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  1. Mr T

    Roberto Firmino

    Only dumb people are religious. FACT.
  2. He kept calling Fabinho Firminio. On Bein Sport, Peter Reid kept calling Gini Wijnaldum, 'Wijnaldo,'
  3. Can see why Sheffield United haven't conceded many. Very hard to find any space between that packed defence. Keep going and get the second goal Redmen.
  4. Mr T

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Just had a look on there. Bluemoon exhibits strong signs of collective madness IMO.
  5. Warnock is painful. Talks far too much. How did he not pick up it should be a red card?
  6. Mr T

    Takumi Minamino

    Amazing business if true. Would make the Robertson signing look like we were mugged off.
  7. Please buy up the PL Amazon.
  8. Mr T


    He's had the impact we hoped Keita would make.
  9. Lovren is really rather thick.
  10. Villa are extremely competitive. We really need to step up a level to get something out of this.
  11. Fuck me Mane worst performance of his career with us.
  12. Mr T

    Naby Keita

    A goal or two might give him the confidence to go on a run. But hard to build any momentum when he seems to be made of Quavers.
  13. Henderson has started poorly.
  14. Does sound a bit like this doesn't it? It was expedient for him to keep his head down back then and let other's take the flak. It's expedient for him to pop his head up and apologise on the part of others now. On a separate note, his commentary on us I find grating and excessively negative.