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  1. There were shit loads of players i thought would make it back in the day, Foley, Partridge, Ian Armstrong, Chris O Brien...
  2. It would be class if the FA allowed a restructuring of the seserve set-up to reflect Spain, so we could actually give them league status, I’d quite fancy following Liverpool-B in the second division now and then!
  3. I think that whole scene is ridiculous. They carry the pretence that outsiders are all the same and they are rebelling against convention, yet they say this as they all sit there wearing the same slipknot T-shirt with the same length of hair listening to the same music and agreeing on their likes and dislikes of the same bands, talking about Quigins, and grass…And looking at you like shit because you wear a Ted Baker watch.
  4. From a future issue of the daily post - published in Biff Tannons sports almanac
  5. I think it depends who we're playing to be honest, Rafa likes his posibilities! Certainly in Europe though Hamman has the edge for me, you need a certain degree of savvy in these game, its more like a chess game than the boxing match the premiership sometimes tends to be!
  6. A lad i used to know was bragging only recently he was being sent on a 'business trip' to india to pass on his extensive call centre management skills, and then was suprised three weeks later when they mad him redundant, his job being sent, yes you guessed it even if he didn't, to India! Here begins the new order :no
  7. Yeah i'd stick Alonzo and Hamman together, silk steel brains and experience. I think Sissoko is class but he's still raw by even Rafa's admission, and in the European games especially you need to keep a steady tempo in midfield.. Thinking back, have we actually seen much of Hamman and Xabi together?
  8. Thats why he's worth a punt! At the right price, Xabi through-ball fest!!!
  9. A quality read! Honest as they come - not a badge kisser, legend in the making..
  10. According to the council website, of the 400,000 people living in Liverpool (city) over 100,000 of them are registered long term sick. How any society can function like this fucking astounds me.. I know a few families, some of whom are genuinely unable to work, and they use their money to aquire shite - and that pisses me off just as much. Brand new 4 X 4 from Motorbility, and a 90inch TV set and the entire back catalogue of Ikea furniture wheras soft arse here has to wait until he gets paid before he goes the fucking dentist! Once spoke to an Australian guy and asked him if he liked it here, "Nah i'm heading home, too bloody easy here" What chance do we stand against China and India with a work ethic like we have???
  11. I think Hamman MUST keep his place in the team...
  12. from the mirror - and just about everywhere else! Gotta be in the race for this guy if its true, 29 and not as nimble as he once was, but still more than a match for 99% of the defenders in this league..
  13. Ever seen 'a beautiful mind' about the mathamatciian John Gnash? It would seem mental and personality problems go hand in hand with genius...
  14. I got dragged in this hell hole recently as it was some birds birthday I used to work with, this club is the worst place on gods earth, a real blueprint for hell... Me and a mate just stood there bemused by the filth around us as the others danced to slipknot, then suddenlly i felt water on my head. "Whats that?" I asked,, "Its him!" me mate points out this huge fat fuck in a vest spitting smirnoff ice high up in the air, and everyone else seemed to think it was great! I hate the way you walk in there in a decent shirt and everyone looks at you like your the unwashed scruff and not them. My patience snapped and i stood on a speaker with thumb and forefinger on my nose and started distributing V's with my other hand "You all stink of shit!" I tried to shout over the din of "Wake me up when september ends", obviously this all seemed to make me more popular, as everything works backwards in this place.. One day we're gonna go back in Ghostbusters uniformes with a high pressure hose and some shower gell, gonna take a gheto blaster and play "higher and higher" while we give them a long overdue rinse..
  15. And Dyslexic! Yeah Einstein is an cert.. Bill Gates for me as well. I remember an interview with the then head if IBM when they were first negotiating to lease windows for their machines.. He said upon first meeting gates at 22 he was understandably unimpressed, but said: "After fifteen minutes it was clear this guy was special, I'd been a programmer for nearly twenty years and it was clear he knew far more than i did, I had a computer engineer with me, and it became clear he knew more about hardware than he did, i also had a corporate lawyer with me, and it also soon became clear that he knew more about law than he did!" As i pointed out earlier, i think being a genius is a combination of raw intelligence and creativity, i'm sure there are people out there with multiple PHD's, but don't have the incite and imagination to do anything spectacular with it, gates (obviously!) did...
  16. Bout time the senile tit spoke some sense, always hated him, particularly on North West tonight during build ups to Champs league matches in the 90's..
  17. Why does this make me think of mad Erik Meijer?
  18. Just further proof that Rafa is the only manager in the so called 'top four' with any real class... Reminds me of my school days, if I got a quality pair of Timberlands, i'd say nothing and tell no one, and simply wait for someone to notice, it seemed to piss 'the haters' off far more than shouting your mouth off about it! Quiet dignity, let the scum come to you Rafa!
  19. I think you've touched on part of what the guy is getting at, there were many different groups killed and persecuted by the Nazis's, i think something like 1.3 million Gypsies were murdered by them, and a staggering 20 MILLION Russian civilians were butchered during their advance on Moscow. My old history teacher used to get annoyed by this, the fact that the Jewish deaths were seperated from the others and given their own 'title' I don't know of what the giy said, but Stu is correct, imprisoning someone for their oppinions is dangerous, he's not directly incited violence or hatred as far as I'm aware, the ex-Nazi states are simply taking a stand as they're overcompensating for their past, little do they seem to realise that this censorship only pushes the really dangerous right-wing elements into the dark corners..
  20. Its a good job George W Bush isn't a united fan, otherwise Liverpool might suddenly be found to be developing a nuclear weapons programme capable of being launched at the continental united states in 30 minutes notice... You can imagin Colin Powell at the UN, pointing at grainy satelite photos "You can see here conclusive proof that Alan Smith has been hit by rocket=propelled grenade fired from the Kop, and here, just outside Heathcoates, are several urnaium storage vehicles disguised as catering vans"
  21. From the Daily Post: Well out of order from the Wiral residents paper of choice - not only was the chant acceptable, it almost certainly had a large factual element
  22. Thats the point i was gonna make, Manc fans the most snide heartless bastards in football so they've got a fuckin cheek. I though the chant was out of order, but i reckon most people joined in before they realised how bad the injury was, and he was aplauded off at the end. He is a shit head, but no sportsman deserves pain like that...
  23. I know what you mean – I was pretty pissed off when no one stood up for Reina when the entire Chelsea team were prodding him, saying that though, he’s got a bit of a rep for being hard, so maybe they thought he didn’t need the help! There was definitely some aggression missing from both sides the other day, I honestly think the FA or the police have had words with both clubs before the match about not inflaming situations…
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