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  1. They'll lose another 10 points next week and still stay up, radioactive cockroaches of football these cunts.
  2. I don't think we've got any excuses to be tired to be honest, we've had far tougher seasons in terms of number/intensity of matches and the squad is a decent size now, with injured players coming back - if they can't go all out for this and still put a shift in to try and win the league, they should probably stop playing football and take up golf. Only player who's got any right to be tired is Virg, and Salah - who always fucking moans anyway when you take him off.
  3. Nah not at all, it's all pretty much explained.
  4. Brilliant this. New series on Amazon. Fallout 3 is one of the best games ever made and I didn't know if they'd be able to do it justice but they really have. Walton Goggins is as class as ever.
  5. What a dickhead. Former Liverpool midfielder Naby Keita faces “consequences” after walking out on his Werder Bremen team-mates after finding out he would not start in Sunday’s Bundesliga match against Bayer Leverkusen. Keita, 29, was not listed in Werder’s squad for the match and sporting director Clemens Fritz clarified the situation ahead of kick-off. “After Naby found out yesterday that he would not be playing from the start, he decided not to get on the bus but to go home,” Fritz said. “We will talk to him and his agent tomorrow about the consequences and how to proceed.”
  6. It read like it was gonna end with AoT having his bank account emptied.
  7. This Netflix series is gonna be boss. Jurgen eating cornflakes out of the Worthington Cup, Salah walking around topless and Nunez spending three hours in a revolving door.
  8. I genuinely laughed out loud at this, absolutely amazing. They couldn't find any economists to talk about my economic plans because it was far too beyond them.
  9. Would happily get rid of all our forwards to be honest and just get an old fashioned strike partnership with a decent sub to back them up, lads who score and like being in the box. This trio of attackers come wingers business just doesn't cut the mustard now, we need to pummel the opposition and if we're lucky put one of five chances away. I want deft touches, sneaky 1-nil wins and finishes with aplomb.
  10. Hundreds of thousands fewer disabled people could receive cold weather payments under the Conservatives’ planned post-election disability benefit reforms, according to an internal government report seen by the Observer.
  11. I've been pretty certain for a few weeks we're gonna fuck this up. That last bit of effort has been lacking for sometime. Can look on for a treble or quadruple every year but end up winning fuck all. When the shit hits the fan, the cradle will fall - into the shit.
  12. Me ma had a breakdown about 10 years ago because the DWP said she'd been overpaid 16k and had to pay it back. Then about three months later they fessed up and said it was their fault and she didn't have to. Damage was done by then though, she still jumps when she hears the postman.
  13. Just got some petrol so feeling pretty smug. Nobody there, dickheads. Now to fortify the house and prepare for a fight to the death.
  14. Knew I should have filled up earlier but I was in St Helens and didn't want to get out the car. Be about eight grand a gallon tomorrow. Fuck.
  15. There's nobody home at all, I've never seen a single picture of her where she doesn't look like she's having a petit mal.
  16. Looking forward to watching civil war, I imagine it's a bit like season 2 of Jericho.
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