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  1. iPlop

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/dec/20/theresa-may-drone-strikes-british-terrorists-reyaad-khan We are not always welcoming to UK citizens who are members of terrorist organisations.
  2. iPlop

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    Just the non terrorist ones of any nationality.
  3. iPlop

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Yes get that but is it not a bit much. He has no connection to either club tragic as it was. Will we do it for Gordon Banks? What about all those poor lads in Brazil.
  4. iPlop

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    The same people calling for leniency are those who would bring back the death penalty if you hurt a puppy.
  5. iPlop

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    Are you saying I should extrapolate my imagined feelings should it be my child to her and apply the same standards I would expect for my child to her circumstances. If that’s what you mean it’s nonsense. Using those parameters no one would ever be punished because a parents emotional attachment their own child makes any non subjective judgement of actions impossible.
  6. iPlop

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    Fair enough who knows but three teenage girls coordinating such a trip takes some doing. Esp in secret. They would spend hours arguing about what hair products to take and miss the first bus if they are anything like ordinary 15 year old girls.
  7. iPlop

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    What difference does that make? It’s not my kid it’s irrelevant. What her parents think does not matter at all. I don’t know how I’d feel if it was my kid. Considering girls are often murdered for not going ahead with arranged marriages I’d say different standards of parental love exist in different cultures.
  8. iPlop

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    Takes a bit of organising to get to Syria. Money flights passports routes timings etc. These were 15 year old girls. They must have had help from someone. If they didn’t it errodes the vulnerable little girl idea.
  9. iPlop

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    If she was interviewed in bits saying how terrible it was and what a mistake she had made I may have a bit more empathy with the vulnerable 15 year old theory. Seems to me like this is an act of self preservation not repentance .
  10. iPlop

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    Completely irrelevant. What the parents think does not matter a fuck. Ted Bundy’s mum probably still loved him. They are probably proud of her. There must be more to this than we know. Maybe they encouraged her.
  11. iPlop

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    I would if she was shagging a bloke who was chopping heads off. I have to draw a line somewhere.
  12. iPlop

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    Maybe I do have a cold heart but there are thousands of orphans and refugees that deserve the help and sympathy of our government before this bitch.
  13. iPlop

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    My 15 year old can’t go the the fucking shops without a lift and some cash.