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  1. The Tories are facilitators for invaders to rape and pillage. They're the type of people who'd unbolt the castle door. They're the Vichy French of the predatory free market. 


    You pay them enough and they push the mantra that 'private sector knows best'.


    What happens next is private sector takes control of utilities and transport, but no investment is made in infrastructure - instead,  the money is skimmed off and given to shareholders, many of which are foreign.


    The German state owns Arriva, so everytime your fare goes up but you're still late for work, that's because your own leaders sold you out.


    Same deal every time you catch botchelism from your drinking water, that money will have gone into the Canadian teachers' pension pot or some shit. 


  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/c3ggpe3qj6wo


    The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has applied for arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas's leader in Gaza for war crimes.

    Karim Khan said there were reasonable grounds to believe that both men bore criminal responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity from at least 7 October 2023.

    The ICC, based in The Hague, has been investigating Israel's actions in the occupied territories for the past three years - and more recently the actions of Hamas as well.

    Mr Netanyahu recently called the prospect of senior Israel figures joining the ICC's wanted list "an outrage of historic proportions".

    This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh the page for the fullest version.

  3. The Chinese quantum satellite is bonkers. It allowed them to alter a subatomic particle on Earth and the corresponding particle showed the same alterations on the satellite, which means you can transmit codes across space without intercepting it, because it's not travelling. You fuck with one particle at one end and the other at the other end responds accordingly.

  4. 11 hours ago, Arniepie said:


    What 5 ways has brexit improved the lives of normal working people?


    (1) Less confusion about where to move to for work and opportunities.


    (2) more turnip picking and amazon warehouse opportunities.


    (3) fewer good looking eatern European poontang blocking the dating opportunities of our "extremely bubbly" Runcorn women.


    I'm out.

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  5. 59 minutes ago, Bruce Spanner said:

    I posted it the other week but over half the farmers in the UK are on in work benefits because their margins are so low.


    There was a farm to fork conference at No 10 last week and the key talking points were food insecurity.


    Farmers have been looking for ways to maximise their land return and the vast majority of these don’t include food production, so obviously our import to export ratio has been decimated.


    So much shortsightedness, exactly the same as why we were hit so hard with the fuel crisis, no practicable ideas about sufficiency or maintaining stocks.


    Loads around here have been sold for housing developments after green belt was taken out of the local plan.

  6. 9 minutes ago, Mook said:

    I can't speak for anyone else but i am absolutely apoplectic that a man mentioned he was getting a job everyone in the World knew he was getting anyway. He may as well have broken into Klopp's house a took a shit on the carpet.


    The bastard.


    I think we're seeing already why Xabi didn't want it. Whoever followed Klopp is doomed from day one.

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  7. That story reads like the journo was paid by the word.


    "It was a little before three in the afternoon in May. It wasn't warm, nor was it very cold. When the teacher, who school friends had described as "blonde" arrived in her Audi A3, complete with spoiler and spring awakening Yankee Candle air freshener."


    Get the Kumquats out of your mouth and get to the fucking poing, I've got to be somewhere next Thursday.

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  8. 16 minutes ago, VERBAL DIARRHEA said:

    I thought she might get more backing on here but she’s clearly not attractive enough which for here is damning enough. 


    Killing kids is probably a red line. it's probably an evolutionary thing.


    "Big chebs - check. she can feed my kids, round hips - check, good for childbearing, - will kill my kids - woah there Nelly."

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