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  1. First forty five was pretty special. I can see the start of something rather good and looking forward to the ride.
  2. The game is so quick now, players take longer to get back into the groove, its how it is. I think back to the like of Molby and what a passer and player but he would be fucked these days, its how it is different, the game has moved on.
  3. Sangria

    Joel Matip

    We won he was boss, about sums it up for me. Reminds me of Alan Hansen, a lot to live up too but he has that sort of feel to him. Good signing.
  4. Sangria

    Alberto Moreno

    I for one do not miss his name on the team sheet.
  5. Sangria

    Klopp Kopped.

    Stringers I like it, I really, really like it. Its so shit its good.
  6. Sangria

    Transfers summer 2016

    Sorry mate but I think Chelsea and Man U, did ok with no CL. You can dine at the top table but you have to pay big wages, we are not prepared to do that. Most players will sign if they see intention and most importantly a big juicy contract, we are not doing that. I may add I am one hundred percent we have money to spend but when you do not get your first or second or third choices maybe you decide to stick. That is midfield the LB situation just bewilders me I have no answer to that conundrum.
  7. Sangria


    He is the first one needs replacing. His command of the area is nothing short of criminal, he is a decent shot stopper but that is it. A keeper first and foremost commands his six yard box and he fails almost every time.
  8. City How can we, we are from jupiter and the new found wealth that has invaded the game is from mars. Its just fucking nuts. Nothing in the game makes much sense anymore but hey ho, we are in for the ride.
  9. Sangria

    January Transfer Window 2016

    We love the club and want players to do well, it clouds our judgement, sometimes turns us into complete idiots, thinking he would ever do well, is one of the best examples ever. We all knew it but we let ourselves get sucked into maybe Brendan can, he could not and neither will any manager, we got it right up the rear end with that one but it is not the first or the last time. In the modern game he has no place, you have to work and be disciplined and those are two attributes he does not have.
  10. Sangria

    Jurgen Klopp: Inspiring things

    Since Klopp arrived I am getting a morning erection, thought it was a distant memory.
  11. Sangria

    Klopp Kopped.

    Music to my ears, hopefully that transpires, most of have been saying that shit for a long time.
  12. Sangria

    Other football

    Thats the way we roll.
  13. Sangria

    Backing the manager

    My first real doubts about Brendan was the Chelsea game and it cost us the title but he gave me one hell of a season overall and I cut him some slack. Last year he lost the fucking plot, ending in pretty much a sackable pile of shit, that people had to pay good money to watch, unacceptable, he got through by the skin of his shit, how and why I do not know but he did. That said he is our manager and if he does not succeed then we fail, so obviously I want him to turn it around. I have been impressed with the signings and he is young, so I hope he gets his shit together and makes it work. I think change for the sake of it is wrong, we all make mistakes, it is realising them and putting them right I hope he does that. Fixtures have not been kind to him but yeah I am in. I never want anyone to fail, least of all the manager of Liverpool Football Club, anyone not behind him is a wrong un. He fails he goes and we move on but he gets our support, he is no Souness.
  14. Sangria

    Roberto Firmino

    Your not alone, very good Zigs.
  15. Repped for quality rant at the end. Loved it, indeed Junior helmet.
  16. Sangria

    Youth Team/Cup

    Wilson does indeed look to be a prospect. Defo one to watch. He seems to just glide past players, I really think the lad has that something that makes him standout.
  17. Spot on Paul on every point. Those not rating lallana need to go to speck savers, said in a prevous thread weeks ago, the lad is class. He is what I call a proper footballer, I really like him. I think he is what we needed, maybe not top of the list but he gives us so many options and if he stays injury free the goals will come, no doubt about that. Mondays are great.
  18. Sangria

    Villa match thread

    Three points enjoy. Easy fucking peasy. Well in redmen.
  19. Sangria

    Ched Evans

    Just glimpsed on here and what the fuck. What is said on here should stay on here, end of fucking story. Whoever it was, is a right fucking bell and needs to take a good look at himself. We all have opinions and some can be extreme but we are all grown up, to gets someones work involved is way beyond the pale. It is pretty fucking sick.
  20. Sangria

    Adam Lallana

    I want to see Can a bit more of him in the position he played last night, he looked assured and gave me confidence, something our defenders have not done in a long time.
  21. Sangria

    Adam Lallana

    He is a very, very good footballer. Mobile, with quick feet and a good work rate, a very good signing. Happy with him. We are not playing well but today was a good win, considering a terrible decision for their penalty. Players coming back so hopefully something to build on and as above he is only going to get better.
  22. Sangria

    Adam Lallana

    Yeah I like him. I agree he is going to get better.
  23. Sangria


    He is having a fucking mare and I do not think he has the character to turn it around. The defence starts with the keeper and if he is not up to it the rest follow suit.
  24. Is right Richie we blew it against Chelsea. No one was to blame, we put ourselves in an incredible position and we feel short, nothing bad in that. I was proud of every single player, it was a great challenge. I very much doubt if Valdes signs for us he is doing so to warm the bench. He will be our number one.
  25. Sangria

    Raheem Sterling

    This time last year I wanted him out on loan. Just goes to show what I know about the game. I suppose that the small crumb of comfort is quite a few thought the same. We have a hell of a player.