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  1. Manchester Eveneing News obtains exclusive pictures outside the Centenary
  2. "I saw Smith ambulance attack - it was a disgrace"
  3. This time next week i predict a thread entitled "Dead Mancs make racist allegations"
  4. Ba weep granna weep ninny bang (I used it in Cardiff a while ago - didn't work)
  5. The scat man was blur, and that guy from the original series of 'the untouchables' and 'unsolved mysteries' was Ultra Magnus. All-star cast it was!
  6. This is quite possibly the funniest report i have ever read.
  7. The live action version of Transformers should be class IMDB I'm thinking that Citroen advert from about a year ago, when it transformed into a robot closely resembling Jazz
  8. I'm a sad cunt - but he was actually the voice of Unicron!
  9. True, kind of makes the whole exercise pointless really. Was reading 'the gossip column' on ceefax on Sunday morning (afternoon) and it read something like: "Samual Eto'o could be on his way to Chelsea this summer according to the Express" The next entry said "Or he could be on his way to Inter Milan in exchange for Andrei Shevchenko, according to the News of the World" the next one said "According to the mirror Newcastle are the team ready to offer him an excape route" I just thought, what an utterly, utterly pointless exercise! I only really trust the Echo these days...
  10. I'd say its a pretty likely story though, Ballack always seemed like a bit of an arsehole, should fit quite nicely with Joe Cole and co...
  11. TBH i think this could be viewed more as a ringing endoresement of Steve Finan! Its basically Van Basten saying "My first-choice right back hasn't got a chance of ousting Steve Finan, what was he thinking!?!"
  12. Agreed, Rafa didn't treat Kewell the same way he treats Cisse simply because Cisse is shit and Kewell isn't... In fact the reason Kewell got so much shit was because we all knew what we could do and he wasn't doing it, lest we forget he was once being seriously looked at by Juventus as Zidane's successor, wheras Cisse can't even trap a football. Its like in school, one kid is a genius, the other is thick as fuck, yet both scive from school, who is the teacher most likely to spend his valuable time trying to save?
  13. V was class as well, used to fancy the arse of the baddy Diana, even though i was only six..
  14. Agreed, Brum are another Boro, with ideas well above their station about not being a selling club etc, they'll overprice him without question, it all depends weather the chairman has got the balls to stand up to him when he starts crying the way the palace chairman did with Andy Johnson..
  15. 'You got the touch' is actually by Stan Bush, i know this because i bought the soundtrack in my Uni days, I was facing an all nighter doing some C programming coursework and needed some inspiration, so i sat in front of my PC and let it rip, along with other motivational classics such as 'eye of the tiger' and 'your the best around' from the final 10 minutes of Karate Kid - still failed the module though! I remember eulogising about that scene to my mother when i was a kid, i sat down in front of the Video arms flailing wildly "Don't you understand mother, as the music kicks in he KNOWS he's going to die - but he goes in anyway, and THAT is true courage!!!" I still remember turning around and she was slumped in the chair asleep, outrageous!
  16. Transformers - the movie is class, as is the soundtrack, produced by the man who did the tracks for Rocky IV!
  17. see what your saying, Finan is one of the best crossers we have, and he grafts. Depends how much our options thin out in midfield, If Gerrard has to move inside again, I'd take Finan over Cisse in away games..
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