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  1. A dustman is going along the street emptying wheely bins in to the truck when he spots a house yet to put their bin out, he goes round the back to look for it but to no avail.


    The dustman knocks on the door, no reply, he knocks again and after a short while a chinaman opens the door.


    'Harro' says the chinaman


    'Alright, mate? Where's you're bin?' says the dustman


    'I bin on the toilet' says the chinaman


    Realising the confusion the dustman smiles and says 'No mate, where's your dust bin?'


    'I just bin on the toilet like I said before' replied the little chinese fellow


    'Mate, your misunderstanding me -where's your Wheely Bin?'


    'OK OK' says the chinaman 'I wheely bin having a wank....'




  2. Be serious people. Can we not support our team for christs sake.


    RB has won Spanish league titles and the Champions League so obviously hasn't got a clue what he's doing. And I would rather have our board than any other of the supposed big teams in England inc. ManUre, Arsenal, Chealse and even Newcastle.


    Lets wait and see eh :party:

  3. They're paying ok, but they'd pay better if people clicked on them a bit more.


    As for the fact that theres stuff for the mancs and blues etc, who gives a fuck. If you click on that link, google pays us and the mancs/blues whoever the fuck else ends up paying google. In other words, the mancs/blues etc are helping to keep this site running.


    So stop yer bitchin ;-)


    OK then. I'll give them a few clicks, just for the site mind. Not the Bitter ones tho! :yes:


    Do you just need to click on the one at the top of the page or actually follow the links the the sites from google?

  4. Cricket is not a sport. Any event which has fat people in it, when there is no advantage to be gained from being fat, such as sumo wrestling, is not a sport. Cricket has fat people in it who are only fat because they booze and can't be arsed training.


    Darts in not a sport. It's a game. Snooker is not a sport. It's a game. Football is not a game.


    I bet your one of those blokes who loves really fat birds aren't you skeet? Your defiance is soo tell-tale! ;)

  5. There's a number of signs that would indicate alcoholism as opposed to being a bit of a lad who likes his fair share oif drink:


    Do you lie about your drinking?

    Do you have blackouts and not know what you've done in drink?

    Does it affect your ability to work properly?

    Does it cause difficulties with you and your family members?

    Are you getting into financial trouble because of alcohol?

    Do you drink when it's dangerous to drink e.g. drink and drive?

    Do you drink excessive amounts frequently?

    Do you crave a drink and drink to get drunk?

    Do you struggle to to control your drinking once started?

    Have you been in trouble because of drinking?


    You don't need to have answered all of them to have a problem.


    I could probably answer yes to a few of those. But I am a bit of a dizzy twat! And I like a beer. So is being a fucking useless alcoholic the same as just being a normal alchy?

  6. Paul there's nothing wrong with a bit of a moan, though I do agree a lot of the stuff on here lately is reactionary bollocks to players loosely linked to us by the gutter press. This place has become a lot busier than it used to be with a lot of new posters and the quality has suffered. I have seen the same thing happen on some of the other Liverpool forums. Dave's exclusives and the quality of his CL edition of the fanzine seems to have attracted a lot of new visitors to the forum.


    I have to disagree with you there Vega. I have been a member of the forum for quite a while now and only recently started posting. From what I have seen a lot of the old forum regulars appear to be very reactionary also. Yes some of the newer crowd do also but it is not them alone.


    I do agree however that a lot of the comments posted on the forum could be a lot more consructive and supportive even when commenting on things people are unhappy about.


    By wednesday a lot of the shite and worries people are having at the mo' will be sorted anyways. Then we can concentrate on winning the League.

  7. As I have already posted on many other meaasge boards I would be gutted if Cisse was sold in order to bring MO back to Liverpool. Cisse has always been open about how much he loves being a Liverpool player and about the fact that he doesn't want to leave. After his injuries and triuble with playing on the right due to us not having a RW I believe the club owes Cisse the chance to play up front for us and score 20 league goals. Something that MO has never done, a player that for whatever reasons decided he would rather play for another club other than LFC.