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  1. It wasn't a jibe at you pal, more at the mob who booed the poor bastard when we played Newcastle, which seriously wound me up. One thing that Owen always had over Fowler, and still does, is mental strength. If Owen ever missed a chance he'd get up and keep on going, Fowler was more inclined to let his head drop. IMO Owen has the ability to overcome the fact he's lost some pace, Fowler has been trying to for the last five years. Owen also looked far better for Madrid last year than Fowler has looked since he was 24.
  2. Don’t get me wrong, Owen’s attitude and smugness has always annoyed me, Noel Gallagher was correct – he does have the demeanour of a trainee CID officer, but in a footballing sense I don’t like the way history is being rewritten with regards to his ability and his contribution to LFC. This lad spent the nearly eight years winning games for us on his own while the likes of Phil Babb were sliding into their own goalposts and Paul Ince was limping off at old Trafford with a ‘strain’. He has pace, he’s a natural goalscorer, he lives his life right and always gives 100%, I can count on one hand all the games I ever saw him play were I could say “he wasn’t up for it today”, sure he’s got his flaws and no one was happy when he walked out (which is what it was), but its like getting jilted by Jessica Elba and then trying to convince yourself you didn’t even fancy her anyway, if someone told us we had him in the team for Benfica, we’d all be dancing on the table…
  3. He’s just a yes man in my opinion, who doesn’t want to get on the wrong side of any manager who might give him shit – used to be Fergusson and now its Mourinhio, if he’s been around Germany in the 30’s he’d have been Hitler’s biggest fan..
  4. I had an Ice Breaker when I went for a job at OPAL telecom while I was waiting to go back to uni, after a daft assessment she asked everyone who they’d most like to get stuck in a lift with and why, one of the ‘girls’ (this being in Warrington) said “Roy Keane cos ee’s like, well fit!” My turn comes and I wasn’t at all arsed about getting the job, so feeling quite relaxed I said simply, “Beyonce’ Knowles, because I’d like to trump her” Queue uncomfortable silences and subtle smirks all round – got the job though but quit after four days anyway, traffic jam was too much hassle… Jobs are like birds, the less you want it - the more it wants you, and vice versa, mad stuff…
  5. The last week have shown the other side of being a professional footballer, dislocated ankle and broken leg for Smith, serious eye damage for Momo. Cisse apparently was facing amputation last year if the doctor hadn’t acted on the spot. Most other mainstream sports have at least some degree of protection involved American footy etc, even though Rugby is a contact sport, you don’t get blade on shin injuries at 100mph, in fact most rugby injuries result from deliberate foul play…
  6. If we were Chelsea or Everton fans (a la stubbs) we’d probably be on here asking for his contract to be cancelled instead of trying to diagnose him! Parry in the offal: I really wouldn’t read too much into anything the Portuguese guy said, the fact he made any statement at all was in very bad taste IMO, whatever happened to confidentiality? Imagine your doctor phoned the echo up and told them that, and your family were all at home shitting one, and this was before the eye had even settled down enough to be looked at – and by his own admission, has suffered ‘no structural damage’ ??? Blert.
  7. Nah but when i went back to college for three months - i was told in all seriousness that brainstorming was no longer an acceptable term as it discriminated toward people who had epilepsy, instead it was referred to as "an ideas shower" I shit you not!
  8. Ever stretching targets, lets be pro-active, waste is a thief, going forwards, big focus. Thats why i got out of big business and work in a small office these days, all i get these days is "anyone fancy a tea?" Quality stuff
  9. "Are you the legal guardiens of Dave Usher?"
  10. Nah - Lets be realistic, we've beaten far, far better teams than this shower of shit, which is what they are. I’m honestly not one for blind optimism but I can see a rout on the cards, they won’t know what hit them…
  11. To be honest – I’d wait until the club have had him checked out over here first, What the fuck does this mean? “"The prognosis is guarded but vision is going to be compromised on the right side, it may be 80 or 20 percent, but we can't say yet," said Paco. "He suffered trauma with bruising to the eye but there was no apparent destruction of the structure." Isn’t that something of a contradiction? The health care over there is probably not a patch on the eye specialists over here and especially in the USA, this guy shouldn’t be making ANY comments on the lads health, especially as its such early days and they can’t yet even see through the bruising. I know one thing, ‘guarded’ means “don’t quote me on this but…” I’ll wait until he’s been to bupa first if you don’t mind ‘paco’. I’m angry…
  12. Hard as nails, Banzaiii!!! According to reports he juimped off the kop and sat on the Ambulance, killing several nuns and maiming some Viet Nam veterans... Seriously though, what constitutes an 'attack' these days? Throwing a half eaten cheese burger within ten feet of Gary Neville? Its all bollocks, the ambulance was unhindered in any way according to the report, treatment wasn’t delayed, and the man himself didn’t complain – that’s all that matters IMO
  13. I think Kewell should be given a run up font with Crouch, see if we can get some kind of partnership on the go. Kewell scored – I think – 19 goals for Leeds when he played up front. I like him on the Left when he’s in form but we can cover that area now with the other personnel we have, worth a punt I reckon lads..
  14. Nah, Gerrard, Alonzo, and a Kewell screamer...FACT
  15. Was chatting to someone about time they spent in Japan a while back, and they said they view loyalty to the corporation as akin to loyalty to the state back in World War 2, that by furthering their countries economy they are actually performing a national service. She also reckoned that Japanese boards have 50 (!!!!) year business plans…
  16. Ward Profile Direct your view to section 1.5... Population: 441,770 Long term sick: 108,322 24.5% of the population This was 2003 estimate..
  17. No offence to any squadies that come on here – but for me its got to be the army If anyone tried to shout me up at 6AM and make me march eleven miles, I’d be having strong words with them. The class system in the army would piss me off in a big way too, knowing that even though I have the education, brains, and balls to become an officer, I’d always be up against it purely because of my background and accent. Under such circumstances, being lead (followed) into combat by posh wankers like Prince Harry, James Blunt, and James Hewitt would piss me off to say the least..
  18. One gaff I went to in Greece and you were allowed to grope them – but I was far too fucked to even notice she had no clothes on, while we were waiting for a free booth I asked her were she was from and she said the Ukraine, “anywhere near Kiev?” being the only city I’d heard of, “What do you think of your chances in the champions league? Sehvchenco is class isn’t he?” “Erm yeah he’s very good” She replied, obviously not knowing what the fuck I was on about… Halfway through the dance she sat on my lap and leant back to rest her head on the floor, she couldn’t get back up and reached her hand out for a lift back to an upright position, but I was too pissed and just grinned at her and gave her the thumbs up while thinking of Dynamo Kiev, so she had to shout some Polish bird to come and give her a hand instead.
  19. Its best not to speculate at the moment i think, ANY eye injury is going to be a serious condition, I'll wait with fingers crossed until they know more. I am a little worried at the fact he's still in Portugal though, mustn't be safe to move him otherwise he'd be at a specialist hospital by now..
  20. "IF HE DIES...HE DIES!!!" I'm sorry - I just couldn't resist it!
  21. I can analyse Benficas strengths right now: Wes Brown, Michael Silvestre, Darren Fletcher, Kieron Richardson, Park Ji Sung, a quite staggering, staggering level of shit...
  22. “Hang the bastard” Says Dietmar Hamanns twin-brother from outside his Munich home
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