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  1. Sugar Ape

    Who's the greatest ever Lyricist?

    For me, I'd put Chris Difford up there. Some great lyrics over the years.
  2. Sugar Ape

    Best Stephen King Book

    Your mum must hate you for that! I read the book in broad daylight and I was still shitting myself at loads of points through it. I think I've read somewhere that King himself considers this to be his scariest book.
  3. Sugar Ape

    Dream non-football commentary team

    Stephen hawking and C-3PO.
  4. Sugar Ape

    Dream non-football commentary team

    Nenah cherry and dave usher.
  5. Sugar Ape

    Summer 2011

    Look what you've done. You have made Spock cry. Are you happy now?
  6. Sugar Ape

    It takes all sorts...

    Get with the times, man. http://www.liverpoolway.co.uk/forum/2838064-post53.html
  7. Sugar Ape

    As You Do...

    I hope she looks like this when she comes out : And her jailer looks like this :
  8. Sugar Ape

    Best & worst tv themes

    Sometimes I think this should be the anthem of the GF. * wipes tear from eye * FD8ljNobUys
  9. Sugar Ape

    Haye v Klitschko - Poll and Fight Thread

    I can't wait for this now. I reckon Haye will win and I hope he does.
  10. Sugar Ape

    GIF Needed

    That is a hard thing to hunt down. I can't find one exactly like you want. Can only find the ones below.
  11. Sugar Ape

    Dream non-football commentary team

    Stevie wonder and David Blunkett.
  12. Sugar Ape

    Are beards gay?

    Just saw this on another site, I'll put it in here in respect of Bruce Grobbelaar's mustache. Saw this in my local paper today! hilarious!! #LFC on Twitpic
  13. Sugar Ape

    Ed Miliband

    After watching that I could quite happily repeatedly punch him in the face. That is absolutely fucking awful. The country is fucked.
  14. Sugar Ape

    Stabbing burglars 'will be legal'

    The last person to meet Preston Red is too afraid to talk about it.
  15. Sugar Ape

    Strike Action

    Anyway, to try and get the thread back on track, I've watched a lot of the coverage today and the BBC are absolute cunts. Every question is loaded. Impartial coverage? I don't think so. Incidentally, question time should be good tonight.
  16. Sugar Ape

    John Henry Has Spoken

    He's probably still better than N'gog now, so why not?
  17. Sugar Ape

    Stabbing burglars 'will be legal'

    Which of those are true NV you Nazi cunt?
  18. Sugar Ape

    Ed Miliband

    The thing is though NV, he may be nailing Cameron but hardly anyone knows it. He owned Cameron Yesterday in PMQ on the NHS, then Cameron says something along the lines of ' you are only going on about the NHS because your party is in the pocket of the unions and you can't talk about the issues affecting people in tomorrows strike ' Watching the news on the BBC later on and the only clip they showed was Cameron putting Milliband down. Made no mention at all about what Milliband said on the NHS. No one I know is turning against the coalition because of anything Milliband is doing; they are turning against them because they are fucking themselves up.
  19. Sugar Ape

    What a beautiful walk to work

    You can find plenty of tips on how to do this better easily enough. P8Pc6GEUfZ0
  20. Sugar Ape

    Strike Action

    You think I'm really that arsed if you misconstrue why I negged you? Deal with it and stop moaning about getting negged. Bitch.
  21. Sugar Ape

    Strike Action

    I was aware the link was from the Telegraph. It was especially clear since at the end of the link it says ' Telegraph '. The neg was to suggest you may be more at home trolling the Daily Mail boards, rather than making a tit of yourself on here. I thought that was pretty obvious.