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  1. Mr T

    Kevin De Bruyne

    Top class. Top lad by all accounts. Get him in.
  2. I can't remember which game but he was lucky not to concede an equally bad howler in one of the earlier CL rounds. Madrid probably scouted that mistake and encouraged pot shots at him.
  3. He was poor before the final. He was poor during the final. He has been poor ever since. He's a poor goalkeeper. Decent hair though.
  4. Mr T

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Do you not cringe a bit lecturing people from Liverpool about their own city? If you don't then there is something slightly amiss with you because it's probably the most bizarre thing I've ever seen on any internet forum.
  5. So you were right either way then? Well played there.
  6. Mr T

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    What now for the reds who backed the initial decision? Quietly pretend they didn't or double-down and say they still don't see the problem? Let's find out.
  7. Mr T

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Bingo. How some people, a small minority admittedly, who profess to support the club don't get this beggars belief. Unfortunately what I am picking up from their posts is an inability to distinguish between what the club can do versus what the club should do. But it's so simple there is no ambiguity or nuance. In times of crisis you rally round and look after your family. You don't sub-contract that out to the government or if you do, don't expect anyone to have any respect for you anymore. The relationship will be gone, never to return.
  8. Where's the non-playing staff money gone Bill?
  9. Mr T

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    So no reverse ferret yet? Shitbags.
  10. Klopp saying that the Athletico game was criminal. Then this? It's how you break a man like Klopp. He's principled and he will be dragged into this mess and it will really hurt him.
  11. Wouldn't surprise me if he did. I get the impression this decision has the potential for mutiny.
  12. Mr T

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    It has been singled out because football is in a unique position in our society. No one expects any better of other industries. But football fans expect better and Liverpool fans in particular expect more because we've been fed a diet of Shankly, socialism, YNWA. Much of that is bottom up but the club or the owners/administrators have stolen that tradition and turned it back on the fans. Then when the litmus test occurs they show what they are about. Well unfortunately that will ruin our reputation and we will become an emblem of the worst aspects of football.
  13. Be the change you want to see in the world. Or don't. But if you don't, try not to patronise us with anymore bullshit. It's very simple. The club could choose to look after their own or take a hand out from someone else to look after their own. They chose the latter. Forget what other people doing, it's totally irrelevant. You're the one that sounds like a Tory BTW.
  14. Mr T

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    That's why it is worse than bigger companies. The hypocrisy is grotesque. Those words are comical and unspoofable. The clowns have fucked up Klopp's whole era with this one bad decision. Thick, short-sighted, selfish, hypocritical cunts.
  15. Mr T

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Haha. Usual conspiracy fodder. Here's a clue: you can think this is a cunt's trick whilst also thinking the government have fucked up AT THE SAME TIME.