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  1. They could conceivably have won another treble this year, all while being under investigation. What's not to love. I hope they win the treble next year, and the year after, and the year after that - and everyone goes to watch Marine and fucking Rushden and Diamonds instead and Gary Neville ends up as a judge on Britain's Got Talent.
  2. Usually I'd hope arsenal win over city, but it'd be nice for arsenal to get a taste of what we've had for the last few years, and for English footy in general to have had a good long laugh about us, then belatedly realise we were the only thing keeping it from looking like Scottish footy on steds this past few years.
  3. Hi Arne, welcome to Liverpool!
  4. Yeah i think most of my family have pretty chaotic lives. My sister is disguised autism and adhd, my cousin too. I think a few of the older relatives probably have it but it wasn't diagnosed back then.
  5. Yeah self sabotage. When I was in my 20s and trying to get a Mrs, I had no concept at all of "the chase", or of playing the long game. I'd tend to ask them out from a distance, say via a text or through a friend, and if they weren't immediately up for it I'd swerve them forever. I'd get this almost volcanic feeling of despair and anger bubbling up, I'd delete their numbers, Facebook, even those of their friends. But conversely, the feeling was also sort of empowering, like a drug. I felt like Caesar at a victory parade, but I don't know what the victory was. A good example was a bird I worked with. I'd asked a female colleague to sound her out about whether she was single. She said yes but wasn't looking for anything. I waited until she left to go to another job, text her asking her out, she said yes but said "just so you know, I'm not looking for anything like that at the moment". So I said we'd leave it. She said well let me know if you ever fancy a drink. I deleted her number and a week later got a "hey how are you?", I'm like "who's this?" and she's like "it's Nikki, a few of us are going out at the weekend do you fancy it?" And I was like "no." And that was that. I spent that weekend in bed watching The Wire, and was quite happy with that. My 20s were filled with that kind of shit, rinse and repeat.
  6. How did you get diagnosed mate? Private or through the quack? I bet the latter would take ages these days.
  7. Gnasher fucking loves Peter Oborne and that Rory Stewart blert though. Roddy McDowel's record.
  8. Nurse! Yeah he's gonna do all that in three, possibly six months before he fucks off. Labour have known about him wanting to jump ship for a while and waited to announce it until the week before the locals. It's politics. You know all this though Gnasher, you're no dummy, just a firestarter, a twisted firestarter.
  9. I'm pretty sure I've got ADHD and that's exactly like me. People think I'm outgoing but I think that's more a defence mechanism I've developed, without realising it, to neutralise people. I don't like/can't cope with things like concerts and footy matches. I don't like parties and if I go, will find two or three people to talk to and hang around with them all night. When I was in school and uni I used to completely switch off when the teacher was talking, completely. I was largely self taught and would have skim through any reading materials on my own, usually an hour before the exam. I'm also certain I've got an aspect of adhd called rejection sensitivity dysphoria. When i read the symptoms it sounded exactly like me. Sensitive to all forms of rejection or perceived rejection, constantly looking for evidence of it, and it causes instant physical pain/anger.
  10. They had no problem with the Met stood outside no 10 while there were parties going on though, or assigning the flying squad to investigate Raynor.
  11. He's a liverpool legend, he'd make it into my all time XI, but when you're shit you shouldn't moan about being dropped. Ronaldo ego type reaction. The fine line you walk with greatness I suppose. Still, in context, what Klopp has given these players he deserves better than those 'optics'. He turned a chelsea reject into one of the top three players in the world. Today's histrionics were a fucking disgrace, and he's a cunt for doing it, and the fire bollocks too.
  12. At this "reminisce" concert at the Echo arena. I reckon I'm the only person here that's not on beak or roids. It's like crab mating season on Christmas island with these assholes. Spent the whole night wishing I was in the golden nuggets off Freemont Street sat down drinking knob creek and watching a latino Sammy Davis junior impersonator.
  13. Germany vs Egypt, Klopp should go Rommel on his arse.
  14. This is why I never loved a player after Torres. Easy come, easy go. Loving a player is like owning an elephant, it costs a fortune and sooner or later it shits on your head.
  15. The concept of authority is fascinating isn't it? Even if someone is essentially a good person, if they perceive your loss of authority over them, such as Klopp stepping down, they act up. Similar thing happened with Beckham when he sensed himself becoming bigger than the club, so Ferguson kicked him in the head and sold him.
  16. Sarah Michelle Gellar over here.
  17. Someone was saying the Germany manager has been given a 12 month contract extension, sounds like a done deal I reckon. I'll deffo be getting a vintage west Germany shirt next year with Johann Sebastian Kuntz on it.
  18. Do all planters need holes in the bottom? We got some big ones which needed drilling but we've got some some smaller ones, like glorified big plant pots, but we haven't drilled them. Thoughts?
  19. He's statue material, no doubt, I'm starting to see now though more and more that he's been running on empty for some time. The kicking off at people at the drop of a hat, fans, reporters etc. I think him going now is best for all concerned.
  20. I'm broadly in agreement with him on the subject, I just found it funny how he kept posting stuff with no reply. Problem with a lot of this stuff when you take it from twitter or some other online sources, as I've pointed out with Gnasher, is that it's all someone's take on an issue, or a report, or whatever. This cass report, there'll be people posting excerpts which prove their point, and others posting other bits that seem to refute it. With Gnasher and that Origi lad, it's just endless tweets with "genocide!' written above it. You could do the same with this, "chicks with dicks!". For all the bad press the hated "msm", at least aspects of it try and present balanced views of most issues, whereas online talking heads drip drip you everything through their own prism.
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