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    Revenge Neggers.

    I realised, with great sadness today, that revenge negging is endemic on TLW. One of the vilest crimes known to mankind, and it happens on here without anyone saying anything nowadays. Now Fuge is back, I expect a concerted efford to hunt down all revenge neggers and cock choke them right in their little weasel mouths. I'll start a list of the the filthy bastards. 1) Welsh. Revenge negger extraordinaire. A stain on all his family. 2) Fowlers God. Captain Turdseye will back me up. Wilfully revenge negged us both the other day. To be fair, he does seem a little subnormal mentally, but that's no excuse. 3) Melons. It is with great sadness that I announce she has turned to the dark side. She not only revenge negged me, but she referred to the period blood in her toilet bowl in the neg comment. That shit isn't right. I was traumatised for up to 3 minutes after reading it. I am going to hunt down Flying Pig and neg him for failing to control his woman. See how much pain you have inflicted on the man you love, Melons! So if you are revenge negged by any of the duplicitous, shithouse aids infected vermin that frequent here bump this thread and we shall release a torrent of negs on them.* * I will take all negs without revenge negging, like a man.
  2. Sugar Ape

    Have a rant thread

    Anything you want to get off your chest? Work pissing you off? The state of the music industry these days? The Tories? Bono? Funnneeeee? Get it out in the open here. I am most pissed off today at working in an office. Specifically, working with middle aged women with children. Get it into your heads, I do not want to hear every last detail of what your fucking child does. I don't care about their open evening, I don't care what they had for tea, I don't care that they have a fucking boyfriend aged 5. I. Do. Not. Fucking. Care. My mind is melting listening to them every day. Woman " what did you think of Celebrity Juice last night " ( For the 10th time of asking ) Me " I don't watch it " Woman " why " Me " I don't find it funny. In fact, it's shit " Woman speaking at jet engine level " WHAT!!! Did you hear that, he doesn't like celebrity Juice " Numerous other women ( and to be fair, men ) You don't like Celebrity Juice? What programmes do you watch then? Me " Loads, Breaking bad, Dexter, Sons of anarchy, The American office, plenty really...." Woman " Never watched any of them. Do you watch Geordie Shore? " Me " No " Woman " The only way is Essex " Me " No " Woman screams " Hey, he doesnt watch Geordie Shore or Towie either " Me * Cries * If it isn't that it's non stop celeb gossip. Peter Andre, Jordan, Natalie Cassidy, it's relentless. Anyway, now that's off my chest I'm going to have a few bottles of Peroni.
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    Latest graph stats for people interested. I’d recommend following the fella on twitter who posts them as well.
  4. Sugar Ape

    Facemasks, PPE and Preppy Thread

    Seems pretty obvious to me the reason we get advice not to wear them is because we have a massive shortage of them, and the ones we do have obviously have to be prioritised for healthcare workers. People, rightly, didn’t believe the government when they said it was still ok to go the pub and to watch the footy so I don’t see any reason to believe what they’re saying about masks. Clearly they aren’t 100% foolproof or anything but it will cut down the amount you spread onto other surfaces if you sneeze or cough and at least offer partial protection against others coughing near you. They also stop you touching your face so much in my experience.
  5. Sugar Ape

    Facemasks, PPE and Preppy Thread

    I got a full box of surgical gloves ages ago when it was still contained in China just to be safe. Not got any masks yet but would be open to getting some if I see any cheap enough.
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    NSFW this one. But who works nowadays anyway? IMG_3120.MP4
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    Get some coffee whitener or powered milk or whatever. Had big tubs of it in Costco last time I was there, last you for months.
  9. Sugar Ape

    Online food shopping

    Let’s get this party started again @TK421
  10. Seinfeld. Aged much better than Cheers.
  11. No contest this. 3rd rock should have gone out first round.
  12. Parks and Rec, easily. Happy Days isn’t really funny at all, just gliding by on nostalgia.
  13. Sugar Ape


    The chippy is still open by ours. Not sure I fancy going in and standing in a queue though. Still unsure on takeaway food. They say just take it out the packaging and wash your hands before and after you eat, however what if some diseased cunt has coughed on it before they wrapped it? Hope your fish and chips are nice @A Red
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  15. Good job Stig made this thread, we now have another four people to add to the sex offenders register. Well, three. @JohnnyHwas already on it.
  16. Sugar Ape

    Blood pressure

    They’ll have them in stock in Argos mate. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8478995 Edit: That is to say the Argos stores inside Sainsbury’s should have them, the normal stores are closed.
  17. Easy choice this. Scrubs has aged really badly quite quickly.
  18. Curb for remarkable consistency over its whole run, however Friends was a lot better than people give it credit for. Especially the earlier seasons.
  19. Cheers, obviously. One of the best theme tunes going as well.
  20. Frasier. One of the all time best. Ham Radio is one of the funniest episodes of any programme, ever. I enjoyed Arrested Development but never really thought it was that funny.
  21. I’ll take these threads off you, you cunt.