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    Lib Dems

    My Google search isn't working in work, hence the new thread. What do people make of the Clegg apology? Doesn't seem to be getting a favourable response judging by the people I've spoken to/articles I've read on it. Seems to me by issuing the apology he is planning on being leader going into the next election, which is surely electoral suicide? The only slim chance they have of gaining any kind of popularity back is by breaking the coalition and blaming it on the Tories, the longer they leave it, the more chance the Tories will be the ones to end it which will fuck them up even more. It's their party conference this weekend, with a bit of luck he will get loads of stick there. She's obviously biased but Toynbee makes some good points ( and a few bad ones ) here. This was Nick Clegg's chance to save his skin. He failed | Polly Toynbee | Comment is free | The Guardian
  2. Sugar Ape

    Upcoming TV Shows

    Any decent new shows due out this year or next? So far the two below look like they could be good. Terra Nova (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Terra Nova : This in particular looks good, created by Steven Speilberg. Falling Skies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Falling Skies :
  3. Simple question. Personally I think he's been a disaster so far and I want shut now. I respect people who think he's doing a good job and realise he's hamstrung to a certain extent by a very hostile press and also his own MPs but I don't see him ever getting close to winning an election so he's got to go for me. He might have the backing and resonate with the Labour membership but I don't think that translates to Labor voters. Things are about to get a lot worse than they are now under that cunt Johnson and we desperately need someone to step up and take him on and I don't think Corbyn with McDonnell and Dianne fucking Abbot as his generals can do that. Cameron couldn't convince Tory voters to vote the way he wanted and ultimately that cost him his job. Corbyn, whether you think he made a decent attempt at convincing Labour voters to stay or not ( and for me it was a half arsed attempt ), couldn't convince enough Labour voters to vote remain either as evidenced by the scores of Labour heartlands that voted to leave. That's not just a failure from him but he's the leader and he carries the can. He did an interview a couple of days before the referendum saying there could be no upper limit on the freedom of movement of people and I just cringed watching it. Whether that is true or not don't fucking say it! I realise that's part of the appeal, that he speaks his mind and won't play games, but on an issue as important as this you need to do whatever you can to win and I don't think he's ruthless and pragmatic enough to compromise So like I said, simple question; do you think he should stay or go? And if it's go then who replaces him?
  4. Sugar Ape

    The Ailment thread

    This thread is to discuss past or present injuries/diseases and to ask for advice on them. So, what is bothering you? At the minute the skin on one side of the middle finger of my right hand is very tender. Hurts like a bitch whenever I touch it. I've noticed today, on the skin right next to the nail, is a little green spot the size of a pin prick. Is this infected? Will it kill me? Will it make me more virile and manly? I need answers.
  5. Sugar Ape

    The Mandalorian

    It’s here and it’s boss. Get on it. Available in 1080p and 4K to download from the usual places.
  6. Sugar Ape

    Revenge Neggers.

    I realised, with great sadness today, that revenge negging is endemic on TLW. One of the vilest crimes known to mankind, and it happens on here without anyone saying anything nowadays. Now Fuge is back, I expect a concerted efford to hunt down all revenge neggers and cock choke them right in their little weasel mouths. I'll start a list of the the filthy bastards. 1) Welsh. Revenge negger extraordinaire. A stain on all his family. 2) Fowlers God. Captain Turdseye will back me up. Wilfully revenge negged us both the other day. To be fair, he does seem a little subnormal mentally, but that's no excuse. 3) Melons. It is with great sadness that I announce she has turned to the dark side. She not only revenge negged me, but she referred to the period blood in her toilet bowl in the neg comment. That shit isn't right. I was traumatised for up to 3 minutes after reading it. I am going to hunt down Flying Pig and neg him for failing to control his woman. See how much pain you have inflicted on the man you love, Melons! So if you are revenge negged by any of the duplicitous, shithouse aids infected vermin that frequent here bump this thread and we shall release a torrent of negs on them.* * I will take all negs without revenge negging, like a man.
  7. I see loads of people asking about this, and to be honest I installed it about six months ago after reading about it on here and just kind of flailed around at it not knowing what I was doing, so it's probably best to have a thread explaing what it is, because it's great to use and way better than using torrents imo, so here goes. You can use it for different things, but essentially I, and I suspect most others, will use it for streaming TV shows and movies, often in HD. You can sign up for lots of individual streaming sites but the idea of XBMC is it's a media centre so you can stream all these films and TV shows through XBMC without having to sign up to all the individual sites. So once you download it to your device - It'll work on windows, Android, Mac - which you can do here http://xbmc.org/download/ you then need to ' enable ' the programmes that will let you stream stuff. So for example one of the programmes is called Icefilms and that is the one I mainly use. Once that is enable on XBMC you can then click onto it and you'll get a menu like this: So you would click TV Shows and you can then search them by Genre, A-Z etc... and it will have HD next to the title if it's available, if not then it'll be DVD quality. So you would click A-Z, scan to B and go down and select, say, Boardwalk Empire. You click it and then get the option for season 1, 2, 3 or 4. Click into season 4 and it'll display all the episodes. Click on the episode you want and it'll display your options for viewing it. Now to enable these programmes, the easiest way I've found by far is to install the Fusion zip file which will let you enable all the programmes. There are loads of good ones but a few would be Icefilms, Mashup TV, Project Free TV, Navi X. It's not hard to do you simply have to follow these instructions http://www.xbmchub.com/blog/2012/04/24/fusion-easy-addon-installation-for-xbmc/ So you just download XBMC onto your device, follow the instructions in the second link to install the best programmes and then that's it. It should work fine and you can stream whatever you like. Any more questions I'll have a go at answering or someone should be able to help.
  8. Sugar Ape

    General Election 2019

    The bird in the video makes me wince every time I see her on something but this is the worst. Christ.
  9. Sugar Ape

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Manchester City will not be banned from European competition when the decision on the club’s highly contentious Financial Fair Play case is announced next month. Many in the game have been expecting City to be barred from Europe next season after a series of revelations about their finances were published by German magazine Der Spiegel last year but The Athletic understands the club will only receive a fine. The decision by the adjudicatory chamber of UEFA’s Club Financial Control Board will almost certainly lead to calls for UEFA to admit the FFP system, which was first agreed in 2009, is finished in its current guise. It has simply become impossible to police, but some clubs may try to appeal against the expected decision for being too lenient. City’s case was referred to the adjudicatory chamber by the CFCB’s investigatory arm in May and it is widely believed that the latter’s boss, former Belgium prime minister Yves Leterme, recommended a season-long ban for the Premier League champions. The rationale was that the allegations, which were based on hacked emails between senior figures within City’s ownership group, implied the club had made a cynical and concerted attempt to deceive European football’s financial watchdog. According to Der Spiegel, City had lied about the true source of millions of pounds’ worth of sponsorship income and hidden various costs that should have been factored into their FFP calculation. Under UEFA rules, clubs are meant to spend only as much on players and wages as they earn, and there are limits on the amount of additional revenue a club’s owner can put in from their own pocket. In City’s case, it is alleged that £51.5 million of the sponsorship money they were meant to receive from United Arab Emirates-based airline Etihad came from Abu Dhabi United Group, the holding company controlled by City’s stated owner, the deputy prime minister of the UAE and member of the Abu Dhabi ruling family, Sheikh Mansour. Furthermore, the emails suggest the club got more than £30 million in costs off the books by paying former manager Roberto Mancini large consultancy fees via Al Jazira, Sheikh Mansour’s team in Abu Dhabi, and setting up an elaborate scheme to shift the players’ image-rights payments to a third party, which was then secretly reimbursed. Given the fact that City have already been sanctioned for FFP breaches in 2014, when they were fined £49 million, it seemed UEFA had little choice but to throw the book at them this time. But, as the leaked emails explain, City have never really accepted the premise of FFP, which they believe was an attempt by Europe’s more established elite clubs to ringfence their positions by capping the amount rich owners, such as theirs, could spend on bridging the gap. City have never denied the authenticity of these emails, which were handed to Der Spiegel by the “Football Leaks” whistle-blower platform, but the English champions have claimed they have been taken out of context to paint the most negative picture possible. In a statement released in May, City said the decision to refer their case contained “mistakes, misinterpretations and confusions fundamentally borne out of a basic lack of due process” and accused the independent panel of running a “wholly unsatisfactory, curtailed and hostile process”. The club added it was “disappointed but regrettably not surprised” by Leterme’s move, attacked him for leaks to the media, and said he had ignored “irrefutable evidence” they had given to the investigatory chamber. A month later, City signalled just how aggressive their defence would be by trying to circumvent the adjudicatory chamber by going straight to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the Lausanne-based body that usually only hears appeals in sporting cases. CAS has not made a ruling on that pre-emptive appeal and neither City nor UEFA has chosen to comment on what the investigatory chamber is doing. But The Athletic understands that senior figures within European football’s governing body are worried that going after City will lead to years of expensive arguments, which will be hard to justify when it is clear City are not the only side looking for FFP loopholes. Since the landmark rulings against City and fellow “nouveau-riche” club Paris Saint-Germain in 2014, UEFA has found it increasingly difficult to prosecute clubs for breaking the spending rules. The governing body has also admitted the regulations have achieved their original stated objective of reducing the levels of debt within the game. Those excuses, however, are unlikely to placate the likes of La Liga boss Javier Tebas, who has repeatedly urged UEFA to come down hard on FFP breaches, or the fans of City’s rivals. UEFA may also end up in a legal row with City anyway, as the club is understood to believe it has done nothing wrong and should not even be fined.
  10. Sugar Ape

    Tea and biscuits

    My wife is obsessed with slimming world even though she hasn't got an ounce of fat on her and that means my life is hell too even though I'm not dieting. Snide comments every time I have a packet of crisps and I'll divorce her if she says " a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips " to me again. Tonight, however, she's knackered and has gone to bed early so I've made myself a big mug of tea and I'm going to eat a double pack of custard creams in their entirety. In peace. Heaven.
  11. Sugar Ape

    Anyone been to Amsterdam, best place to stay?

    Off there on Saturday. Think my mate has booked us in a hotel miles away though, Hotel King’s Court, in Amsterdam new west apparently so looks like we’ll have to be getting the tram everywhere. Best places to go in the centre that won’t charge like €10 a pint?
  12. Sugar Ape

    Winners Medal Draft

    Yeah at the Echo mate. Get back from Amsterdam Monday night then a few days to recover then staying out for the gig. Should be good.
  13. Sugar Ape

    Winners Medal Draft

    Sounds good but I’ll have to sit this one out. Going to Amsterdam this weekend then got Liam Gallagher soon after so won’t have the time. LFD seems to be back occasionally now, he might have a go. @LF:D @Red House @Babb'sBurstNad @TheHowieLama
  14. Sugar Ape

    The Mandalorian

    Yeah I was really surprised at the running time. I was expecting 50 minutes plus. It’d help if you liked Star Wars but you don’t need any knowledge of it to watch this. It looks like it’s just going to stand on its own. Definitely worth trying the first episode.
  15. Sugar Ape

    The Twitter

    Every time I see this Tweet it cracks me up. Lee Hurst is such a cunt as well.
  16. Sugar Ape

    Rivalries Draft - The Final

    Elite for me. Few quibbles with his team but think it’s got the least weaknesses.
  17. Sugar Ape

    What a day i have had!

    This thread hasn’t seen the light of day for over ten years. Where’s the book money Simon?
  18. Sugar Ape

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Some great contributions from Simon (He’s also the poster known as Celerybadboy) on this thread on the FF.