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  1. Transformers - the movie is class, as is the soundtrack, produced by the man who did the tracks for Rocky IV!
  2. see what your saying, Finan is one of the best crossers we have, and he grafts. Depends how much our options thin out in midfield, If Gerrard has to move inside again, I'd take Finan over Cisse in away games..
  3. Nice one - any news on Momo then? Can't find a thing...
  4. I think the Mancs sitting in second says more about the quality of the Premiership than it does about them - their plight in Europe was the real indicator of how far their star has fallen. I think they're in the situation we were in when Souness took over, a cadre of some quality but ageing stars, being gradually replaced by players not fit to lace their boots, for every Piechnik there is a Taibi, Howard or a Jemba Jemba. The financial havok wrought on their club by the takeover is the most exciting development, during their period of domination their monopoly seemed insurmountable becasuse they were the only club regularly involved in the Champions League and they fucked everyone with Beckham Shirts, they're a financial shadow of what they once were and so now find themselves on a level playing field for the first time in twenty years. Their youth set-up also seems to have frozen, there is much cause for optimism IMO
  5. With their financial situation i can't see them being in a position to dominate again IMO Rooney & RVN are their only truly world class players now, compared to their treble season when they had: Stam, Schmeical , Yorke, Beckham, Giggs, Scholes and Keane (all in their prime) Giggs and Scholes are well past their best, Ferdinand is their only capable defender, Brown, O'Shea & Silvestre are utter shite. Fletcher Richardson Park go's without saying they're total wank, while Evra and Vidic (too soon perhaps) Don't look the answer for them at all.. Ronaldo has skill but is a showboater with too often no end product... It would take far more than two players to get them challenging in Europe again, remember the days of Solskjaer Sheringham on the bench??? Also if you look at Fergusson's recent history in the transfer market, how likely is he to rectify their problems anyway even if given the cash? Aren't they also half a billion in debt now thanks to glazer? their days of 30 million pound buys are well behind them...
  6. I have a tendancy for doing farts that smell like fired cabbage, the kind you get in spring rolls. I had a startling revelation whilst 'about town' the other week when i realised i could actually smell my own arse even though i hadn't farted, the smell must have imprinted itself in the manner of the Turin Shroud..
  7. I've never been quite so excited about the prospect of the game finally being up for the 4th Reich as i was watching the joyous celebrations of John O'Shea and co yesterday.. Looking at their situation in the cold light of day, is it all over bar the shouting now? What is their REAL financial situation? Reckon they'll fuck Ferguson off in the Summer? Will they be back?
  8. I wonder what Stadium violence will be like shoud 'Dynamo Baghdad' ever get back on its feet and lose a crucial champions league qualifier?
  9. I despise Joey Barton, ever since the Cigar incident with that trainee a couple of years back, this contract wrangle just confirmed to me that he's a loyalty-free chancing little scal, real hub-cap material who i'd expect to be layed out on the deck in Slater Street on a Saturday Night for thinking he's ten men.. He's also Gerrards pal and i fear he'd bring the worst out of him, Seeing as Rafa's first act was to break up a clique that overshadowed the whole squad, allowing these two to hook up and start taking the piss would be an act of lunacy. IMO, Joey Barton should be left in a cell with Vick Mackey from the shield, just for being a punk
  10. Totally agree, Centurions was especially class, and Jayce and the wheeled warriors, can't believe no one mentioned Transformers! Liking Transformers was a clear indication a young boy wasn't going to become a homosexual in later life...
  11. Crouch's crossbar shot was, dare i say it, Cantona esque... The lad does take a lot of shit, especially from the written press simply because he's tall, anyonw who says he doesn't do enough simply doesn't understand the mechanics of professional football... Its like saying "Why do we need a ball winner in the middle of the pitch, they don't score enough goals" Crouch is a foil, a support striker, how would Bergkamp or Sheringham cope if they were expected to lead the line every week and have the goalscoring burden placed squarly on their shoulders? The reason these players built a reputation for being 'providers' was that for every Bergkamp pass or flick there was an Ian Wright/Anelka/Henry strike or close miss, for every Sheringham headed knock down there was a Shearer volley, at the moment, Crouch is doing all of this but there is 0 end product, so all people see is him bringing the ball down and then getting chopped... Hell, Jan Koller doesn't have a 1oth of Crouch's tallent and yet just look at the efect he has on the Czechs and Baros in particular? One day, when Fowler is fully fit, we'll see the full force of the Crouch unleashed on the premiership..
  12. To be honest i was saying to anyone who'd listen yesterday that there was something odd about that Portuguese doctor spouting all his shit, it just grabbed of headline snatching to me and sensationalism, a distinct lack of proffesionalism and a breach of confidentiality.
  13. Couldn't agree more, I know footballers live a good life while their playing, but when its over its over. I was actually thinking yesterday about how many we'd get for a testimonial for Momo should this prove the end of his career, and weather or not he'd made enough so far to see him through, scary shit!
  14. Funny, all that makes me think about is the Stretford End - dunno why...
  15. I honestly think Rafa thinks in black and white terms, either your good enough for his squad or your not, if your nearly at that level then he gives you to sergent Paco’s ‘Top Gun’ esque reserve side… I think Mellor, Pongolle, and Le Tallec are all in the shop window, nothing more…
  16. Cities of Gold was class! Anyone remember the evil version of K.I.T from Knight Rider, K.A.R.R? Quality evil twin-style shit!
  17. I recently turned 26 but am starting to spot traits that used to piss me off about the older generation. Whenever I get together with me mates, apart from the usual stuff, we’ll always end up reminiscing about classic TV and games. I sit there smiling longingly while talking about the A-Team, Airwolf, Streethawk, American Wrestling in its Ultimate Warrior/Legion of Doom faze. Nightrider, the Equalizer, and of course – Different Strokes, absolute classic comedy. And who never delivered sore bollocks on a plate to an unsuspecting school chum whilst posing as a Teenage Mutant Turtle? Games these days seem pretty shite too, X-box 360 is bristling with advanced technology, but I don’t think the imagination is there in the games, yeah you’ll get a more realistic racing/sports/fighting game than before, but emember Zelda, Sonic, Mario World, Final Fantasy VII, then before that, Joe Blade and Spy Vs Spy? These kids today (!) have no idea what they missed out on, a true golden age of gaming and (American) television
  18. Rafa speaks like Felix the drug barron from Colatoral “If you are being black peter, and I am being santa clause, and you are telling me you have lost the list, what is jolly old santa clause going to say? How fucking furious do you think he would be? Tell me Vincent, tell me what you think! for sure..”
  19. Off the footy theme, but Mean Machines back in the SNES/Mega Drive golden age of gaming. Reviewers called Julian (Jazz) Rignall and Radion Automatic (His real name - changed by deed-pole from Richard Cheese)
  20. This Doctor (who had jeans and a bad matalan-esque ‘zantos’ shirt on under an ill-fitting white coat), lifted my arm up shoulder height and explained all I had to do was punch the other person in the arm pit, and it will pop out real nice… I hate Greece by the way – the birds are all fat and you have to put your bog role in the bin, I can still hear the hotel owner’s son moaning at us as we piled in after hours “Why Noisy? Eh? Why Noisy!!??!” Oily blert…
  21. I always take what foreign medical facilities come out with with a pinch of salt, ever since I went to an A&E in Greece where I witnessed doctors smoking and using mobile phones indoors, and where upon fixing my mates dislocated shoulder, one of them proceeded to show me the art of dislocating someones arm should I ever be in a fight
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