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  1. I'm out of superlatives for this Liverpool team. Wolves were a good and tricky opposition, as expected. Traore was a nuisance and caused Robertson endless problems. Salah was too selfish and squandered too many good opportunities by refusing to square the ball -- the sort of stuffs that usually caused rows between teammates and created bad vibes, sinking team-spirit like how it annoyed anxious supporters. But this team kept on going and going, overcoming obstacles both without and within like another walk in the park, deservingly notched another win.

    Not the smoothest of performances, but this just might had been my most favorite Liverpool game of this memorable season. What did Klopp call this group of players? Mentality giants? At this point that is no exaggeration.

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  2. On 10/09/2019 at 16:46, Barry Wom said:

    Aren't they incentivised to finish as low as possible once they won't make the playoffs? They do better in the draft next year?

    Nope. Baseball isn't like American Football or NBA, where highly drafted kids are ready to start and be stars. Baseball draftees still have to go through a long developing process with the farm system before they were deemed ready. Drafting early still mattered, but not as much. The incentive is still to win, given how much they spent. 

    Red Sox are in a tough division. A slow start fucked them and that was that. No biggie.

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  3. 5 minutes ago, moof said:

    Of course we will still blame the media, the media has an overwhelming role in ensuring the prevailing orthodoxies can continue operating as they do.

    “White guilt” lol. Alright buddy, sounds like some solid historical perspective you’ve got going on there

    "White guilt" is an Americanism, "imperial guilt"? Whatever you want to call it, the tendency to blame everything wrong in the world currently to something Imperial Britain or France or the US had done in the past.

  4. The rejection of Corbyn wasn't a surprise, what telling was how total and final it was. He and his devotees will continue to blame the media for this humiliation, but two flaws of his had made this fiasco quite inevitable, IMO: 1. Brexit means Brexit. After 4 years of unrelenting infighting and going in circles, the general public just want it done. Corbyn chose to sit on the fence. To be fair, in his estimation, the Tories would self-immolate over the impossible issue, leaving him as the only game in town -- and it had nearly worked, the period between the end of May and beginning of Johnson was a rough storm that nearly wrecked HMS Tories. 2. "Blame the west first" politics don't work outside far-left and certain trust-fund babies echo chambers. To the average Joes and Janes, white guilt was not a luxury they could afford; and to immigrants like your truly who had a longer and wider historical perspective than "imperialism is terrible" and "colonialism sucked" -- it's intellectually bankrupted horseshit. The general public simply do not want people with suspected patriotism to be their leader.

    If Corbyn were an academic or a priest, I would have respected him. As it was, good riddance to the useless bastard.

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  5. 9 hours ago, The Guest said:

    He’s so rattled by Liverpool.  It goes to show all the booing and calling him a greedy bastard at games is doing it’s job.  The fucking snake.  He might have won the league at city and earn more money but he clearly knows how hollow it all is.  Gomez clearly knew what buttons to push.

    He's rattled, alright. The booing affected his game, it didn't make him behaving this way. His ego just couldn't take that the "losers" he had to burn all bridges to leave behind were going to make him a "loser."  So out of all the people he could lash out on, he picked the lowest one on the totem pole. He's a fucking coward.