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  1. I always wondered that, i mused that it was to prevent clubs doing business with the sole intention of knocking out a rival. i.e the Mancs lost to us in the quarter final, and then loan shit loads of their players to City in the final just so they can win and put our nose out.
  2. In my experience, trying to make sense of GH's moves in the transfer market leads to serious mental illness
  3. I.C Liverpool Suppose that explains why we haven't gone nuts in the transfer market, solid foundations and all that - wonder how many other prem clubs are in the black? Wouldn't be suprised if we're the only one...
  4. I'd bet all of Folwers houses on the fact he'll score tonight, LFC is all about fairytales, Istanbul, GH coming back at Roma, Arse FA cup, list is endless - he'll score, no doubt at all.
  5. Thats my view to be honest, his body language was terrible, he obviously felt gutted as he was in line to become the foremost striker of his generation, for the reds and for england
  6. An injury like that can fuk you up in the head though. I'm not sure, If I had to take a guess i'd say he was just born shit, but would explain a few things.
  7. Clint Eastwood would describe Joey Barton as "a punk" .. and so would I
  8. one wonders what part the broken (almost amputated) leg played in matters
  9. At first the injury didn't look bad and he was walking on it - thanks to dave galley :no but he was not himself for weeks before that injury, it seemed to me that elements of the press were trying to destroy him, trying to point out his faults compared to owens strengths (particularly lifestyle) maybe that contributed to red's fans apathy toward the wee man, they felt they were being made to choose....
  10. Sure Big Fat Sam will have Cisse, as for Mori - lets just hope Souness is back in work
  11. I never heard of them not getting along either, just knew that Robbie needed confidence to play - more so than any player i can remember, and it struck me as odd that his began to decline as Owen became more and more of a big name.
  12. Did the two of them get on? Is it a coincidence that Fowler's form dipped as Owen's star began to rise? Fowler was looking short of confidence long before he did his knee in, would be interesting to know what part the adulation of the 'boy wonder' played in that, especially as the kid might be back here in the summer for a bout of LFC friends reunited.
  13. How much you wanna bet the copper was a bitter?
  14. He's dead now, KOP provided his I.P address and we sent furio round:
  15. Class! Yeah you can't have too much enthusiasm at a club - Rafa has often aluded to the 'English mentality' and i think that was part of his learning curve last season, especially when we went out of the FA cup. In Europe, tactics and skill are fine, in the prem you need guts and heart, and they're Bernard's middle names...
  16. You had to be here yesterday to truly appreciate the situation, a manc having 'fun' with lots of questionable posts and new threads, the 'you scousers' bit made me fear the worst - no offence pal
  17. Good for him! I remember a while ago Bryan Robson let a 18yo go at Boro, and he was instantly snapped up by Juventus! Imagine telling your family that after you've just had your dreams shattered the day before? Top class, don't know what happened to him mind, probably warehouse work was involved.
  18. fine by me, the less compotition the better, i get the feeling spurs fans would be a nightmare if they ever found something to brag about.
  19. Was well pissed off there, saw the thread title and thought that Manc was back on
  20. I've always found Italian nationalism quite hilarious. Their record in World War 2 is infamously bad, and basically lost Germany the war by picking fights in Africa and Greece they weren't up to. Their country is also fractured, Italians from the north are actively racist against people in the south because their skin is darker, and there is a movement that advocates independance for the North centred around venice, a quite baffling race of people - with attractive women
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