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  1. Simple question. Personally I think he's been a disaster so far and I want shut now. I respect people who think he's doing a good job and realise he's hamstrung to a certain extent by a very hostile press and also his own MPs but I don't see him ever getting close to winning an election so he's got to go for me. He might have the backing and resonate with the Labour membership but I don't think that translates to Labor voters. Things are about to get a lot worse than they are now under that cunt Johnson and we desperately need someone to step up and take him on and I don't think Corbyn with McDonnell and Dianne fucking Abbot as his generals can do that. Cameron couldn't convince Tory voters to vote the way he wanted and ultimately that cost him his job. Corbyn, whether you think he made a decent attempt at convincing Labour voters to stay or not ( and for me it was a half arsed attempt ), couldn't convince enough Labour voters to vote remain either as evidenced by the scores of Labour heartlands that voted to leave. That's not just a failure from him but he's the leader and he carries the can. He did an interview a couple of days before the referendum saying there could be no upper limit on the freedom of movement of people and I just cringed watching it. Whether that is true or not don't fucking say it! I realise that's part of the appeal, that he speaks his mind and won't play games, but on an issue as important as this you need to do whatever you can to win and I don't think he's ruthless and pragmatic enough to compromise So like I said, simple question; do you think he should stay or go? And if it's go then who replaces him?
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    Lib Dems

    My Google search isn't working in work, hence the new thread. What do people make of the Clegg apology? Doesn't seem to be getting a favourable response judging by the people I've spoken to/articles I've read on it. Seems to me by issuing the apology he is planning on being leader going into the next election, which is surely electoral suicide? The only slim chance they have of gaining any kind of popularity back is by breaking the coalition and blaming it on the Tories, the longer they leave it, the more chance the Tories will be the ones to end it which will fuck them up even more. It's their party conference this weekend, with a bit of luck he will get loads of stick there. She's obviously biased but Toynbee makes some good points ( and a few bad ones ) here. This was Nick Clegg's chance to save his skin. He failed | Polly Toynbee | Comment is free | The Guardian
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    Pogues thread

    Just read Here Comes Everybody: The Story of the Pogues by James Fearnley (the bands accordionist) which is excellent. One for @Bjornebye definitely. Here Comes Everybody: The Story of the Pogues https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0571253970/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_aXSvDbBNC811T
  4. It’s easily an 8/10 if not more after the first season. Not sure what Deadwood has to do with it? I mean The Sopranos is light years ahead of Deadwood for me but none of that takes anything away from Justified. I do think season five flags a little bit but season six was excellent and went out on a high. They also got the ending right which is no mean thing after so many shows fuck it up such at GOT and Dexter.
  5. Yes, it’s superb. The first season is by far the worst though (even though there are still lots of good bits) so just try and power through it if you can. First season is pretty much ‘villain of the week’ but from season two the plots become richer and you get ongoing storylines. Plus Walton Goggins is in it a lot more.
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    The N word

    White professor investigated for quoting James Baldwin's use of N-word The Pulitzer-nominated poet Laurie Sheck, a professor at the New School in New York City, is being investigated by the university for using the N-word during a discussion about James Baldwin’s use of the racial slur. The investigation has been condemned by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (Fire), which is calling on the New School to drop the “misguided” case because it “warns faculty and students that good-faith engagement with difficult political, social, and academic questions will result in investigation and possible discipline”. Sheck, who is white, was teaching a graduate course this spring on “radical questioning” in writing. She assigned students Baldwin’s 1962 essay The Creative Process, in which the black American writer and civil rights activist argued that Americans have “modified or suppressed and lied about all the darker forces in our history” and must commit to “a long look backward whence we came and an unflinching assessment of the record”. During the class, Sheck pointed to the 2016 documentary about Baldwin, I Am Not Your Negro, and asked her students to discuss why the title altered Baldwin’s original statement, in which he used the N-word instead of negro during an appearance on a talk show. Sheck told Inside Higher Education that a white student had objected to her language. According to Sheck, she questioned the student about her objection, who said she had been told by a previous professor that white people should never use the term. At the end of term, the student gave a presentation about racism at the New School. Sheck told IHE that she used the word because Baldwin – a New School alumnus – did, and “as writers, words are all we have. And we have to give [Baldwin] credit that he used the word he did on purpose”. In June, months after the class, Sheck says she was called to a meeting where she was questioned about her choice of reading assignments, and how she had prepared students for discussing Baldwin’s essay. She told the university that graduate students on a literature course “should reasonably be expected to be able to discuss painful or offensive language and the various implications of altering the words of an iconic writer”. As the meeting ended, she was given the university’s guidelines for dealing with issues of discrimination and told to familiarise herself with them. But Sheck told the Guardian that the university is proceeding with an investigation despite its regulations stating that complaints of discrimination must be lodged within 60 days of the incident, which had passed by the time the complaint was made against her. “I have been left completely in the dark with the accusations against me still actively in place, and classes starting in two weeks,” she said. “Having taught at the New School with an impeccable record and consistently stellar student evaluations of my classes for nearly 20 years, this drawn-out approach appears to many as an unnecessarily callous and insensitive treatment of a devoted and long time faculty member.” The New School’s response to Fire’s letter said only that it is “proud to be a place that embraces rigorous academic inquiry, diverse perspectives and respectful debate”, and that it “maintains confidentiality regarding personnel issues”. When asked by the Guardian if the investigation was proceeding, it said that open discussion of often difficult issues was central to its mission to provide an effective “learning environment”. “In the context of the current political and cultural climate, we are bringing together faculty and students to use these principles to guide a pedagogical approach that respects academic freedom as well as an inclusive and respectful learning space,” it added. PEN America has now joined Fire in calling for the investigation to be dropped. “Some words are so heinous that one can never expect to say them without some risk of offence,” said Jonathan Friedman, PEN’s project director for campus free speech. “But this is a case where intent matters. There is a distinction to be made between a racial slur wielded against someone and a quote used for pedagogical purposes in a class on James Baldwin. The New School cannot and must not discipline a professor for speech that is protected by the principle of academic freedom.” Sheck said that she is prepared to teach her classes when term starts in two weeks, despite not hearing from the university. “PEN has warned them that to act against me would be to violate academic freedom. If a university can censure a teacher for quoting James Baldwin and raising with graduate students – students who are aspiring writers – the issues involved in changing the words of an iconic American writer, then surely much is threatened and much is at stake, for thousands of people teaching throughout this country,” she said.
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    New Draft Ideas

    I was wearing your ma like a glove when that happened so I’ve got an alibi.
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    New Draft Ideas

    Stop trying to chat me up. I’m not interested.
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    New Draft Ideas

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    New Draft Ideas

    Paedo. Posting pictures of kids. Reported to Dave.
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    New Draft Ideas

    Your motto in the navy.
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    The GF book thread

    A lot of people stream or download movies and TV shows illegally, watch sport illegally, download and stream music illegally not to mention computer games and software. Why are you so surprised people do the same with books? (they do it with comics too btw). I’ve got hardback or paperback copies of all the Elvis Cole books for example. It’d probably cost me about £100 to buy them for my kindle so I download them from a torrent site. I don’t feel bad about this. I already spent a fortune buying the physical copies. I own about 1200 hardback or paperback books and about 1500 on my kindle. Most of the kindle ones are repeats of the physical copies I’ve bought down the years. The pricing of ebooks is scandalous imo. If you buy the physical copy you should get a download for free like you do with a lot of vinyl when you get a download code for the album.
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    Michael Kiwanuka

    Never heard any of his songs before but based on some reviews I've read and praise on here from Mook and Monty I picked Love and Hate up before. Last copy in HMV. Going to sit down in a minute with some tins and give it a listen. Grew up listing to soul and Motown mainly. I remember a time in the late 80's/early 90's when the only CDs we owned were the greatest hits of Marvin Gaye, The Chi-Lites and The Drifters. Seen him compared to Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Bill Withers and a lot more so he's got a lot to live up to. Oh, and if it's shit Mook you owe me £21.99 or the equivalent amount in Beef Transform-A-Snacks.
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    Upcoming TV Shows

    Any decent new shows due out this year or next? So far the two below look like they could be good. Terra Nova (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Terra Nova : This in particular looks good, created by Steven Speilberg. Falling Skies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Falling Skies :
  17. Listened to this Guardian Podcast before : Guardian Focus Podcast: Examining the British far right | World news | guardian.co.uk In England the far right seem a bit of a joke, I can't ever see the BNP or EDL taking off seriously. But in the likes of France and the Netherlands, it looks like it is gathering more support. And unlike Nick Griffin, I get the impression a lot of people in, say, France see the likes of Marine Le Pen as a credible politician. So, what do you think of it then? Where is it going to end? Will we see another openly fascist country in Europe anytime soon?
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    Rate the last film you watched...

    I’m in your wardrobe watching you Alan. Always.
  19. Egypy Station by Paul McCartney Managed to bag two tickets to see him in the Echo arena in December in the presale so thought I'd better give the new album a listen. 16 songs so a bit of filler on there but overall a good listen. A little bit of everything on there, rock, folk, ballads, the only tracks that don't really hit are a couple of contemporary tracks. Some slightly cringy lyrics as well, such as: He gets away with it though. Wouldn't be in a rush to listen to the whole album again but will definitely be adding a few tracks to my playlists. Overall a 7/10.
  20. Enjoying Wu assassins but there is a character who looks like a Chinese Bobby Firmino that’s putting me off.
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    30 years in the future...

    ... what do you think will have changed greatly in the world? Any new technologies that will change the way mankind lives? 3rd world war will have kicked off? Any of our many resident conspiracy lunatics think we'll have made contact with aliens? I'll start with an easy one. Hermes will be celebrating his 131st birthday making him the worlds oldest man.
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    Upcoming TV Shows

    Treadstone. Based in the Jason Bourne ‘universe’.