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  1. Charles Penrose

    Things I have been completely wrong about

    In the early to mid nineties when I first got interested in Football I was baffled as to why Sarah Ferguson, or 'Fergie' as I'd heard her called, kept banging on about Premier League football in the back page headlines. And within the last few years I realised that you actually could open a dishwasher mid wash and water doesn't actually pour out onto the floor. I was convinced the whole thing filled up with water from top to bottom. To be fair to me I hadn't lived in a house with one until my mid thirties.
  2. Charles Penrose

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Too tight. The little gimp feigned injury to try and force through a move, dropped a transfer request on the last day of a window and steadfastly refused to stay for the second half of 2017/18. He may have cost us a European Cup. I’ve enjoyed his fall from grace immensely. It’s just a complete non starter because Klopp, like many of us, would rather work with and develop new players and not ones who didn’t give a shite about his teammates whilst he was here.
  3. Charles Penrose

    Balls... A Reminder

    Tiny lump near your balls? Sounds like it was your dick mate.
  4. Charles Penrose

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Are you under the impression he didn’t sign for us in 2018?
  5. Charles Penrose

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    A decade ago we nearly went out of business. And now we are league Champions and reigning European Cup holders. We have an absolutely monstrous wage bill because finally someone realised that half the reason we were losing our best players was what we paid. Would people have liked to see Alisson, Van Dijk and Mane poached last summer? It’s probably the reality that we can’t pay huge wages whilst paying loads for players regularly. And certainly not when we’ve spent on the stadium, the training ground and are looking at a huge loss due to Coronavirus. How on earth are there people on here moaning at owners when it is abundantly clear we can’t go into huge debt with things as they are. I don’t care what the other clubs are doing. We spent what we make and a global pandemic has put paid to that for a year.
  6. Charles Penrose

    Aston Villa (H) Premier League 5/7/20 - 16:30

    I’m not at all convinced by AOC you know. Never have been. Don’t think he’s the standard of most of the others even if he is a decent squad player. He’s actually behind Milner in players I like to see start in midfield for us, and when he’s 34 to his 26 its not a great look. He’s got a decent chance of bagging the occasional goal for us but what else is he doing most of the time. I sincerely hope he makes me eat my words though.
  7. Charles Penrose

    Simon Green - Who Am I?

    Simon Maroulis? Valar Dohaeris.
  8. Charles Penrose

    If Roy Keane played for us

    No I’m not saying we’d have won the league. They would have been weaker whilst we would have been stronger. But generally speaking we had too many problems as a club to have made the most out of it anyway.
  9. Charles Penrose

    If Roy Keane played for us

    Fucking hell I bet you were buzzing off that. Absolute nonsense. He was a brilliant footballer and a great Captain for them. You sound exactly like the Mancs and Blues that claim Gerrard wasn't that great either. Embarrassing stuff and up there with the worst posts I’ve seen on this or any other forum from one of ours. I could find the essence of your post on Grand Old Team about us without looking for too long. Man Utd won titles because they were the best team, with the best manager, with the greatest resources and playing on the edge. Just as many teams before them did and many will in the future.
  10. I went to Kiev and it was the same in the stadium. The bottom fell out and we all seemed to go from thinking we were destined to win it to having very little chance at all. I’ve never watched it back but we were the better side in this early stages weren’t we? I felt really sorry for Karius out there at the final whistle, particularly after seeing him crying and saying sorry. The thing that tipped me over the edge was that video. Staggering lack of self awareness; he either didn’t know or didn’t care how that was going to be perceived. I really didn’t need to see the shit twat sunning himself in his holiday palace as if it had never happened. I was still paying the debt off at the time.
  11. Charles Penrose

    Rosie Webster Tribute Thread

    She’s an annoying cunt. Even C Difficile would be sick of her shit.
  12. Charles Penrose

    Shrewsbury (A) Fa Cup 26/1/2020 - 17:00

    He’s on about sticking out an entire team of kids managed by the U23s boss though.
  13. Charles Penrose

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    I think someone was on about Matip getting an extension to his contract that’s due to expire in 2020 earlier.
  14. Charles Penrose


    So sorry to hear that mate. As much as I loved my mum it wouldn’t be anything like the grief associated with losing a child. I’m not sure I’d get through something like that. Suppose it’s the having to be there for your other lad which kept you going.
  15. Charles Penrose


    My mum died when I was 19 after being struck by a car as a pedestrian. I’m not sure whether I’d have rather it been the relatively instantaneous thing that it was or go through what my mate did and see his mum slip away from Cancer over about a year. I ended up dealing pretty well with a series of incidents in my working life pretty well (including having to tell a young family their loved one had died in the very same room I’d been told my own mum was going to die) but then broke down a few years ago when describing my favourite childhood Christmas to my girlfriend. The first time I’d properly cried since the accident. Quite often I make jokes about it now and don’t regard myself as sensitive about it at all. I still hate being the person people will remember as giving them the bad news as I have to do a couple of times a year now. I absolutely hate it and it affects me just as badly every time I have to do it. I think what gets me most now is knowing she won’t see my kids and how much they’d have loved her.