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  1. Yeah! Get him and bobby Robson on John Barnes footy night, pure comedy viewing i'd pay good money for!
  2. He's a funny guy actually but they are an appalling team, i can't remember a side offering so little in the premiership. Usually when a side is up against it while coming into the top flight they try and compensate for their lack of quality by 'having a go' Sunderland had neither quality.
  3. you don't deserve to have your posts given the respect of any insight i may have, you give ridiculous names to our players and try to incite arguements for 'fun', you are nothing but a babbling Dilettante (especially for you) who talks no sense.
  4. Its not an opinion mate its malicious and deliberate 'have a go' bullshit. Its exactly the kind of shite i'd post if i was sad enough to blag my way onto an Everton site.
  5. Fancied the Arse of Diana at the age of six - had no time for birds my own age. I remember sayin to my mum as a little kid, "Mum, when i see that lady on the telly, my willy goes like this" She was nearly sick on the floor and my grandad just sat ther shaking his head, quality childhood memory. Got them on DVD couple of years back, V the final battle was awesome viewing. Michael Ironside, the most typecast actor in history, always plays a tough guy in a black leather jacket. The scene where he blows the hideout up and one of the dead alien troops has his lizard skin showing, he just kneels down and says "Now that a waste of good luggage" Other choice phrase "keep it simple, we got sharp shooters in the hills cut you guys down to wallet size" In V, tough good guy in leather coat Total Recall, tough bad guy in leather coat
  6. ha ha! I remember seeing a teletext phone poll that had a 'don't know' column. 50% thought yes, 40% thought no, 10% didn't know - charged at 25p a call. Why would you spend 25p phoning a poll to say "don't know"
  7. Its not that he's uneducated mate, its that he is, as Americans would say, a
  8. Quite a nice Avatar that actually, would look nice flying high over the White House!
  9. Roses are red, violets are blue, i'm a schitzofrenic and so am I
  10. Not according to the mancs, we'll forever be in their shadow, oh and we've only won the Champions League once...
  11. Heard the one about the chinese godfather? He made them an offer they couldn't understand
  12. When we went to see attack of the clones, two of us bought plastic lightsabres from Worlds Apart (mine was red obviously) and started knocking shit out of each other on the wirral line of Lime Street Station, I got clipped on the ear and lost my rag, so really started going for it good style, looked like something out of highlander, before long everyone started walking quickly to the other end of the platform - remember some girl shouting "there's no need for that, your horrable!" Bearing in mind we were both 22 and 6'3...
  13. I'm a 26 year old 'boy' so what? Out of interest, what does a 'grown-up' fella do for fun? Read the Independant and watch Midsommer Murders? Bollocks to that!
  14. Holy shit! Didn't know people wanted us gassed! Think we should get some land in Plastine and build a new Liverpool...
  15. Paul Ince and Anelka
  16. I once considered feigning such a condition, as i had a GP that looked like Shenia Twain (Dr Boggild in Eastern Avenue - Speke, form a queue and check her out) Fit as they come, Australian too, but married to a fat dutch surgeon..
  17. The more i think of the A-team the more it makes me smile. Whenever they had ten minutes to fill in a story, a megaphone voice would simply appear from nowhere "Smith! This is Colonel Decker, come out with your hands up" From absolutely nowhere - ten green military police cars would surround them, they'd then proceed to build a tank from last of the summer wine style supplies, and escape, leaving Decker to throw his cap on the floor infrustration. Who cares about story mechanics? Fuck that, this is the A-team, and ANYONE who doesn't like it is a homosexual
  18. Yep but whats he got to lose by picking a fight with the original party-boy? Five years ago most of the media would go mentle at the thought of someone even dropping beckham as captain let alone the team, don't think anyone would give a shit now. There's allot of speculation that Alladyce is up the arse of allot of the fleet street mob, he could simply have been told that no one would give him a hard time if he wanted to prove to the FA he was some kind of footballing troubleshooter who was gonna come in and shake things up (which need doing) One thing that always pisses me off about Beckham and the media, me mate pointed out to me a while back that whenever we score, his name is mentioned almost straight after, and the more i kept my ears open the more it pissed me off: "Michael Owen scores the winner against Argentina, and look who's the first over there to congratulate him - his captain David Beckham" Then the other night "Crouch heads the equaliser, Beckham applauds from the bench"
  19. when there's someone next to me i dont like, I try to have an 'Ivan Drago' moment, where I crank the angle up on the treadmill and make extremely loud 'crying' noises...
  20. Cheers for that, still seems like its too early to tell for deffo though, fingers crossed at all times - even while driving
  21. Yeah i know, i was after your 'take' on it as aposed to what i said. I exercise purely to keep myself in shape as i go for the weights mostly, and there have been allot of studies done recently that say for pure fat burning, intense sprinting followed by 30-40% capacity jogging, then more sprinting is the best way to go about it. I know a couple of personal trainers and they've pretty much said the same thing, steady jogging purely to burn fat isn't the way - you might as well go for a walk. Obviously if your after endurance or are a serious runner then you'll be looking to jog for longer at a steady pace. Its horses for courses, as Andy Townsend might say!
  22. Why is he picking a fight with beckscum anyway? Not very brave really seeing as the lads 30 and wont be around for the next tournament, does he think he's impressing everyone? "Yeah bid sam won't take no shit" Fat wanker - he really does disgust me and his team playes appaling football.
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