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  1. Hi Chaps, I am due to emigrate in the New Year and December the 23rd would seem to be my last chance to visit Anfield. if anyone can line me up witha couple of tickets I would be grateful. email hobsbawm@hotmail.com
  2. redheart


    The new and last series of Scrubs starts on 30th November in the states. Get you bittorrent browsers ready
  3. I have to say he was very impressive. I was dragged along by "she who must be obeyed." He was a supremely funny comedian. Amongst the lines that I can remember. "THere was this woman who had one of those signs,..."You don't have to be mad to work here but it helps"...she used to unnerve me...the sign was written in her own shit" "I signed up with the 3 network...where are their call centres located? I cannot respect a company when you phone their office and you can hear them chasing a snake in the background....when they put you on hold they are not doing anything important...they are trying to charm the snake back into the basket." "I have dodgy, horrible teeth...someone happy slapped me and lost a finger." "I bought a flat in Manchester..it was so small that you could cook spagehetti, have a shit and answer the door all at the same time."
  4. I voted for all because as the great man Bill Hicks says we have to "love all the people"
  5. redheart

    Great Music Videos

    I'm such a cunt that my thread dissapeared.
  6. redheart

    I PASSED!!!!!!

    Well done...getting your masters degree is indeed a good feeling. You feel big and clever. Much cleverer than the common herd who get a degree nowadays. When you get your PhD its even better. You can demand to be called Dr etc from annoying bints who work in banks
  7. redheart

    The ultimate sitcom thread

    Yeah that might have had something to do with the man who play coach dying. Pretty difficult to make a corpse funny
  8. redheart

    The ultimate sitcom thread

    Sorry guys but for me the best ever Sitcom as well as the best ever programme is clearly SCRUBS. Comedy, tragedy, pathos, poignancy, all mixed in. Great characters. Truly original writing and superb direction and use of music How to Save a Life http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z0eBblE4V0 Payback is a Bitch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtuP6_WsvJU Waiting For My Real Life To Begin
  9. redheart

    Serious moments in comedies

    For me the most poignant serious moment in a comedy has to be Series 3 episode 13 of Scrubs. It is the episode when the best friend of Dr. Cox (and the brother of his wife Jordan) dies. The character is played by Brendan Fraser. Most poignant because it is not clear until the end that he has died because he appears throughout the episode and it would appear that they are referring to the death of someone else. It is only at the end that you realise that most of the episode has been an hallucination by Dr. Cox and when we were seeing Brendan Fraser it was his breakdown.
  10. Koptalk is a shite site run by a conning fat geordie wanker
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    yeah go on then...I'll give it a go
  12. redheart

    The Departed

    Downloaded it a few weeks ago. I rather enjoyed it. Not brilliant but better than the average garbage you get at the cinema these days
  13. What a pointless waste of time surfing is. Never before have I soooo longed to see a Great White Shark
  14. redheart

    Great Avatars team

    Nah Rocky has always had some distinctly homoerotic undertones. So its an image for uphill gardeners. Good luck with your "lifestyle" choice
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    At Durham University I once dined next to a table of feminist scholars. I approached their table...rubbing my chin...and asked what razor those feminists used? Phillips? Remmington? And then I proclaimed loudly "Oh sorry I forgot that you probably don't use any....because 8 out of 10 feminists prefer whiskers." They couldn't half run quickly for such fat birds
  16. redheart

    Great Avatars team

    Mines quite nifty
  17. redheart

    Fuckin annoying adverts

    Ok here goes Original Tango ad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5A6kskt0M70 Blackcurrant http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6mGfqJAt0s And another
  18. redheart

    Football Manager 2007

    FM2007 is shite Stick to the greatest management game ever CM01/02. Get an updated database and off ya go
  19. I popped along to the Broadway Theatre in gamourous and sunny Peterborough to see The Two Faces of Mitchell and Webb. On the whole absolutely splendid if a few too many sketches that had already been seen on TV. On a sour note the two other supporting actors/funny people they had with them were shite
  20. redheart

    Saw Mitchell and Webb Live last night

    Posh waiter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YoN9mkyctI Green Clarinet Bad Vicar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGDndcxH-O4 Mecial Drama http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7samYP0uKE SS Officers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SO5WoLnOOlU
  21. redheart

    Saw Mitchell and Webb Live last night

    The show finished with the snooker commentators secret "Lady in Red" snooker version song! Superb
  22. redheart

    Saw Mitchell and Webb Live last night

    Sir Digby Chicken-Ceasar was superb...they sprinted in from the back of the theatre when one of the support crew mentioned wine on stage. Also the BIG QUESTION host sprinted through the audience asking for questions....the best anyone could come up with was "daddy or chips?" Oh and Numberwang was superb. The best bit was probably the lazy writers who do no research and did a Sci-Fi programme
  23. redheart

    Football Manger 2007

    The game is dull. The match representation is crap. Stick to CM01/02 with an updated database. Mine is updated to the start of this season
  24. You may be familiar with the postasecret website where nutters and whiners post their secrets on postcards. Some are funny, some are strange and some tragic. Some from this weeks new batch
  25. redheart

    This weeks POSTASECRET Nutters

    oh just go here there http://postsecret.blogspot.com/