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  1. There are problems on both sides, the atmosphere has been diluted and we do attract hangers on, but thats a by-product of success in any walk of life. If LFC was an oil tycoon, most of the new breed of reds fan would be the dumb blonde girlfriend... However there are a fare few from inner-most Liverpool with pretensions of being a red who know fuck-all about LFC and its history, "Ste Gerrard laa, Ste Gerrard" Wankers...
  2. They're all great points and I agree with your post - but Souness is also a wanker and deserved everything.
  3. Let Rafa do whatever the fcuk he want is what i say. If he feels he needs a hand with the papaerwork then get the man a technical director, if Rafa then feels Irked by said directors presence, have him executed. Rafa the gaffa can do as he pleases in my book.
  4. I was pissing myself, certain situations call for such madness, and watching Neil Riddock scamper down the wing in the 89th minute calls for war drums!!
  5. :D "I ain't sayin she a gold digger, but she ain't messin wit no broke...."
  6. wonder if Rafa wants a technical director at LFC? Heard him say in the past that he quite enjoys how we operate but you never know. Dalglish!!!
  7. Might prove interesting if it comes to trying to get Owen in the summer if Shearer is boss - the two are obviously 'fond' of one another
  8. Aren't reds fans class? Imagine any other group of fans in the country sticking up for crouch when the media and rival (England) fans were on his case, based on the fact they'd actually WATCHED him play and realised he added shit loads to the team. Most knowledgable and least fickle fans in world football - fact
  9. I predict a (fat geordie) riot
  10. Come to think of it, it does depend on the quality of both on offer. Now if your talking Jessica Alba and Fosters, I'm obviously gonna take the flange, however, should Kronenberg enter the frey, and Sonia from Eastenders, then the beer obviously would win the day...
  11. Alan Shearer's football night on channel 5! :no
  12. Never thought I'd say this, but Collmore had much more about him than Cisse ever will. I'm going outside for a breather...
  13. Don't think the 'wee man' was arsed what happened to Newcastle this year, or Souness, it was purely and simply about getting games so he could go to the world cup.
  14. The appeal of this 'girl' mystifies me, she is a fat mess.
  15. We should devise some kind of scam for the summer, get spurs or someone to buy SWP for us and then give them a sweetner when they immediately sell him to us, Dave Unworth style. Simao, Robben, the lad will never get a game there again...
  16. How the hell did Shepherd make his money anyway? He seems thick as fuck!
  17. ha ha, quality, he's seems much more sure of himself since Rafa took over, GH used to bully him allot - Like Biff from back to the future
  18. I honestly doubt he'd be arsed if the chance came to move here he'd come, sure Rooney got a fair amount of shit from the Mancs when he played for the shite...
  19. So do I. The reason we could never play a passing game under GH is because we had very few players who could pass the ball out of trouble under pressure - it was either hoof it up or back to keeper. Now we have Kewell, Xabi, Gerrard, Fowler, and Crouch who can all do that.
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