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  1. Talk about a smokescreen, I'd take her grandmother out just for a chance to make a pass at Millian...
  2. Just found these exclsuive photos from 'The People'
  3. Its interesting to see how they train when they're younger in their own country, for instance I imagine being able to head a ball isn't a big deal when your 12 in spain The brazilians have this class game where they train with a small heavy ball (looks like a cricket ball) its too heavy to lift off the ground so everything is played on the deck when they're kids, thats why they're so skilfull, the only way to get the ball up the pitch is run dribble and pass...
  4. Is it rivalry or is it poison? I wanna see them explode, just like Berlin in 45...I've dreamed of it for years
  5. I'd be tempted actually if i wasn't so skint after christmas, Zidane is my favourite player and Juve my 2nd team and the shirt itself is 'nice' - sound like a bird :no
  6. Nah Millian turned HIM down! As if you'd knock that little bundle of mambo back! Only Julian Clarie would be so bold...
  7. Fuck me, 120 notes for the Zidane shirt!!!
  8. Incidently, what are th odds on GH for the role?
  9. Jap Stam, needed a centre back, best one in the world at the time, had no money...
  10. So would i, but he's still got THE biggest head in the world, he looks like that fella from Mask, the one with Cher in
  11. I'd give anything, anything, to see Man Ure go out of business and just fucking die. I'd then spend my time doing what that guy did in the book 1984, spend all day digging out all newspaper clippings that made reference to the fact that they ever existed, and burn them.
  12. The one with the huge V-neck, like the badge in the middle and the scally addidas stripes down the arms - just suited Folwer down to a T!
  13. looks a bit sheepish in this team photo
  14. Yeah and Hyypia making his debut in Northern Ireland (was it the Calrsberg tournament?) I think we all associate kits with paticular era's and our feelings toward that, one of my favourites is the addidas v-neck, probably because it was Fowler's debut season...
  15. Its okay, never anything 'cutting-edge' from Reebok in terms of design though, all that mostly seems to stem from, dare i say it, Nike..
  16. They obviously mean the right to 'their' self-expression, which is fair enough i think. Race riots in France, Germany, Australia (of all places) - the end of the world is nigh...
  17. Deffo, I really like momo but he still has a lot to learn, and he could have no better teacher. I think German players are second to none for their professionalism, Karl Heinz Riedle was the same, I think we should keep Hamman in a coaching role..
  18. I think its class myself, admitadly it looks nicer with the blue winners patches! (And i'd like to qualify that as best 'reebok' shirt! - which have been shite - the time they released the green away kit exactly the same as Bolton's blue one was a disgrace, the kind of laziness Stephen Hawking would be proud of)
  19. I see where your coming from, I think Owen is good enough but Defoe still has to prove himself, as does Milner SWP and Pennant... In our current position we have 2-3 major weaknesses in our first eleven, we can't go flitting away 5 million here and 6 million there on squad players - indeed I'm hoping this is why we saw no movement in the window, I'm hoping Rafa is saving his cash for a couple of world class players who can make a major major impact...
  20. I've gotta admit the Champions League win wasn't built on enough. If the mancs had won that final they would have had the DVD out the following Monday, how long before ours came out? The European shirt debacle is a joke too - probably the best LFC shirt i've ever seen, yet they stopped production and you can't buy them anymore, before Christmas no less!! I understand the Adidas deal played its part, but considering we could very well go all the way to the final again in that shirt - it makes no sense.
  21. Possibly - but there are much better right sides midfielders out there in Europe than him, certainly Milner and Pennant shouldn't be on the agenda unless we're really as skint as everyone fears, SWP is a strange one, he scored a few great goals and was quick, he was flavour of the month - but still untried on the international and european stage
  22. The Euro Lottery Or his head - filled with 5p pieces?
  23. I don't think there are any English players in the premiership who would imrove our team TBH, accept for fat frank (on the bench) Terry, the wee man, and Jug Head Jed...
  24. I am sick to death of the middle east, absolutely sick of it. What has it ever contributed culturally to the world? Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq, Iran. An American writer predicted the current crisis in the 80's (his name escapes me) calling it a 'future collision of civilisations' Muslim hard-liners see no other option othere than (1) We all do what we're told by them (like with this cartoon bollocks) or (2) Prepare for Jihad I thinks its time to stop arsing around with these people and show them whose boss - its like sitting in a chair with a shotgun and letting Asbo kids throw bottles at you, there comes a time when you've just gotta do what needs to be done... Do you realise how much of your monthly wage goes to the upkeep of these things? I want thermonuclear satisfaction - and I want it now...
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