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  1. Charles Penrose

    Rosie Webster Tribute Thread

    She’s an annoying cunt. Even C Difficile would be sick of her shit.
  2. Charles Penrose

    Shrewsbury (A) Fa Cup 26/1/2020 - 17:00

    He’s on about sticking out an entire team of kids managed by the U23s boss though.
  3. Charles Penrose

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    I think someone was on about Matip getting an extension to his contract that’s due to expire in 2020 earlier.
  4. Charles Penrose


    So sorry to hear that mate. As much as I loved my mum it wouldn’t be anything like the grief associated with losing a child. I’m not sure I’d get through something like that. Suppose it’s the having to be there for your other lad which kept you going.
  5. Charles Penrose


    My mum died when I was 19 after being struck by a car as a pedestrian. I’m not sure whether I’d have rather it been the relatively instantaneous thing that it was or go through what my mate did and see his mum slip away from Cancer over about a year. I ended up dealing pretty well with a series of incidents in my working life pretty well (including having to tell a young family their loved one had died in the very same room I’d been told my own mum was going to die) but then broke down a few years ago when describing my favourite childhood Christmas to my girlfriend. The first time I’d properly cried since the accident. Quite often I make jokes about it now and don’t regard myself as sensitive about it at all. I still hate being the person people will remember as giving them the bad news as I have to do a couple of times a year now. I absolutely hate it and it affects me just as badly every time I have to do it. I think what gets me most now is knowing she won’t see my kids and how much they’d have loved her.
  6. Charles Penrose

    Donald Trump

    Coming across pretty angry here. I’d have thought coming across as likeable would have been a better tactic.
  7. Charles Penrose

    Donald Trump

    It’s better than that. He said: “very very large, a brain”.
  8. Charles Penrose


    Same bloke but not a laziness story. He happened to be around 6ft10 tall and was present at an event where the Queen had some role. Everyone was told not to engage her in conversation. She walked down the line and said something like “You’re a big fellow aren’t you?” He didn’t even look down at her, started straight ahead and said” “I’m not supposed to talk to you”. Same fella again. He sat in an interview with a mate of mine, interviewing a bloke for having sex with another bloke in a public toilet. He also happened to be a vicar. My mate asked all the questions and this Vicar wasn’t admitting a thing. In any case my mate turned to this other copper and said” “Any questions?” in case he had missed anything. In the most deadpan way possible he said: “You’re a puff (pronounced pouffe) aren’t you?” Probably the greatest interview ‘challenge’ ever.
  9. Charles Penrose


    Around the time I joined the Police there was a local policing officer in his late fifties who worked at a small, rural station. He would get in, book on and immediately run himself a bath. He’d have a good long soak every day without fail, regardless of the jobs coming in. Sometimes the more outrageously overtly lazy you are the more you get away with it. Developing a reputation that makes people just shrug their shoulders seems to protect people more than occasional laziness.
  10. Charles Penrose


    But not the best in three divisions or the greatest of all time then? He got caught by a far better all round fighter then he is.
  11. Charles Penrose


    Fighters either seem to get named the greatest ever or called out as hype jobs. Ronda Rousey was getting billed as the greatest ever before she got humbled twice. People then called her out as just a great Judoka in a burgeoning division years behind the men’s game. The truth is generally somewhere in the middle. McGregor has ushered in an era of grandiose self promotion where you’ve got more chance of the big money by acting like a twat. Till had proclaimed himself capable of beating anyone across the three divisions, called himself the greatest fighter in the world and then failed to beat the first person capable of putting him on his arse. That person put him there by cleaning his clock on the feet which was supposed to be where he held the advantage. Of course he was overhyped. He’s proven himself to be a good, relatively entertaining fighter and not much more.
  12. Charles Penrose


    I don’t disagree. I actually didn’t mean to equate McGregor with my points about Till. I still want to see him battered though.
  13. Charles Penrose


    I get absolutely fed up of people winning a few fights and declaring themselves the toughest fighter in the division or in Till’s case saying he’s he best middleweight and light heavyweight too. I know it’s about self belief and promotion but compared to Woodley he comes across as an idiot. He got humbled and he’s not the first stand up fighter to see his arse as soon as someone with a complete game rolls into town. The next big one is McGregor and I’ve gone from his biggest supporter to wanting to see him ragdolled.
  14. Charles Penrose


    Got his arse handed to him. Always interesting to see the bullshit drain from someone’s face when they realise they aren’t really a mixed martial artist at all.
  15. Charles Penrose

    The Ailment thread

    This one isn’t about me but my girlfriend/Mother of my kids. Just over a year ago she ran a half marathon in a great time. She’s always been a keen runner and just gets on with things regardless. In any case she began to have issues with balance and coordination which progressed to general fatigue and confusion/memory fog to the point she thought she’d had a stroke. The last year was hellish day after hellish day and she openly says she would have killed herself had it not been for our two kids. We’ve had scans and blood tests but the NHS have been dreadful (I’ll offset that my saying the NHS were wonderful treating my son for a rare eye condition).Effectively she’s been told the problems are in her head and discharged from everyone. We both know something is majorly wrong. This is by numerous neurologists and various other specialists. Early on I suggested Lyme Disease but this was dismissed because ‘she hadn’t been to the new forest’. I took this at face value. She probably has thirty other symptoms. The NHS seem to think Lyme Disease is rare but it is anything but. In brief it is a tick borne disease which often results on a tell tell ‘bullseye’ rash, but this is not all the time and you may not even know you’ve been bitten as it’s far more common to get bitten by something as small as a poppy seed than some massive thing hanging off of you. Symptoms can also come and go over years. In any case during May I paid privately for her to have a blood test from a German lab. This cost me nearly £500 and can’t confirm a current infection. What it does do is screen for previous exposure to the Lyme bacteria (it cannot be cultured from a blood test), which was positive. With all the symptoms of chronic Lyme disease she has now been diagnosed by a specialist working in Dublin. The NHS refuse to acknowledge the test or to even believing in a chronic version of Lyme disease despite many world leading specialists in infectious diseases doing so. Neither will they treat it beyond several weeks of antibiotics after a positive (laughably unreliable) NHS test. Had it not been for my friend, recently retired on medical grounds from the Police, due to Lyme disease, we would have absolutely no idea. There is no real awareness about this condition and it is strongly suspected as the culprit in countless cases of conditions such as CFS and fibromyalgia. My mate spent £28,000 travelling to Washington DC to get anywhere near right. We are paying hundreds a month to get her specialist treatment and antibiotics from Dublin and she is only just starting to feel marginally better. This is whilst her wage has been slashed in half. I doubt she will ever be right because of the damage this thing does but to those of you who are either ill themselves or have family or friends suffering it’s something to be aware of. Pray neither you or your family get this thing because you may be absolutely fucked. This thing drives itself into bones, joints, muscle and brain tissue. It changes shape, evades testing and treatment and suppresses your immune system so badly your body ceases to produce antibodies to it. The sicker you are the better your blood may look.