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  1. 8 minutes ago, Nelly-Torres said:

    This is a useful thread. 


    Apparently, the app will automatically generate a 14 day countdown clock if you need to self isolate. If it hasn't (mine hasn't yet and hopefully won't) you seem to be okay to go about your business. 



    It's the reply to that thread, the message with the red icon that I had, I couldn't see the full message though as it was a notification. 

  2. Just now, littletedwest said:

    Had the same, apparently that's to notify you on contact but that its not severe enough for you to need to isolate.

    Apparently you'll get a separate notification for that 


    Where's that documented though?


    It seems like the Android and NHS code ain't talking.

  3. Just now, Nelly-Torres said:

    I think it could be an error, as exactly the same thing has just happened to me. Before it even opened the app properly. And before I had my bluetooth and location settings switched on. And I can't access the notification anymore. 

    I had bluetooth and location already activated, but the same outcome. 


    I just want to do the right thing; but who can I ask, 111, 119 the Meekons?

  4. I installed the NHS app when it came out. Tonight I opened the app and before it loaded got a notification at the top of my screen with a COVID icon. I could only see the first half of the text, something along the lines of I had been in contact with someone who has tested positive (deffo not a WhatsApp or SMS). I tapped on the message and it opened the NHS app which looks exactly the same as it always does, green throbby thing. No "trace" of the notification anywhere. 


    What the fuck do I do now; self isolate?


    I've been all over Google and there's nowt, I can't even really tell what the app should look like if your supposed to isolate or there's no issue.


    Is it and android notification, an error?


    Absolutely shite. All I can do is phone the docs tomorrow for advice as the NHS TnT don't have tech support. 

  5. 4 minutes ago, Rico1304 said:

    My limited understanding is that he absolutely couldn’t. He absolutely made a mistake but that didn’t lead to the death, the bloke pulling the trigger led to the death.  The implications of your view are pretty far reaching, say a copper missed evidence and didn’t arrest someone and they murdered someone. Copper guilty?  Massive overreach.


    Fair enough.

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  6. Just now, Rico1304 said:

    Aren’t you forgetting the bloke who actually did the shooting?  The poor copper who messed up can’t be held liable for the subsequent actions of the murderer.  

    Of course I'm not forgetting the shooter. I'm just interested in the technicalities of how statutory legislation can be applied and if the copper doing the search could be prosecuted under Safety Law (not that I'm saying he should be). My limited understanding is that he could be though.

  7. 41 minutes ago, Anubis said:


    Wouldn’t that be against the force? And if procedures were followed but the search wasn’t thorough enough I still think disciplinary is the  likely route.

    Against the force and the individual I'd have thought. An individual can be culpable owing to their acts or omissions.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Rushies tash said:

    Same. Never bothered with Facebook and jibbed Twitter off due to the sheer amount of gobshites on there.

    I tried Twitter as I thought it would be a useful source of information but it's just an expanse of "people" just screaming absolute shite into a void. 

    2 minutes ago, Section_31 said:

    I reckon stuff like YouTube are doing more damage to discourse and reason. 

    The kids watch YouTube and I find it a little concerning; not so much the comments but the perception that YouTubers are cool. It just seems to be a load of wankers shouting at every given opportunity, and I hate shouty cunts.


    Fuck 'em.

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  9. I don't use any social media bar TLW; I was on Facebook for about a month and to be honest I just didnt really get it. I think I'm just quite insular and happy to get on with my own shit and don't feel the need to tell anyone else about it. I do find it genuinely fascinating how it is such a large part of people's lives.

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