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    Born in a hospital where i was released from who i now regard as my mother. I rejected learning at an early age in favour of being tough and cool; the women soon followed. I began making music and soon fell in love with fruit shakes. There is no God.
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  1. Liquid football

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Given our worldwide support, 1 Evertonian = 20 Liverpudlians probably gives them just a fraction less support than us. Lucky they came up with that one years ago.
  2. Liquid football


    Cant help but be happy for him. Well done Bisping!
  3. Liquid football

    Alberto Moreno

    He's too much of a liability. Unless he can cut down massively on his moments of madness he needs to be replaced. If it weren't for the ref's generosity, we may well be out of the Europa league right now thanks to him and the mood would be very different.
  4. Liquid football

    Daniel Sturridge - 2020

    I just saw a post where I pointed out that only Van Persie (when he was good), Tevez and Aguero had a better goals per minute record than him over the previous 2 years. That was when he was 23 and we'd just signed him. There was another post way later on about him being around a goal every 106 minutes for us. Either way, all it takes is to look back and remember just how many matches Suarez missed for us at times due to getting into trouble. Sturridge was scoring just as many during those spells. His goals were getting us through those spells.
  5. Liquid football

    Daniel Sturridge - 2020

    No, I'd definitely be surprised if he did string together a large number of games anytime soon. I'm not massively pro-Sturridge in any way. I'll be happy whatever Klopp decides he wants to do with him in the summer. I'm pretty sure you are wrong about Sturridge's goal record without Suarez though. Reason I know this is because I remember looking it up and posting about it when we first bought him and I realised we'd basically robbed Chelsea blind. I'll see if I can find my post.
  6. Liquid football

    Daniel Sturridge - 2020

    I dont know what Howie is talking about to be honest. You only have to look at his career goal stats. His goals per minute has always been up there with the best in the world. Playing with Suarez hasn't made a blind bit of difference.
  7. Liquid football

    How can we help get back the Anfield atmosphere?

    In the ground the atmosphere was the best I've heard it (wasn't at Chelsea 2005). Not sure how it sounded on tv.
  8. Liquid football

    Philippe Coutinho

    5 good games, 5 bad? I don't think that was the case when we had a really good team a few years ago. Maybe he's just not the type to be able to carry a really inconsistent team. If the team just improves its form a bit he'll consistently be our 1st or 2nd best player, everyone will be talking about Barcelona again and how we cant sell him to them.
  9. Liquid football

    How can we help get back the Anfield atmosphere?

    No they don't all have rocking atmospheres every week but many (if not all) have, on average, much better atmospheres than ours. You can pluck out random matches that aren't great, of course. The point is that it's a far, far bigger myth that a certain standard of football is required to get a football fan to sing a song. You've got a bog standard team like Stoke, who have a crowd that supports them and probably helps win them several points every season. It wouldn't even surprise me if playing at Anfield is a negative mentally for our players, because the actual lack of atmosphere will be obvious to them.
  10. Liquid football

    How can we help get back the Anfield atmosphere?

    So that's the case with all these shit teams lower down the league, who enjoy support that pisses all over ours?
  11. Liquid football

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I got about half way through that and thought fair fucks to them, this is really cheesy but it actually hasn't mentioned us yet, which is surely a breakthrough moment. But no, even when portraying the sappiest scenario imaginable it still has to have an entire section dedicated to us hahaha
  12. Liquid football

    How can we help get back the Anfield atmosphere?

    We have conference level support expecting top tier trophies. Why? I know it's a bit of a weird analogy considering considering conference teams probably enjoy better support, but the point stands.
  13. Liquid football

    Crystal Palace (H) 08/11/15

    Maybe it does qualify as wank everywhere in England but we are far worse than the rest. There really is nowhere to hide on this subject, our support is absolutely shite even in relation to the other teams in our league.
  14. Liquid football

    The Special One: The Dark Side of Jose Mourinho

    Fair play to Mourinho. How could he be expected to win the game 11 v 11. The refs are making his job practically impossible.