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  1. My Jibe was aimed at Cisse - the man who traps a football like that foot from monty python
  2. Fair point, i saw a thing recently regarding the likelihood of succeding in business with a scouse accent. The odds of doing so were far higher in Ireland than they were in the South of England. Pretty pathetic really.
  3. I'm not having a dig its a genuine question, how come you consider yourself British more than you do English?
  4. To be fair though, its not as if Rafa said: "If someone can't control a football and is generally wank you don't leave him on the bench"
  5. Can't really get patriotic about Britain though, its just a forced union of subjugated celtic ner' do well's
  6. Section_31


    The animals of Farthing Wood You didn't get this from me...right? :whistle:
  7. :D Quality post. I get pretty involved watching England in tournamants but outside of that i have no time for anything connected with it. The Fans from shit towns with no team of their own to support, "Bognor on tour" strewn across a union jack (yes union jack not cross of saint george) Erricson is a dick-head and allot of 'our' players are just scum, its allot harder to sympathise with Joe Cole missing a penalty than it was stuart pearce, likewise who can't resist a little snigger when Rooney gets chopped? I have a schitzo attitude to the whole experience. What makes Gerrard think their will be any reds on the Kop anyway? Last time they played here they were singing "there's only one David Beckham" wasn't any reds i know!
  8. It must be pretty shit bein a Chelsea fan really, even if they won the treble every year for the next decade, it will always be said that it was simply because they had the spending power, that they bought their way to success and it didn't really count, in the future their time in the sun will look simply like an aberration. In fifty years there will be a documentary on channel 4 called "Chelsea - a warning from history"
  9. The future beckons for post-Abramovich Chelsea.. Story
  10. Its intended to be used in threads about Charlie Nicholas
  11. His Nephew apparently still lives in the city - I shit you not!
  12. Put it this way, a world class striker can get you so far, but there's no way this Arsenal side could hold Juve to a draw at the Deli Alpi or ( :D ) come from three nil down in the final - not even against West Ham
  13. My mate has got one and its shit hot, really high deff screen, looks pretty spooky actually, that kind of image quality coming from such a small machine!
  14. Nah, no way Arsenal have got the mental strength to pull off what we did, this was Real Madrid remember? They were all too busy playing with their hairbands and mentally trying to calculate their image rights earnings for the week to be arsed about marking the best striker (IMO) in the world!
  15. What a joke, this is his last chance to give players he's not sure about a run-out, so he plays a champions league winning captain whose a dead cert to go anyway - very bright Sven
  16. I'll have some of that Florida weather please!!! Fowler will deffo come good in the run in, he looks like he's losing weight already which has been 80% of the issue with him these last few years. Crouch confidence is there again following his goal against the Mancs. Dissagree on Moro though, he looks like he's on the verge of a nervous breakdown - in fact its only a matter of time before he's spotted walking around sefton park in his dressing gown asking strangers if they have any ice cream...
  17. Fairs fair - there's a big difference between saying that about Bullard and saying it about Xabi Alonzo!
  18. I can see my summer stretching out before me: July 21st, "Sky sports news exclusive, Benetez to leave Liverpool for Real Madrid, in a statement Benetez said - this has been the hardest decision of my life" July 22nd, Parry appears at the gates "Rafa's decided to stay, there were some frantic calls last night, things got quite emotional, and i think he decided he just couldn't leave"
  19. :yes: Very well put, your right, the sign of a great manager is someone who knows what he wants and builds his team accordingly to his own blueprint, Rafa's comment about Crouch "He wasn't the best striker in the world but he was what we needed" Illustrates this perfectly. The antithesis of this viewpoint would be someone like Souness, who often just went for 'flavour of the month' signings.
  20. I've said it before, but I think it says allot for the quality of the hard core LFC following that the lad gets as much support as he does. Virtually the entire country and every media angle labels him a freak simply becasue he's fucking tall, and yet don't watch him play. I honestly can't think of that many players we've had in the last ten years, in any position, who can kill a ball and pass under preassure the way Crouch can. Fowler, Barnes, Gerrard and Alonzo probably, and Sean Dundee. You only have to look at the people inside football who rate him, Ericcson, Redknapp, Graham Taylor, Alladyce, 'Curbs'.
  21. I think the disaster that is Real Madrid proves this even in the 'professional' game, the football equivelant of the Soviet Union, nice idea - but unworkable
  22. Offal Full Interview Nice gesture big man...
  23. If Kewell keep on improving on the left, I've no problem with employing a 'grafter' like Bullard down the right. For every Barnes there is a Houghten! and every Overmars there is a (ahem) Ray Parlour
  24. :D You should write player profiles for the Pannini sticker albums for a living!
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