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  1. Charles Penrose


    Very little would make me happier than waking up to find out McGregor has been knocked out. I used to be a big fan too. He’s just proven himself to be such a gigantic cunt these last few years.
  2. Charles Penrose

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    I’ll try and do KuCoin then. I’ll buy some USDT and then have a dabble trying to do an exchange for XHV. It’s the buy page on the app that throws me a bit. Spot/Margin/Fiat etc. I’d just want to get the best possible trade price at the time I want to buy it. Even the limit/amount boxes were giving me grief yesterday!
  3. Charles Penrose

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    It seems a bit more complicated than just joining an exchange to me. I was hoping I could just go and buy some with cash but seemingly not so. I’ve been fiddling around with KuCoin for ages and can’t understand any of it!
  4. Charles Penrose

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    I got to ETH the other day. Doing quite nicely isn’t it. As far as XHV is concerned, I downloaded KuCoin but have absolutely no idea how to buy anything! Do I have to use Bitcoin or ETH to pay for it transferring some to KuCoin from my Coinbase wallet?
  5. Charles Penrose

    Must have kitchen appliances...

    85% of the good is apparently in the core. I saw a lad at work eating the core a few years back and thought he was a weirdo. But then I recently started cutting shite out of my diet and am constantly starving. I find it slightly healthier than demolishing an entire large pack of Maryland Cookies with one cup of tea.
  6. Charles Penrose

    Must have kitchen appliances...

    Am I in a minority when I say I eat the entire apple, including the core with the seeds? Minus the little wooden stick or course.
  7. Charles Penrose

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    So that removes the need for me to get a separate wallet? I’ve got the Coinbase app and have a confirmed account but what happens if, for example, I lose my phone or it breaks?
  8. Charles Penrose

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    What would be the best way to invest in this? What site? What app? I’ve got a few quid knocking around and wouldn’t kind a dabble. I see stories of people losing by old laptops and hard drives containing crypto and losing it? Aren’t these things as simple as managing them from a login anywhere? I haven’t got the faintest idea.
  9. Charles Penrose

    US Election 2020 Thread

    I find the attempted coup extremely worrying. However it pales into insignificance when I see that you’ve put wandering instead of wondering.
  10. Charles Penrose

    Simon Green - Who Am I?

    Nah, Cartoon Octopus.
  11. Charles Penrose

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    That new stadium is going to be staying on the computer for eternity now. Ever-Tron.
  12. Charles Penrose

    The Mandalorian

    I’ve never really been a huge Star Wars fan but I have liked this which I’ve watched over the last two weeks ago. What it’s given me most is two new phrases to say to my kids. “I have spoken” “This is the way”.
  13. Charles Penrose

    Police are cunts

    I thought it’d be a Sergeant sat behind the desk when I heard about it this morning, as the person directly in front of you when you get searched. Harder to shoot the bloke searching you from behind. As an arresting officer I think I’d rather it be me. In any case it’s not too surprising someone has got a gun in there. It’s probably happened many times before. Searches upon arrest are dreadfully superficial. Most of the times it’s akin to the video of that elderly Spurs steward video searching people at the turnstiles a few years back. Generally it’s accompanied by asking someone for their keys, wallet and phone. You could sneak just about anything into a station around the groin area for example but something in a waistband or similar. should be found. No one is using a metal detector on the street. Pretty shit that the bloke was a few weeks from retirement. That’s like every Cop film from the 80’s.
  14. Charles Penrose

    Things I have been completely wrong about

    In the early to mid nineties when I first got interested in Football I was baffled as to why Sarah Ferguson, or 'Fergie' as I'd heard her called, kept banging on about Premier League football in the back page headlines. And within the last few years I realised that you actually could open a dishwasher mid wash and water doesn't actually pour out onto the floor. I was convinced the whole thing filled up with water from top to bottom. To be fair to me I hadn't lived in a house with one until my mid thirties.
  15. Charles Penrose

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Too tight. The little gimp feigned injury to try and force through a move, dropped a transfer request on the last day of a window and steadfastly refused to stay for the second half of 2017/18. He may have cost us a European Cup. I’ve enjoyed his fall from grace immensely. It’s just a complete non starter because Klopp, like many of us, would rather work with and develop new players and not ones who didn’t give a shite about his teammates whilst he was here.