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    Matt Hancock is a Pringle wearing cunt.
  2. Stouffer

    Summer Shorts

    Shants Ants Thants.
  3. Stouffer

    Old School

    I used to have a load of Pink Panther cartoons on Beta but god knows where they are now.
  4. Stouffer

    Old School

    I've got Threads on blu ray if anyone wants to lend it.
  5. Stouffer

    Old School

  6. Stouffer


    14 is the best.
  7. Stouffer

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    He'll get the Darron Gibson award at the end of season do.
  8. Stouffer

    Middle Class Generalisation Thread

    As if I shop in Waitrose. I go to Aldi but use Booths carrier bags, that's the true middle class way.
  9. Stouffer

    Middle Class Generalisation Thread

    What is "superchip" gravy?
  10. Stouffer

    Happy Birthday Stringers.

    Get some; get some. Have a good un Stringers.
  11. Stouffer

    Quiz team names

    You can't beat a nice Semillon.
  12. Stouffer

    Rip Kenny Rogers

    Ace was Kenny.
  13. Stouffer

    ‘Hypothetical’ Situation.

    People only treat you like a cunt if you allow them to; so don't.
  14. Snap, could never go back to them but miss them quite often. Best breakfast used to be a brew and then light an "arse fuse" on a sunny day. Happy times.
  15. Stouffer

    Sausage and Mash - What do you have with yours?

    Imagine caning a Regal filter after that? Mmmmmm, once upon a time.
  16. Don't like desserts, cheese and biscuits with port or nowt for me.
  17. Stouffer

    Sausage and Mash - What do you have with yours?

    I only ever have it as toad in the hole. Six sausages cooked in the batter mix served with mashed potatoes (sans skin) and with onion gravy. If I feel fancy I might put some wholegrain mustard in the mash.
  18. Stouffer

    Sausage and Mash - What do you have with yours?

    There are some proper durty bastards on here.
  19. Stouffer


    I'd really like some of these right now.
  20. Stouffer

    The world of a woman.

    The Mrs. is watching a gameshow and one of the prizes is a dartboard. She said that the "clock" was actually quite nice. I told her the presenter had just said that it was a dartboard and as far I I knew there wasn't such a thing as a 20 hr clock. I think she's finally starting to crack.
  21. Stouffer

    Most weirdest song on your playlist?

    Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe by Whale.