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  1. Its just another example of the erosion of male values today. “self improvement is masturbation…and self destruction” I myself am on a mission to grow some Wolverine-esque sideburns of, quite frankly, unprecedented proportions…
  2. A good take on the match from Fowler's bezzie
  3. I'd prefer Chelsea in the final to be honest
  4. My definition of genius is someone who is as gifted artistically as they are intelligent. By artistic I mean the ability to see beyond the world they live in at the present and exist in new places in their own mind. One can have an IQ of 200, but without that artistic expression, it will only make him a walking calculator, add in the artistic mix, and the man will imagine what a black hole looks like and try and devise mathematical equations to define its edges… I’d go as far as saying my Uncle is a genius, yet he’s been on the dole/incapacity for the best part of twenty years. His intellect outstrips any university professor I ever dealt with, I’ve never seen anyone stand toe to toe with him intellectually in terms of not only what he knows, but how he uses what he knows to create new ideas. He used to be a poet and was on Radio Merseyside allot in his younger days, where he struck up a fierce rivalry with Craig Charles, who he despised because he said he used his colour to hold people over a barrel when his work went unrecognized, but was (apparently) just plain shit… It’s a shame when I look at him though, he’s got dozens of manuscripts for books he never finished writing and scrawls of poems on old newspapers he’s doodled on, but whenever you ask him why he never does anything anymore he says simply “because I can’t be arsed”
  5. Nah, you need to hit the girl where it hurts, self-esteem - that what women are all about. Send her some flowers so everyone gathers round in the office, and when she opens the card it just says..."Your Fat"
  6. Rent out an exact replica of the car she drives (probably a cleo or a KA) then put some jarg matching number plates on it. You can then proceed to drive through every speed camera in the greater merseyside area...
  7. I can stomach most beverages… Bottled beers such as Kozel and VB are my drink of choice, otherwise Caffrey’s and Worthington are palatable, its just Guinness I can’t stomach, and disturbingly more and more of my mates are falling for it, its like the first hour of Shaun of the Dead..
  8. In my experience, no other discussion has proven more divisive, or provokes stronger opinions. Word to the wise though, if you do like it, it means your old...
  9. Too right, I often wondered how much damage Owen could do in a creative midfield, what did we have to play with back in the day? Smicer Biscan and co? (Legends that they now are!) Imagine him playing off Crouch’s knock downs, and in front of a fully fit Kewell Gerrard and Alonzo – might even have Agger playing and bringing the ball out by then too. Owen would be the ultimate ‘finishing touch’ to most of our play if his attitude is right. How many teams did this lad destroy on his own when he played for us?
  10. It isn't really Rafa's style that though is it? Besides if you were gonna do that I imagine Gerrard would have more of an impact leading the side out when he's been written off for the game..
  11. From the offal.. Gutted, just returning to form after his display against Arsenal, but Momo and Hamman should be an interesting combo, and lets face it, we could never put out a worse centre-mid pairing than they will, fukin O'Shea and Fletcher/Richardson, In fact I reckon Ferdinand might get a game in the middle tomorrow. One good point though, at least now Hamman will deffo play, we need his calm head for this game!
  12. "There is no other format but VHS"
  13. Actually, has anyone seen Calliste play? Current state of our striking options and all?
  14. I find the high pitch of Carra's voice quite funny, but his accent ain't a problem for me, can see why it would be for you though! In World War 2 the Americans used to use Navaho idians to speak over the radio as it was the only code the Japanese couldn't break, I imagine should World War 3 ever come to pass, we scousers might be used in a similar fashion!
  15. This game needs the Kaiser, we need a cool head in the middle of the park...
  16. Brad Pitt poses the question in Fight Club, who would you most like to have a scrap with, alive or dead? Wayne Rooney, I hate this little bastard… The manager of my local used to manage an Ember Inn in Croxteth and said the entire family are proper scum, he once had to throw the little shit out for spitting on the floor (in the pub!) He's also a mouthy shit with nothing to back it up, he's the kind of lad who would probably give the Ambulance crew loads of grief after you've finished with him, I can imagine him spitting blood in the face of some 4’2 female paramedic and then announcing to his mates that he’s going to get his dads baseball bat, and jogging up and down the same stretch of entry looking for me even though he KNOWS I’ve left in a car half an hour earlier…
  17. Can't think of any other club it happens too on such a regular basis though. That attitude has always pissed me off. I remember when Owen scored 'that' goal in world cup 98 and pundits were being asked 'can they keep him now?' as if we were fuckin charlton or something! Why is no one asking can united keep Rooney since he's won fuck all and they're shit! It was gerrard who was too good for us and now its the Gaffa, fuckheads...
  18. Just a wild stab but could the joint venture company be someone who has invested in us and are reaping the champions league cash windfall? Venture capital?
  19. I tend to be on here shit loads between 9-5, but thats because I sit facing my boss and i get bored often! There is not much else on the Internet that interests me, and none footy boards are full of Brendan clones who think they know everything but in fact know nothing. I absolve myself from the NHS glasses brigade!
  20. Nah, got something else in mind!
  21. Roy Castle died from the smoke in the working mans clubs where he used to perform, i don't think he ever smoked himself.. I honestly can't believe its been acceptable all this time - as soon as passive smoking was proven to be dangerous, it should have been game over.
  22. I think he's been everything i expected, obviously he's lost the pace but he'd lost that long before he left in the first place. His hold up play and work rate looks much improved as does his speed of thought, he's obviously learned to compensate for said lack of pace... One thing though is he still seems to have a weight problem, i can't beleieve a professional football club such as city alowed him to slip into a state of such 'dissrepair'. Rafa has a few expert fitness coaches there and it sounds like they're getting a grip of him, i think he'll be a totally different animal next season with a good pre-season behind him, we should get at least another two years from him i reckon, Owen and Folwer next season? I'd buy that for a dollar...
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