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    Have a rant thread

    Anything you want to get off your chest? Work pissing you off? The state of the music industry these days? The Tories? Bono? Funnneeeee? Get it out in the open here. I am most pissed off today at working in an office. Specifically, working with middle aged women with children. Get it into your heads, I do not want to hear every last detail of what your fucking child does. I don't care about their open evening, I don't care what they had for tea, I don't care that they have a fucking boyfriend aged 5. I. Do. Not. Fucking. Care. My mind is melting listening to them every day. Woman " what did you think of Celebrity Juice last night " ( For the 10th time of asking ) Me " I don't watch it " Woman " why " Me " I don't find it funny. In fact, it's shit " Woman speaking at jet engine level " WHAT!!! Did you hear that, he doesn't like celebrity Juice " Numerous other women ( and to be fair, men ) You don't like Celebrity Juice? What programmes do you watch then? Me " Loads, Breaking bad, Dexter, Sons of anarchy, The American office, plenty really...." Woman " Never watched any of them. Do you watch Geordie Shore? " Me " No " Woman " The only way is Essex " Me " No " Woman screams " Hey, he doesnt watch Geordie Shore or Towie either " Me * Cries * If it isn't that it's non stop celeb gossip. Peter Andre, Jordan, Natalie Cassidy, it's relentless. Anyway, now that's off my chest I'm going to have a few bottles of Peroni.
  2. Simple question. Personally I think he's been a disaster so far and I want shut now. I respect people who think he's doing a good job and realise he's hamstrung to a certain extent by a very hostile press and also his own MPs but I don't see him ever getting close to winning an election so he's got to go for me. He might have the backing and resonate with the Labour membership but I don't think that translates to Labor voters. Things are about to get a lot worse than they are now under that cunt Johnson and we desperately need someone to step up and take him on and I don't think Corbyn with McDonnell and Dianne fucking Abbot as his generals can do that. Cameron couldn't convince Tory voters to vote the way he wanted and ultimately that cost him his job. Corbyn, whether you think he made a decent attempt at convincing Labour voters to stay or not ( and for me it was a half arsed attempt ), couldn't convince enough Labour voters to vote remain either as evidenced by the scores of Labour heartlands that voted to leave. That's not just a failure from him but he's the leader and he carries the can. He did an interview a couple of days before the referendum saying there could be no upper limit on the freedom of movement of people and I just cringed watching it. Whether that is true or not don't fucking say it! I realise that's part of the appeal, that he speaks his mind and won't play games, but on an issue as important as this you need to do whatever you can to win and I don't think he's ruthless and pragmatic enough to compromise So like I said, simple question; do you think he should stay or go? And if it's go then who replaces him?
  3. Sugar Ape

    Lib Dems

    My Google search isn't working in work, hence the new thread. What do people make of the Clegg apology? Doesn't seem to be getting a favourable response judging by the people I've spoken to/articles I've read on it. Seems to me by issuing the apology he is planning on being leader going into the next election, which is surely electoral suicide? The only slim chance they have of gaining any kind of popularity back is by breaking the coalition and blaming it on the Tories, the longer they leave it, the more chance the Tories will be the ones to end it which will fuck them up even more. It's their party conference this weekend, with a bit of luck he will get loads of stick there. She's obviously biased but Toynbee makes some good points ( and a few bad ones ) here. This was Nick Clegg's chance to save his skin. He failed | Polly Toynbee | Comment is free | The Guardian
  4. Loads of good shows out recently Good Omens The Boys Wu Assasins City on a hill Year of the rabbit Warrior Catch-22 The righteous gemstones (only watched the first one but it looks good) Mr Inbetween N0S4A2 What we do in the shadows Swamp Thing Doom Patrol Condor The umbrella academy Castle Rock Loads of new seasons of good shows too. Billions, Cobra Kai, The Terror, Succession, Strike Back, Line of duty, Killing Eve, Star Trek Discovery, Jack Ryan coming soon, Brockmire, Barry, Archer, Mindhunter, Preacher, Black Mirror, Narcos. New season of Titans and Carnival Row out in the next couple of weeks.
  5. How fucking boss is it when they fuck off out for the night and you have the house to yourself? I'm going to watch the footy, listen to some tunes and watch Ray Donovan and The League in peace whilst downing 6 cans of Sapporo and some Woodford Reserve. But most important, I won't be wearing any pants. I'll just be sitting on the couch in my boxers. Ace. This is also a women free thread. The only women I want to see tonight should be topless and named Kelly Brook. Any posting will get the neg equivalent of this. All you single fuckers who have this every night of the week can fuck off as well.
  6. Sugar Ape

    Chelsea (N) Super Cup Final 14/8

    When I'm Liverpool - Super Cup edition
  7. Sugar Ape

    Michael Kiwanuka

    Never heard any of his songs before but based on some reviews I've read and praise on here from Mook and Monty I picked Love and Hate up before. Last copy in HMV. Going to sit down in a minute with some tins and give it a listen. Grew up listing to soul and Motown mainly. I remember a time in the late 80's/early 90's when the only CDs we owned were the greatest hits of Marvin Gaye, The Chi-Lites and The Drifters. Seen him compared to Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Bill Withers and a lot more so he's got a lot to live up to. Oh, and if it's shit Mook you owe me £21.99 or the equivalent amount in Beef Transform-A-Snacks.
  8. Sugar Ape

    FAO men cohabiting with women

    She’s staying in her dads for the night with the baby so I’ve got the house to myself. Fucking fantastic. Apart from the fact I’m severely hungover and can barely move.
  9. Sugar Ape

    Anfield Road redevelopment

    Assuming this goes ahead, what capacity do you think we’ll be looking at? They have to improve the transport links don’t they if it’s over 60,00 so you wouldn’t think it would be worth it if the capacity was going to be around 61 or 62,000.
  10. Sugar Ape

    Michael Kiwanuka

    Got tickets for Manchester. Should be good.
  11. Sugar Ape

    Michael Kiwanuka

    Tickets for his UK tour go on sale in 20 minutes if anyone is interested.
  12. Sugar Ape


    The devil came and took me-from bar-to street-to bookie Chris Difford is a fucking genius. Severely underrated.
  13. Listened to this Guardian Podcast before : Guardian Focus Podcast: Examining the British far right | World news | guardian.co.uk In England the far right seem a bit of a joke, I can't ever see the BNP or EDL taking off seriously. But in the likes of France and the Netherlands, it looks like it is gathering more support. And unlike Nick Griffin, I get the impression a lot of people in, say, France see the likes of Marine Le Pen as a credible politician. So, what do you think of it then? Where is it going to end? Will we see another openly fascist country in Europe anytime soon?
  14. Sugar Ape

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Mystic river is a great film. The book it’s based on by Dennis Lehane is also great. Gone baby gone, based on another Lehane book, is also a very good film. If you haven’t seen that then it’s definitely worth a watch. I saw Hereditary at the cinema and thought it was shit but then couldn’t stop thinking about it for a couple of weeks afterwards so it must have got under my skin a little.
  15. Sugar Ape

    The GF book thread

    Pretty good. If you like Nordic noir he is probably the best.
  16. Sugar Ape

    The GF book thread

    When Connelly is on top of his game he’s definitely a top tier writer, but whenever I try to read the Bosch books from scratch they sort of all blend into one halfway through and I grow a bit bored of them. That doesn’t happen with, say, James Lee Burke or Crais. The best Michael Connelly book I’ve read is actually one that doesn’t feature Bosch called The Poet about a serial killer. Very good book.
  17. Sugar Ape

    The GF book thread

    That’s fair comment, I think they are a bit cheesy when viewed next to a lot of other comparable series which is why it can be hard to recommend them. A sports agent and a Wall Street financier don’t grab the imagination the same way a private eye and an ex-marine do. They’re probably a level below the Crais and Lehane series but I still think they’re a very good read. From the third novel onwards the plots become more complex and you learn more of the backstory of the characters. They’re definitely worth sticking with. For me, top tier crime series are: John Connolly - Parker series Robert Crais - Cole/Pike series James Lee Burke - Robicheaux series Dennis Lehane - Kenzie/Gennaro series Robert B.Parker - Spenser series Level below but still very good: Harlan Coban - Bolitar series Michael Connelly - Bosch series Jack Kerley - Carson Ryder series Richard Montanari - Byrne/Balzano series I’m just about to start the Max Mingus trilogy by Nick stone again starting with Mr Clarinet. Ex cop and PI is hired to find a billionaires kid who has gone missing on Haiti. Bit different from your standard crime novels with a lot of voodoo stuff thrown in. Recommended.
  18. Sugar Ape

    Dream Strike Partnerships At Their Peak

    Gullit and Van Basten. Had absolutely everything. Won the Euros in ‘88 playing up front together for Holland then the European cup two years running for Milan in ‘89 and ‘90.
  19. Sugar Ape

    Pogues thread

    Just read Here Comes Everybody: The Story of the Pogues by James Fearnley (the bands accordionist) which is excellent. One for @Bjornebye definitely. Here Comes Everybody: The Story of the Pogues https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0571253970/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_aXSvDbBNC811T