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    Likewise. I don't think he's playing regularly for Juventus either.
  2. I like Henderson. He has to disprove his doubters every time he shows up, and he's still here.
  3. neopulian

    Gerrard new r*ngers manager????

    When the last time a Norwegian fought for anything, eh?
  4. neopulian

    Gerrard new r*ngers manager????

    Hmm, Stevie G or Brodgers? Tough choice. Oh wait, fuck right off, Brendan! I want a strong Rangers. There had been too much of that treasonous separatist momentum when Celtic alone rule that joke of a league.
  5. neopulian

    The ‘Buy Nabil Fekir’ Campaign

    I'm glad we weren't going full steam ahead once issue arose with the physicals. There isn't a shortage of good/potential players in similar mold: Bernard, Bruno Fernandes, Lucas Paqueta, Julian Draxler, Gonzalo Guedes, Emil Forsberg, et al...
  6. neopulian

    Rob Jones

    He nailed down that central back spot, silly. Also closer to the goal post.
  7. neopulian

    roma home

    We gave Roma a sliver of a chance, but the tie is not that open. Barcelona won 4-1 at home without doing anything special because Roma shat themselves with 2 own goals; they turned up in Rome expecting the tie was over and got ambushed. We will show up in Rome. That 2 late goals annoyance will keep us angry.
  8. neopulian

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    After his episode at West Brom (expensive, no impact loan, immediately get injured as expected), who would want him now?
  9. neopulian

    Trent Alexander-Arnold

    More impressed with him in the return leg than the home leg. He was tremendous in the first leg, but the whole team played well. We started nervously and gave up an early goal in the return; the midfield got overran, Gini and Ox looked completely overwhelmed, not TAA. The boy had grown a couple folds in statue, methink.
  10. neopulian

    Virgil Van Dijk

    VVD's biggest accomplishment is that he had turned Lovren into Fabio fucking Cannavaro.
  11. neopulian

    FSG are not shit

    It's obvious you don't know quite enough about BvB to have an intelligent conversation, just your little talking points. That doesn't do anything for me. So thanks, bye.
  12. neopulian

    FSG are not shit

    All that means is going public is good when the going is good, terrible when the going is bad. Didn't look too clever when they had to accept handouts from Bayern and local government to survive month to month.
  13. neopulian

    FSG are not shit

    Apart from the downward spiral that almost reached liquidation, where Klopp emerged just in time to save their arse.
  14. neopulian

    FSG are not shit

    Compared to Bayern's iron rule, BvB is a middling club. They have been enjoying a great revival over the likes of Schalke, Gladbach, Stuttgart, Leverkusen or total headcase like HSV, but historically more often than not, their place had been amongst the pack.
  15. neopulian

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    That depends on where they stand on the argument and whether vindication is at stake, though :)
  16. neopulian

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    Did Thomas Lemar win Ligue 1 and reach CL semi all on his own? No? Then it's fuck all relevant. This current season, he's contributed a whopping 2 goals. Also looking at the joke that is Bakayoko playing on Chelsea currently, I'd be quite wary of these recent Monaco "emerging stars" -- they might have just hit a very purple patch of form and rode on Mbappe's superb coattail.
  17. neopulian

    Andrew Robertson

    Kevin Stewart + pocket changes for Robbo, wasn't it?
  18. neopulian

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    I'd rather sign Atletico's goal keeping coach than Oblak.
  19. neopulian

    FSG are not shit

    I have news for you, the committee is still running the targets list. Klopp has some input and has veto power, supposedly -- but he's not out there running his own scouting network. The difference being Klopp is working and helping the new players to find their place. Exhibit A: Compare Lallana under Brendan and under Klopp.
  20. neopulian

    FSG are not shit

    Was he? He was utterly awful at judging balls floating over his head (makes it very tricky to be a central defender, that he supposedly is -- perhaps he needs his eyes checked out, something might not be right with his depth perception? I don't know) -- but a complete terrier on the ground. He didn't win every dual against Sane but he handled him at least as well as anyone I've seen, I thought.
  21. neopulian

    Philippe Coutinho

    We may have less points and sit lower on the table, but as a project, we've moved further along -- or am I imaging things? Losing Coutinho is a blow, but everything is not going to disintegrate and regress just because of him.
  22. neopulian

    FSG are not shit

    You said "But we'll still have these owners, owners who are overseeing a period in the club's history where our best players want to leave every 18-24 months. They're not creating the conditions where these players want to stay and that deserves criticism." To which I said, half jokingly: That's unfair, they can't move the club to Spain or recruit Messi., implying we can't compete with Barcelona, the club we lost our last 2 best South American players to, in pulling power. To which you replied with "Chelsea and Man City" -- both propped up by sugardaddies spending billions. Fair enough, you implied "Torres and Sterling" -- one a fading star angling to leave a club that had been drowning in crisis, the other an emerging player angling for a move to a richer and better funded project, using his agent publicly lambasting the club and his manager to get wish -- but you only brought that up waaaay later. My jumping to conclusion that you were bitter because FSG can't fund the club like Abu Dhabi funding Man City was completely fair.
  23. neopulian

    FSG are not shit

    Well, you were complaining our spending ain't matching City, no?
  24. neopulian

    FSG are not shit

    Aren't Chelsea pricking about losing Hazard to Real Madrid? It's also not news FSG ain't an energy emirate funding a PR project. If sugar daddies are what you're after, why don't you support Manchester City? Their football is sexy, they'll win everything. I won't begrudge you switching.
  25. neopulian

    FSG are not shit

    That's pretty fucking unfair, mate. It's not exactly a possibility to move Liverpool FC to Spain and at the same time, recruit Messi.