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  1. Phil Thomson knows as much about the machinations in European football as George W Bush knows about Aristotle
  2. Good post, the South American market is a fertile ground for Spanish clubs - lets hope Gonzalez and the new argie CB are one day talked about in those terms..
  3. Too true, it was only three years ago some fans were calling for Carra to be f*cked off...
  4. I'm not feeling the loss as much as i thought i'd be. I think the fact we kept the cup and took an extra step up in prestige (and an Arm shield we'll wear forever) means we got something lasting from the whole adventure, something no loss will diminish.
  5. :D Their contribution was such i couldn't be arsed taking care with the spelling of their names anyway...
  6. I think when Gerrard and Alonso play together a huge part of one of their games is neutralised. Both creative and attack minded players with the ability to be defensive but IMO, wasted doing that job. We played best when Sissoko was holding and Xabi was playing further up the pitch, and Gerrard had a free role
  7. How did I make it up? I dreamt that Houllier scouted and signed him, and Le Gems, and Cherou, Diaou Cisse and Diouff.
  8. Good point, now isn't the time to be kicking the club in the balls about old (but ongoing) issues, especially when the administration you were involved in has to take a huge amount of the blame. Cisse & Traore + no money, Owen dissalusionment and scarperage to Madrid - none of this is Rafa's fault.
  9. Wasn't it his old boss who bought Cisse though? Didn't he help spend all our cash on shite? Its like Nick Leeson complaining because he can't get an account at barings bank. All this does is make morons who read it say "Yeah, shoudln't have let Owen go, or we should have re-signed him for twice the amount - Spanish dick head"
  10. That quite simply CANNOT be allowed to happen - Riots could be in order
  11. Teamtalk: Cisse and Moro not good enough? Owen shouldn't have been allowed to leave? I'm sure Rafa had a choice in the matter... Always liked Thomo - but he's turned into a rent-a-quote of Pele' proportions
  12. BBC Anyone got a jarg copy of Champ Man they can post him?
  13. Cheers for the quotes, looks like he got it spot on. Morientes looks like he's on the verge of a breakdown. Training at Melwood
  14. Arsenal take their fair amount of shit off the London media though - thats why I dont mind them, they've had to sweat for any credit they've ever had
  15. Is Torres an option though? I've heard 20 million pound figures banded around for the lad. As for Joaquin, watched him a few times and he's looked 'okay', I don't want Gerrard on the right but in a free role, to accomplish this we need two centre mids who can pass and tackle...
  16. Does anyonw know what Guiem Ballague's comments on Morientes were? I can't find them, but someone posted the other day saying he was quoted before we signed him as saying he wouln't fit in..
  17. To be honest I'm not tempting fate with Sissoko but I would have him over Carrick. I think Carrick is hugely underated, he reads the game superbly and reminds me of Hamman
  18. I prescribe "Are you Totenham in disguise" to counter such chants for Irony factor. They will digest the chant, realise its not much of an insult becasue spurs are doing well, their recognition that spurs are doing well will make them sit down and give them a moment of pause... I once took some shit off a fat bird in Widnes in a place called 'tony's wine bar' and responded to her by simply saying "you are fit" She realised i was taking the mick and in doing so, was forced to admit to herself she was in fact - obese, this made her cry. "silence!" I then shouted in a French accent
  19. This isn't a bitching thread its just a bit of fun, afterall footy is about 'dreaming of tomorrow' thats what makes it great. Who can (i.e not Kaka) and should we sign in the summer, i don't have eurosport these days so my knowledge of players in less established leagues is limited so would welcome any info on players we should be looking at as well I've put realistic targets in mine based on who i think we could get if we cough up and who have an interest in coming here. All reference to crouch, parry, and innvestment is punishable by death, i.e an hour long lock-in in Wetherspoons with Brendan. Reina (finally convinced) Finan Carra Hyypia Riise Gerrard Carrick Alonso Gonzalez Kuyt Owen Fowler Hamman and Crouch on the bench
  20. Although Ciise's attitude is wrong, its also understandable. If someone thought i wasn't good enough ahead of a waste of skin like Morientes, and then shoved me out on the right for the last fifteen minutes expecting me to pull up trees, think motivation would be a problem to say the least..
  21. Rafa's name was sung loud and proud last night at the end, think that says it all. The priority now is sceond place so we dont have to start another champions league campaign ridiculously early again..
  22. I like Warnock as a grafter, he tackles well and i think he still has a lot of potential, don't forget this lad lost nearly three years of development time. I don't see him as a defender though, he frequently plays people onside for goalscoring opportunities, although one could argue thats a result of simply not playing much. I'd like to see the lad in central mid which was always his position as a boy. If I was looking for a scapegoat for last nights debacle, he'd be pretty near the bottom of my list
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