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  1. Mr T


    Hope you are all doing ok TLW. We have Covid19 in our household. It's a bastard virus and you don't want to catch it.
  2. Mr T

    Man City - the new bitters?

    City would be the easier game? As if.
  3. Mr T

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    What we need is a deescalation of this animosity on both sides. Everton fans are like Liverpool fans, Liverpool fans are like Everton fans. If we see objectionable behaviour by an Everton fan then it is highly likely that the same behaviour would be seen by a Liverpool fan, if the shoe was on the other foot. We are not special, they are not inferior. We just support a more successful club. That's it.
  4. Think we need Keita on. Need some runs and overloads from midfield.
  5. Mr T

    Alisson Becker

    I think it was the contradictory sentiments on either side of that little comma that got me reaching for the neg. Can't speak for the others.
  6. What division are Shrewsbury in? They look non-league standard.
  7. Terrible haircut from Cummings.
  8. Mr T

    The FA Cup reaction

    Yeah we love it until we start moaning about getting booed and all the negative press. This has a Suarez t-shirt vibe about it where most thought the club was doing an ace job until we later did a quick u-turn and everyone was saying 'who the fuck came up with that idea'. It really doesn't have to be that complicated. Highlight the FA's hypocrisy and general incompetence and then compromise by playing the players who could do with the fucking minutes anyway.
  9. Mr T

    The FA Cup reaction

    The FA are clearly hypocrites and hadn't had the bollocks to change the rules on the FA cup to align with the Winter Break policy. Fair enough expose them for that and kick up a fuss. However, don't make us a genuine PR target. Do we want to be booed now until the end of the season with every gobshite nonentiy having a go at us and Klopp? They are just waiting for any excuse and we are just serving it up on a platter. Fair enough, Klopp is pissed off with this but now is not the time for that battle when an easy compromise is just sat there. Play the second string, plus the kids. If necessary let your assistant manager manage the game. Don't fucking advertise it and make a big stand. We are just cutting our nose off hear to spite our face. It's unnecessary and distracting and most of it is of our own making (if we don't just compromise).
  10. Klopp should embarrass the FA with its hypocrisy but not follow through with his threat. Apart from being unfair on Shrewsbury, it will also unnecessarily turn off a lot of neutral support towards us which Klopp has generated over a long period.
  11. Mr T

    Roberto Firmino

    Only dumb people are religious. FACT.
  12. He kept calling Fabinho Firminio. On Bein Sport, Peter Reid kept calling Gini Wijnaldum, 'Wijnaldo,'
  13. Can see why Sheffield United haven't conceded many. Very hard to find any space between that packed defence. Keep going and get the second goal Redmen.