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  1. 8 minutes ago, Furmedge said:

    There's been a few reports of Argos over selling it and loads being cancelled. Currys too. I managed to get one from Amazon and all looks good at the moment in terms of fulfilment.


    I think when bundles start being released you'll see the availability of the standalone console becoming more readily available as people will cancel their current orders for a more competitive bundle option if they can get hold of them.

    Never thought about that with the bundles.


    I'm sure ill be able to get a couple before chrimbo.

  2. 2 hours ago, Bjornebye said:

    A mate of mine in school who never really came across like a car blert at all got bought a Nissan GTIR something or other by his Dad for his first car. had them silly dump valves and all that 'suped up' crap in it. To be fair the thing was rapid although why someone would want a car like that unless they were actually racing is beyond me. Anyway at 17/18 he never had anything but a fit bird in the passenger seat. I saw him when I was about 20 and he was seeing some bird (think a slightly more skanky Jakki Degg) who frequently got her bristols out in that boy racers magazine from the early 00's (cant remember what it was called). This lad couldn't have pulled in the Grafton under normal circumstances which proves that cars do attract the girls. 


    I've not spoken with him in years but his facebook profile picture for years was a blue Subaru impreza so you know the kind of cat we are dealing with here. 


    The fucking meffs. 

    Subaru bellends; can't stand them.