Defoe, it would've been like swapping Jodi Marsh for Lucy Pinder
  19. Someone been deleting some shit off here then? Well done, looks allot more tidy!
  20. Its all the same fukin person! only takes about thirty seconds to set up an account, some Manc just been diagnosed with HIV
  21. Darren Fletcher - midfield general
  22. I agree, that was when I first realised was more than a striker, but was in fact a spooky bastard
  23. Funniest chant ever by Hibbs fans to the manics "If you tolerate Rixx, then your children will be next"
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