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  1. Its a close call - but I can get beer when I'm over forty, can't get Pussy, unless i have a Rollex...
  2. Yeah you can imagine a Sky Sports presentation of Erricson in front of a 'packed' stand. Fat Geordies wearing Erricson masks with 'Sven' written on the backs of their shirts...
  3. You never know with Chelsea - nice to see they think we are such a potential long-term threat that they are buying up every right-winger in the world.. I thoght i was getting to grips with Rafa's transfer policy but the Folwer deal blew that right out the window (I mean, out the water - I sound like fukin Andy Townsend) - I reckoned he's go for what he knew, i.e Simao because he'd played for Barca, but now Pennant may be an option, who knows??
  4. Is Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (siad in the style of that rapist from Cracker)
  5. I meant in the long term, we're still recovering from GH's spending, Newcastle must be right up there with Chelsea over the last 5-10 years, I wouldn't be suprised if they're still out in front in the premiership spending stakes, they've got no billionare backer and no worldwide fan base, another Leeds on the cards I reckon, lets see what their gates look like then...
  6. Hopefully this could be the reason Rafa is counting his pennies, him and Simao maybe? Here's hoping anyway....
  7. Sounds good? Is there any serious interest in him from LFC or is he simply being touted around by his agent? When it was being knocked around in the press in the summer i got the impression it was either him or crouch but not both...
  8. They're in serious trouble if they don't get some of their players back from injury - I can't imagine they'll have any cash to flash for a while...I'd love to see them go down, most passionate fans in football, fukin fattest most annoying bastards in football more like, Spugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy!!!!
  9. Whats the core with Kuyt anyway? Keep hearing him mentioned but know nothing about him, what kind of striker is he? Quick? A finisher? target man?
  10. I wasn't too concerned about the team selection, I think Rafa had enough confidence in the players he had out to do a job over a 'workmanlike' bag of shite like brum. He's got to rest Gerrard at some stage, and replacing him with a player of Alonzo's calibre against a side we were smothering should have been a good time to do it, especially with Chelsea in mind.... I know we can't overhaul Chelsea, but I get the impression Rafa wants to beat them more than any team we (or possibly even he) has come across - there's a personal thing there between the two managers now i reckon, although Rafa has too much class to let it show...
  11. That settles that then - discussion over boys
  12. Rmemeber that fella with the African bongo drums in the PSG game when we were 3-0 down on aggrigate?
  13. Surely he wants to stick with a team on the up? Real Madrid are wank - thats beyond dispute... Besides Xabi won't sell many shirts in Japan, Madrid scum Speaking of the Mirror, I remember Bascombe recalling how one of their journalists once collored him in the press box and said "Has Gerrard ever played for Liverpool before?" This was about six months after his debut, but of course, before he played for England
  14. Yeah who watches the watchers? Still, civil liberty is a small price to pay if it keeps Mancuunian Robert Patrick's off my doorstep... :yes:
  15. The lad looks like he can't even trap a ball for us these days, what the hell has gone wrong?!? Confidence or desire?
  16. Wasn't segal a presidential bodyguard for Clinton at one point? Or is that all bollocks?
  17. If (east) Asian fans are so dedicated, they should prove their loyalty to the state by flying Kamikazee aircraft into old trafford... On a lighter note, yeah i get stuck with hanger-on fans all the time as i live in Cronton, slap-bang between Liverpool and Hellchester. When Widnes Rugby Club get relegated (which is often) they all decide they are now football fans, previously it was Man U, Now its Liverpool, although i have seen my first Chelsea shirt in the Asda recently and his identity has been circulated via bluetooth Incidently, there aren't as many Blackburn/Newcastle fans as their used to be round here - i.e none. Harry Anfield had nevau vans down to a tee with that sketch he used to do, "Hi there (to other fans in pub) I used to be a United fan, but they're shit now so i follow the 'gooners' can i watch the football with you?" "Yeah sure, what do you think of that goal then, there's no way he was in an active offside position was there?" Looks uncomfortable, "Erm, I've just remembered, I've left my wife in the car..."
  18. There's something about Myriam :sick:
  19. :D should get Mad Eric on the go for the next time, i'll have a word with the grandkids when the time comes!
  20. Could be a good call that one - it would be a twat having to face Shevchenco in every round of the Champions League
  21. Kind of like selling a plain ticket from the Munich air disaster for £100, the price being set so high because its associated with a disaster. Pretty scandalous way to make money really...
  22. Impress the birds in the summer that would..
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