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  1. Stouffer

    Thank fuck for that...

    Haven't you got to go sign on now sad act? :yes:
  2. Stouffer

    Portsmouth Gobshites RE Michael Shields

    Heard that too, Fucking disgrace.
  3. Stouffer

    Da 90's

    For me it's got to be Addidas Samba's, still cool, Oasis and WWF taped off sky from your mates. Happy days.
  4. Stouffer

    The Reserves

    I don't get to see the reserves play and rely heavily on Dave's reports for info. The impression I had was that under Houllier was that we basically had no reserve team and just used the games as an excuse for 1st teamers to regain some match fitness. It seems that under Rafa things have gotten only marginally better. In order for Liverpool to be a force once again I think we need a strong reserve side, not only to help the youngsters but to also give the first team some competition. Remarks please. :party:
  5. Stouffer

    The Reserves

    See what your saying DT, the FA fucks up again. :dunno:
  6. Stouffer

    The youngest OFFICIAL Crouchamaniac

    Ps Oooooohhhhhh yeah
  7. Stouffer

    The youngest OFFICIAL Crouchamaniac

    Whatyagonnadobrutha when the youngest Crouchamaniac runs wild on yo ass!
  8. Stouffer

    The Reserves

    I'm not having a go here BTW. I would like some informed ideas off people in the know.
  9. Stouffer


    He's goona run wild on yo' ass brutha! Ohhhhhh Yeaaahhhhhh!
  10. If you can't see the forums how can you see the sticky thread, or reply to it. Or am I just stupid and/or drunk? :party: :party: :party: :sick:
  11. Stouffer

    Today's Champions League draw

    We'll win it six times......we'll win it six ti-i-mes. In gay paris, we'll win it six times!
  12. Stouffer

    Today's Champions League draw

    Benfica - Piece of piss
  13. Stouffer

    Cisse to Marseille

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/l/liverpool/4502168.stm Honestly not that bothered if he goes. I feel for the lad after the way he has been treated but we must move on. We do need a striker tho' any suggestions....... :party:
  14. Stouffer

    PES 5 Online PS2

    Anyone play, trying to tee up some games! :party:
  15. I know that you have your millionaire fanzine editor's lifestyle engaging your time, but I have nothing to read on the bog :party:
  16. Stouffer

    International weeks.

    I'm goin to the argentina game. Crouch will get two, mark my words. Watchaya gonna do brutha!
  17. Stouffer

    West Ham

    Thought Zenden's goal looked good. Good hardworking performance all round I would say. Onwards and upwards! :party:
  18. Stouffer


    Always knew that twat was a bit shifty, blond streak and all that. Hope he goes down for years. Make an example of him thats what I say. :yes:
  19. Stouffer

    Man of the match?

    Gonna go for big DT tonight. Who you want sucka? :party:
  20. Stouffer

    You have got to be frickin JOKING

    DT was man of the match for me. He had Biscans euro touch, boys class!
  21. Stouffer

    Man of the match?

    Had a LOT of heart tonight did XA, but why MOM Rash?
  22. Stouffer

    That new kit

    The white shirt worn by SG is officially available from Matalan for only £1.99.......Get yours now!
  23. Twat cunt bollocks fart arse. Now thats a rant. PS chelski are pissflaps!
  24. Stouffer

    Gerrard at Full Time

    You sayin' Cisse can't handle himsel'. He's well nails and you knows it! BLING :party: