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    Andy Carroll, what does he do?

    Fixed that for you.
  2. neopulian

    Paul Ince

    Hilarious move with a whiff of sinister on Blackpool's part. Younger Ince will still leave, but will older Ince entice him to sign a new contract, therefore his eventual departure the fetch the older Ince some money to spend on new players -- which helps his own career; or will the older Ince look out exclusively for younger Ince's interest? Decision, decision.
  3. neopulian

    Is Rodgers becoming a laughing stock?

    I for one am dread of a repeat of the Evans era and I suspect many others do too. Millions of ineffective passes and a softly conceded goal -- as in lots of hot make out then the girl turned out to be a dude. While some of you might find it oddly titillating (NTTIAWWI -- not that there is anything wrong with it), many of the rest would find that extra, unexpected penis a massive erection killer.
  4. neopulian

    Arsenal(a) match thread

    The root of our problem is our midfield can't control sh*te when the chips are down. Looking to buy Coutinho and Ince will not fix that. Now, I don't have anything against signing the both of them, but that in combination with complete lack of interest in signing a stud defensive midfielder indicates that Rodgers doesn't see a glaring problem that needs urgent fixing there. He has a different football philosophy, that's fair enough. But it's also fair until his system begins to yield positive results given that reasonable amount of time had passed, doubt in such system is fair game.
  5. neopulian

    Arsenal(a) match thread

    Who said anything about Sturridge? I was alluding to the players we're being linked with, but more particularly, the type of players we are NOT being linked with. Look, perhaps I am a know-nothing knee-jerker with footballing philosophy so different to that of Rodgers I can't see what he's trying to do. But to convince doubters like me, he needs to start getting results against half decent opponents instead of again and again giving away the same frail goals.
  6. neopulian

    Arsenal(a) match thread

    I'm not demanding to fucking fire Rodgers right now, not even suggesting it. But over half a season of seeing the same shite over and over, please forgive me that I'm not particularly optimistic about our prospects.
  7. neopulian

    Arsenal(a) match thread

    Not a cause to depress if this was just an isolated incidence. The problem is ever time this team takes the field against a half decent team, I'm dreadful they would concede soft goals -- and more often than not, that fear was realized. Collecting more smallish wingers and forwards will not work toward fixing that problem. But WTF, that's just one man's opinion.
  8. neopulian

    Arsenal(a) match thread

    I don't know. Superfan antics like yours are getting old. I am about as optimistic about our prospect as the latter years under Evans. How many times can you watch a team repeating the same sort of mistakes in every crunch match without it knocking off your faith a little? Can't quite remember another Liverpool team this soft.
  9. neopulian

    mancs away 13/1/2012

    We're outnumbered everywhere in midfield, exposing questionable individuals (such as Allen). Need tactical adjustment, subbing like for like will not change a thing.
  10. neopulian

    Why do LFC fans dislike Jamie Redknapp?

    I actually remember that. Thomas was hated (a bit strong a word, but he was a favorite scapegoat), Barnes was near the end, so Redknapp was the shining hope. As soon as the shining hope got back into the team and we fell apart. From that time on, the spell was broken (at least for me). I openly wished we could have traded him for Lampard from West Ham (back when his dad was still managing that club).
  11. neopulian

    Anzhi Away 08/11

    Other than being a completely gutless chickenshit, he has had a couple neat touches. But then again, that's the only forte of his game
  12. Suarez Suarez Suarez Don't think Allen had a good game. He was up for the fight, but he didn't have a good game. Fellaini ran circles around him.
  13. neopulian

    The ideal January signing

    Howard Webb. But I doubt we can afford him. Nor will ManU agree to sell.
  14. neopulian


    Glad about the win, but we're not going to go anywhere fast, are we? Frenetic and wasteful in attack, porous and fragile in defense. I long for control football.
  15. neopulian

    Udinese at Anfield 4/10

    Same. Rather him than Downing -- but then we need to get the 20-million man some exposure in order to find a buyer, I suppose.
  16. neopulian

    Udinese at Anfield 4/10

    On a plane to Madrid :whistle:
  17. neopulian


    WTF? Goetze is right. The umlaut is equivalent to an e.
  18. neopulian

    Gary Hooper

    Better service (perhaps) and worse oppositions (definitely). Kuyt had better supporting cast with us than at Feyenoord, his scoring record still took a dive.
  19. neopulian

    Gary Hooper

    Judged by his career records, it seems easier than the Championship. 09-10 19 goals in 35 games for Scunthorpe. 10-11 20 goals in 26 games for Celtic. Anthony Stokes is a stud up there, that says it all about the current sorry state of Scottish footy.
  20. neopulian

    Not all sunny in St. Petersburg.

    That had to be sarcasm, right? And the communist party of St. Petersburg must be an elaborate hoax?
  21. neopulian

    "Rodgers anger at ref calls"

    We're not gonna turn into Barcelona overnight and win games in overwhelmingly fashion. To get there, we'll have to win close matches first -- in which a close decision can decide the outcome. Hey, even Barcelona need at least fair calls to win sometimes, if not most of the times. I see nothing wrong in complaining about being punished for playing fair. Rodgers wasn't just being grievous about Suarez not getting his due penalties, but also about the likes of Shelvey or Henderson or Yesil not rolling around in agony even though they were entitled to in today football -- and therefore the refs assumed the fouls committed against them were no serious infractions.
  22. neopulian

    U.S Presidential race 2012

    I like Slate's political gabfest. Bazelon can sometimes come off as naive, but Dickenson can dissect all the angles while Plotz plays the devil advocate decently.
  23. neopulian

    U.S Presidential race 2012

    The US is mentally in a lost state. Its hegemonic role in the world is being challenged, its people are being divisive and unhappy, teetering on panicky, its political class is power hungry and somewhat disconnected, its soul is being wrecked between religious fundamentalism and greed. The causes are numerous, you may have to write a book to analyze them all -- chief amongst which is the collapse of the old industry and manufacturing sectors and increased competition from abroad, blue collar workers that used to have job security no longer do, if they even have a job, so they turn to the other center of their community -- church, and became more and more fundamentalistic. Concurrently, the internet and new expansion of important in health care, finance expanded the city-dwelling white collar professional class that have little in common with the church folks. The end of the Cold war also encouraged the free-market fundamentalists to turn the nut dial all-the-way-to-11 and this is where we ended up. But you'd better hope that we'll find our way again, for neither having China as the overlord or a pseudo-anarchic state in which 8 billions lost souls driven by self-interested egomaniac "national leaders" fighting over scarce natural resources and petty squabbles would make earth a decent place to live.
  24. neopulian

    WTF is jonathan liew?

    "Being Liverpool" is horrid, embarrassingly so. But what insights can you come up with analysing an infomercial that served with canned sentimentality and aimed not to offend though, seriously?