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  1. Got to be a superhero origin story in there somewhere. Professor Colon. Arse Man.
  2. It's just a completely different dynamic when it's lads. When I was a kid if there'd been an open prison filled with female sex offenders I'd have been over the wall quicksmart, trousers round ankles and rucksack full or Lynx Java.
  3. oe Allman, prosecuting, asked if she had been trying to evoke sympathy from the jury by tucking a pink baby’s bonnet visibly into the top of her trousers. “No. Definitely not,” Joynes said. “I sleep with this every night.”
  4. Our generation(s) deffo seem to have weaker guts. My nan's lot would eat beef dripping and lard by the bucketload and not bat an eyelid.
  5. My sympathies. Have had it myself since about 15 but it calms down from time to time. Tends to kick off when I'm stressed, such as at airports.
  6. Fish batter for me from the chippy, puts me in absolute bulk.
  7. You're the only person I've ever heard of that's from there besides Jill Dando. Jill Dando, whatever happened there.
  8. Only time I ever commented on an Echo story was when I said there'd been Typhoon fighter jets heard over Speke, and loads of people gave me shit saying 'imagine how you'd feel if you were in Syria!' I didn't get the link personally, also, these people clearly had never been to Speke - it makes Homs look like Weston-super-Mare,
  9. Long title for the DVD that. It's been a disappointing end to the season but it's hard to overstate the job he's done competing with city, they're just in a different league financially by both fair means and foul.
  10. I think Khan and Burnham especially are extremely secure in their roles now. The Metro mayors have taken on a life of their own since Covid, the optics of Starmer trying to cut down big personalities like those won't wash with the membership and voters in areas which are extremely important to the party. Starmer can depend on a lot of anti Tory support this election which will cut accross a lot of demographics, but that will change once the Tories are gone, he's going to have to shape up or ship out. I've never bought this notion that he's got a Stalin esque grip on every aspect of the party, far from it, whether he wants it or not.
  11. Let's end non-jobs, says 'minister for common sense'.
  12. Nah I honestly don't. I think the whole country is focussed on getting rid of the Tories. Every time the little fuck takes to the podium you hear a groan in every corner of the land. But there's still always the danger of people voting for the 'devil they know'. regardless of their own personal circumstances or politics. I think politics will change once they're out. I see more progressive factions/parties coming to the fore. Young people have had enough of the right - you can see that with how GB News have been reduced to begging for money and the disastrous showing for right wing candidates in the locals.
  13. One of the problems is we always fuck with players. Sometimes it works (Fabinho) sometimes it doesn't.
  14. It really is a joke of a "sport", maybe watching the skinny Mexican lads brawl is vintage but the heavyweight shite is pure WWF and has been for decades.
  15. So I'm not allowed to say she's acting bonkers because she's a woman? Isn't that reverse sexism? Maybe YOU'RE fucking transgender?!
  16. Could see the likes of Burnham and Khan having a lot of influence over Starmer, and not being afraid to call him out.
  17. Will be interesting to see what sway the metro mayors have in a Labour run UK. Quite a lot I reckon.
  18. Rowling seems to have gone a bit bonkers. I understand her having views but she shouldn't be using her platform to have a go at individuals the way she's doing. Twitter does strange shit to people. I've lost count of the number of famous people (like Owen Jones, to be fair) who've started off making reasonable points and then just doubled down again and again until it just looks like they're shouting at clouds.
  19. What a clown. Gave a speech funded by policy exchange, Tufton Street shithouses, about how we're all doomed unless we vote for him, cos....labour are the negative party and he's the only one promising a bright future. It was protesters he was giving a speech about last month. Pointless cretin.
  20. Loves his speeches the wee man doesn't he. What a boring, empty suit he is.
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