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    I must be the only person on here who hasn't shit himself. I'm not being the odd one out, I'm going to do a poo in my pants tomorrow in asda or maybe b&q.
  2. Sugar Ape

    LFC Supporters Committee Announced

    Don't worry about Durango mate, he's probably forgot to take his alzheimer's medication again. In his head Margaret thatcher has just been named prime Minster, forest have won the European cup and Cliff Richards is top of the charts with we don't talk anymore.
  3. Sugar Ape

    The semicolon.

    Read this : How to use a semicolon - The Oatmeal You can thank me later. Boss website Theoatmeal.com loads of other handy stuff on there too. Like, for example, ever paid for your prostitute all night and ran out of ideas? Look no further 5 Super Neat Ways to Use a Hooker - The Oatmeal
  4. Can you name the top Liverpool Premier League goalscorers? | Online Games & Trivia by Sporcle Loads of other quizzes on there as well. Incidentally the quiz was posted on there by a Chanandlerbong, any relation to our chinandeler bong?
  5. Sugar Ape

    LFC sign 15yo for 2 mil

    Just reading the story on the Echo website and someone posted this comment : Anyway, more importantly look at these replies to that comment : Jesus Christ, I thought we had some mongs on here.
  6. Sugar Ape


    There was a conversation in our work the other day about dipping toast in your tea, and a surprising amount of people do it. I only wish I could have negged them all. I had to settle for giving them all a stern look of disgust and mumbling freaks under my breath.
  7. Sugar Ape

    End of the world Tomorrow?

    This could be our last night on earth gents. I suggest every man finds a lady and every lady finds a man to spend the night with. Or if that doesn't do it for you click the link Dog Rescue Pages - North-West England centres
  8. I've edited my 500k out and I'm going for 1 million! I shoudn't cheapen myself, the lifetime of therapy bills would be quite expensive.
  9. Come on TK, no pics? Actually it's probably better that way but I think I have a duty to the forum to put the picture up.
  10. Sugar Ape

    Being Socially Inept

    Both have a close relationship with a dog? It's more common than you would think, apparently.
  11. Sugar Ape

    Pleased to meet you.....and also meet you

    Sorry, finished at 3.30, I'll get you one Monday. Got some Jammy dodgers and malted milk biscuits on our team as well.
  12. Sugar Ape

    Pleased to meet you.....and also meet you

    I think he knew who people were anyway, I have clocked him, Paulie and SD from various posts and descriptions. Though the photos of Paulie helped!
  13. Sugar Ape

    Pleased to meet you.....and also meet you

    Ah I see. Yes, it is definitely you. ( Not sure about the chatting shit part; I've never spoken to you! )
  14. Sugar Ape

    Pleased to meet you.....and also meet you

    I think I know who you are, I am like the Bruce Wayne of the CRB. My identity is a closely guarded secret.
  15. Sugar Ape

    The Coalition

    When the Lib Dems entered the coalition I would say the most prominent members were Nick Clegg obviously, Vince Cable, David Laws, Chris Huhne and Danny Alexander. ( I know there are others like Burstow and Browne but I never see them mentioned as much ). Now, a year later, Laws has resigned over his expenses, Cable has been caught out with the Murdoch comments, Huhne may fall on his sword ( no idea if the allegations against him have any truth to them, just going off what the press says ) and Clegg is at rock bottom. If it carries on this way they will be decimated at the next election. The tories have played a blinder with them taking a lot of the blame for the cuts, and whenever one of them, like Huhne, speaks out against them the right wing press are all over them. Surely this can't go on much longer. So, will the coalition last the full 5 years? Poll to follow
  16. Sugar Ape

    Carroll Euro U21

    Pretty much, yeah. The quote below was said in thread before mine, didn't see you taking offence at that. If you are offended by the word nonce then I suggest you don't enter the GF or read any threads started by Noos' Abs kindly go back to your own forums or alternatively, cut all your fingers off.
  17. Sugar Ape

    Carroll Euro U21

    I'm posting on a Forum, not managing one of the most popular teams in the most watched league in the world. So I don't hold myself to the same standards as Wenger; thanks for asking. Luckily for me I also couldn't care less what a dullard like you thinks!
  18. Sugar Ape

    That Woman who shagged the dog

    It is the result of sweet, sweet love between man and dog. Probably.
  19. Sugar Ape

    That Woman who shagged the dog

    SD becomes a dad. Congratulations! It's a boy!!
  20. Sugar Ape

    Carroll Euro U21

    Fuck off wenger hasn't got an ounce of class in his body, maybe he should look closer to home instead of blaming everyone else for his fuckups. Kenny behaves impeccably and with dignity, something the nonce who manages you is incapable of.
  21. Sugar Ape

    Carroll Euro U21

    I fucking hate Wenger the horrible snidey French cunt. I hate the way the press cream themselves over him when he has won the sum total of fuck all for years. He is a fucking hypocrite, moaning about teams like Stoke and singling out players like Shawcross and and Martin Taylor when he has had plenty of Dirty players down the years like Keown, Vieira, Eboue and Wilshere the little subnormal looking piece of shit. Wilshere is the new Paul Scholes, gets away with being a nasty, dirty little bastard because he is the latest media darling. If we are trying to pull Carroll out it has got fuck all to do with him, if he has a problem with it he should do the same with Wilshere and leave us out of it.Dickhead.
  22. Sugar Ape

    The Police vs The Tories

    I just don't get that attitude mate, because a lot of ( mainly private sector ) businesses have fucked staff over with pay and overtime etc... then the same should happen to public sector staff? Everyone deserves a payrise and to be paid fairly for overtime, fucking the pay and conditions of the public sector isn't going to help anyone; it is just going to affect morale of staff who provide vital services to the country.
  23. Sugar Ape

    The Police vs The Tories

    I see what you are saying mate, but it's like this report that has come out on railway pay saying it isn't right that train drivers earn a lot more than nurses so they should get a pay decrease. How about raising the money nurses get so they are closer to train drivers in pay rather than decrease train drivers pay so they are closer to nurses?
  24. Sugar Ape

    Pleased to meet you.....and also meet you

    I too have seen Paulie around the place. I also work in the same room as SD, though he doesn't know who I am.
  25. Sugar Ape

    Ken Clarke to be binned?

    She was asking for it M'lud, have you saw how short her skirt is?