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  1. A good point, both have been great servents, although neither have ever achieved the mantle "would walk into any team in the world" Wheras ALonso does IMO
  2. We also won the champions league, afore mentioned Xabi Alonzo is our best signing of the last 16 years - fact. He has also restructured the reserves, tracked down some of the best young tallent in the game and signed them up for the future. He's booted out the vast acumulation of shite we had swelling our ranks and has instilled a winning mentality that sent us on a reckord breaking run a few weeks ago. We are respected throughout Europe again and our manager is the envy of the football world, our team plays to the death and no longer gets fucked over by inferior sides purely becasuse we can't be arsed playing.
  3. From the Mirror... Class - the abuse is actually all part of Mourinho's cunning plan to take preasure off his players! He is a special one indeed... This guy really is a fruit loop, i get the whole 'Hitler bunker' feel about this situation...
  4. Mine is HEAT. Two greatest actors of their generation in De Nero and Pacino, a twenty minute gun battle, Michael Mann at the helm (Collatoral is ace too). An action film with a brain and great acting. Girls and gay people wouldn't 'get' its various layers of male bonding and stark social commentary. Pacino understands why Deniro is a thief and even respects him for not simply taking the shit he was handed in life - but still takes him down becasue its his duty. Quality.
  5. Its well out of context, but hopefully our players will just see the headlines!
  6. Couldn't agree more - the only reason this debate is reasonably new is becasue we always had someone to place the burden for scoring goals on, Fowler then Owen, and now there's no one - the only solution is to try and craft a 'team' that scores goals rather than a punt sprint & score outfit that would never have maintained a ten game winning streak. People forget that the Mancs began to dominate the premiership without a Fowler a Shearer or a Wright, but a side packed with goals, Kanchelskis Giggs Cantona and Hughes (didn't they set a goalscoring record with that side, and yet not one of them scored twenty goals? Something like that anyway) Patience is the key. Another thing which is nonesense is the whole 'rafa picks him cos he signed him and doesn't want to admit he made a mistake' discussion If anyone seriously believes Rafa is that childish they must be criminally insane. (Garcia anyone? Nunez? Jossemi?)
  7. I bet Owen wanted to say that in every press conference he ever took part in..
  8. Hasn't our problem in the past been been an over reliance on Owen and no goals from any other department though? And now the situation has reversed.. I'd argue that its allot harder to score these days than it used to be due to the tactics employed and the influence of Foreign managers, back in the late 90's hardly a weekend went by without someone getting pelted 5, 6, or even 7-nil by another premiership side. Also, how many strikers regularly clock up 30 goals a season the way Fowler and Shearer, and Ian Wright used to? Doesn't mean the strikers in the premiership today are any worse IMO The benchmark of improvement is how we do in Europe, we often tanked oposition sides like Villa and Spurs but got torn to shreds by the likes of PSG and Strasbourg, says it all about the quality of the premiership back then i think..
  9. Crash test dummies (Mike Myers?) Mmm mmmm mmm mmm
  10. Roller Hockey!!! Why haven't the mancs cottoned onto this little money spinner?!?
  11. Holy shit, no one told me they had their own Basket Ball team!?! And its publicised on their 'soccer' website! I really, really hate this club.. Madrid Basketball
  12. Finally Brendan, something we can agree on
  13. BBC Sport The cheapest and most ridiculous story of the year comes to a close
  14. Good point, and i cant think of anyone in the last decade, but i don't think the club has ever made such a concerted effort to hunt down and buy quality as it is doing now. I don't think Hakur Igne Gudnasson or Frode Kip were ever touted as being the next big thing by anyone! It was only Houlliers love of all things Clairefontaine that lead our belief in young signings astray..
  15. shit, that changes the whole complexion of the discussion, i was counting on nimble antics of small Rhesus monkey with a blade, not a large primate that lumbers in Bear fashion. What about a Silverback Gorila? Clash of the titans or what? I'd plump for the Gorila for its head squeezing tomfoolery...
  16. Fowler from the start is an absolute must, Cisse from the bench if he looks like he can be arsed, Hamman is also needed as a steady head in the middle of the park, while the bloods pumpin roared on by the Kop, someone needs to keep a lid on it - and i nominate the Kaiser in chief Reina Finan Carra Hyypia Riise Gerrard Hamman Xabi Kewell Crouch Fowler Got a good feeling about this one, think they'll shit one when they see crouch.
  17. The monkey for me, as long as its reasonably fleet of foot. It would have the skill and agility to get between the legs of said lumering bair and deliver the telling blow. Would the Monkey know what to do with the knife though? Or would it simply try and eat it? One for atenbrough that
  18. I don't think its about being new Stu, its the contents of his posts, below are some choice examples of the ones he's started, with excerpts from a couple that at first seem neutral. They are ALL negative and dispariging purely for the sake of it and designed to get people pissed off. Some of these were posted at the height of our unbeaten run, to sum up, they all amount to "worst strikeforce ever, Gerrard will leave, Sisoko is overrated, why did we bring fowler back" There is a term for this behaviour: Anhedonic.
  19. Sky Sports This story seems to be all over the place this morning so i'm assuming there's some truth in it, sounds a good prospect.
  20. Well done mate ;) that must be why your clever and we're all thick
  21. Recent figures from the anual report Says it all, yes we need cash but i've got no great desire to become the next Leeds united either. We've spent big in recent years, just becasue that money was wasted is no fault of the board.
  22. Rash, I've never made a comment on you because even though I sometimes don't agree with what you say, you always present what you post as a genuine oppinion and thats respectable, this guy just wades in with "Lurch is fucking shit, Rafa will leave and so will Gerrard, anyone who doen't agree is an uneducated 'bafoon'. Its just pure bollocks that bores everyone
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