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  1. 11 minutes ago, Barrington Womble said:

    The thing with him now is he's set the bar so low

    Christ, that's the last thing the daft fecker needs to do. He should be setting it higher - by about a metre or so - to give him a half chance of grazing it with one of his shots.

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  2. 12 minutes ago, Lee909 said:

    Salah agent is doing nothing Mo hasn't agreed too. 

    You get an agent for two basic reasons. One is because you either don't know enough about contracts or else can't be bothered/don't have the time to negotiate them yourself, and the other is so that someone else can be the monumental pain in the arse that you don't want to be seen to be. That's fair enough, and most clients are happy enough to be very passive in the process. I've got an agent so it would be hypocritical to moan too much about Mo's. But there's also a point beyond which you shouldn't let your agent go, if you have any principles at all. This bloke is so gratuitously twat-like it's sad that it just seems to be indulged. 

  3. Sky's Germany unit promised the scoop of tracking Sadio to his hotel. As soon as the door opened they shouted out 'SADIO!!!???'






    To discuss this unfortunate colour-coded cock up, let's speak to top international racism expert, Profesor Tarquin Lilibet-Farquar:


    Best Guy Goma Interview GIFs | Gfycat


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  4. 5 hours ago, Babb'sBurstNad said:

    We were the better side in overall play in all three finals in my opinion, but our forwards couldn't put the ball in the net. Play those finals with pre-AFCON Salah and I reckon we win them all inside the 90.

    I'm not sure that's often going to be the case. I'm struggling to remember any major final when our strikers were in top form rather than carrying knocks and/or greatly fatigued. It's just a fact of life at that stage in the season. Kenny was never at his sharpest in finals, I guess Rushie was in the domestic ones, but I think you have to expect your attack will probably under-perform to some degree - which makes what you have on the bench all the more important. It's the same for the opponents, of course. It just seems unfortunate our options are diminishing just when, with the five sub rule change, the quality of the squad becomes even more pertinent.