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  1. 1 minute ago, littletedwest said:

    Hope Labour don't send us back to square one where i could get a doctors appointment on the day or get dental treatment without selling a kidney.


    Was listening to LBC the other day and they said that 2010 saw the highest NHS satisfaction ratings in history.


    I bet if you asked most people now why they voted Brown out they wouldn't remember.


    But it was simply that Murdoch didn't like him and ran hatchet jobs on him day in, and day out.


    It really is that simple. We're a special kind of dumb.

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  2. Part of what gives the club its mystique is the fact the wit and dedication of the support comes unbidden, it isn't asked for nor is it offered easily, it's part of the fabric of the fanbase and the city itself which are inextricably interwoven. It's the same attitude to humour, life, politics you get in a dockside cafe or a backstreet social club. That's why fans of clubs with plastic flags hate us the most - they know it's true, they wish they had something similar, but you can't invent it and you certainly can't buy it. 




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  3. Ireland and Spain are expected to announce plans to formally recognise a Palestinian state on Wednesday, according to multiple reports, amid warnings from Israel that recognition will “fuel extremism and instability”.

    The three Irish government leaders – premier Simon Harris, deputy premier Micheál Martin and minister Eamon Ryan – are due to hold a press conference on Wednesday morning. They had earlier signalled the government would make the move to recognise Palestinian statehood by the end of May.

  4. Just now, Bjornebye said:

    Wouldn’t have happened if that selfish bitch had put her food tray away when the seatbelt light came on 


    Is that a bird? Thought it was Lewis Capaldi. 


    Sing about THIS you fuck.

  5. Boeing offers condolences after a passenger was killed on a Boeing 777 plane, says their “thoughts” are with the passengers and crew. In total 30 people were injured and a 73-year-old British man was killed. The incident happened after the plane fell a whopping 6000 feet.




  6. 22 minutes ago, Jairzinho said:

    Sec, have you got a subscription with the Telegraph?



























    My estimation...


    Fuck that. Is that paywalled for you? Comes through on my phone.

  7. Steamed through second season of Tokyo Vice on iplayer, brilliant, 9/10. The first season still pips it for me though. It's about a US reporter who becomes the first non Japanese to work for the Tokyo paper, and his efforts to cover, and ultimately bring down, a Yakuza boss.



    Currently on the first season of The Witcher. I'd tried before but never got into it, persevered this time though and it's class. Never been fussed on Cavil based on him not being Christopher Reeve, but he's great in this. 9/10.

  8. 7 minutes ago, Mook said:

    People who have animals like that in their house are fucked in the head.


    It should be on the 'cunt identifiers' thread. 


    Fucked up brute of a dog as a pet, vocal about how much they hate paedophiles, wears Lonsdale. 

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