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  1. 59 minutes ago, Colonel Bumcunt said:

    Name the player who played alongside Bobby Moore, scored in an international against England in the 70's, was a european cup competition top scorer in the 80's, out-scored Ian Rush at Liverpool one season, and was still playing in the same league as Robbie Keane and Paul Konchesky.








    Roy Race?

  2. On 30/05/2020 at 12:02, S.i.t.M aka The Boring One™ said:

    @StoufferIn what capacity do you work? A driving school I work/worked with has looked at the wording of safe protocol and has come to the conclusion that as it's not possible to maintain 2 metres - and you can return to work when safe social distancing is possible - that it is OK to return to work as it is not possible to maintain 2 metres. Interpretation is you can work as it's not possible to maintain 2 metres but that does not mean you can not work. He intends to send instructors back on the roads on 8th June, same date as dentist return to work. 


    I can't see this is right and if it is in violation of the law, I intend to report him as it appears reckless. 


    This is also open to anyone else who may understand 'the social distancing laws'. 

    I'm a safety advisor pal so was just trying to adapt the recent HSE guidance to your line of work. 


    With regards to social distancing "laws"; I'm not sure if there's been any legislation passed and the HSE guidance is vague at best.

  3. 13 hours ago, Scott_M said:

    In 1998, when Katona embarrassingly mimed her way round Anfield, it’s an absolute yes. 

    Blonde hair, above average looks, tight-ish body, huge cans.....what’s not to like?


    Fast forward  5/10 years and it’s an absolute no and the no gets firmer with every passing year.


    Unless you treat it as a Paula Yates type hilarious dirty milf hate fuck, then it’s probably acceptable. 

    I was at that game, Sheff Wed wasn't it?