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  1. Charles Penrose


    People like this are probably something like 60% of our everyday workload.
  2. Charles Penrose

    Which drugs should be legal (supply and possession)

    Nothing worse than some smarmy PCSO wanker calling up over the radio with something like: “I’ve got eight lads down by the river with cannabis, can I have an officer?”. For that reason alone decriminalise the lot.
  3. Charles Penrose

    Divorce - pros & cons?

    Ironically she had no alternative.
  4. Charles Penrose

    The Official Golf Thread

    Jeremy Corbyn got thrown out of an Open Championship a few years ago for shouting ‘Free Palestine’ during Tiger’s downswing.
  5. Charles Penrose

    The Official Golf Thread

    When the fuck is something going to be done about the in the hole wankers at every USA event? I’m not sure how I’d cope with that as a player. Eject every one of the cunts.
  6. Charles Penrose

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    I’ll certainly be staying away from hype coins but ones with real utility aren’t going away. I trust a few of the alt coins more than Bitcoin to be honest.
  7. Charles Penrose

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    I’ve seen what I have go down from a value of around £30,000 to £9,750 in not very much time at all. I put in about £13,500. Come payday I’ll just buy more and do so every month thereafter.
  8. Charles Penrose

    Other football - 2020/21

    I'd laugh my tits off if we screwed them in the same way. We won't be playing Champions League football because, as well as the injuries, we've veen shit and deserve to be exactly where we will end up.
  9. Charles Penrose

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    What deters you from sticking that money into a proper project? That there are single wallets out there with significant percentages of all Doge (28% in one alone) would worry the fuck out of me. It’s one big rug pull waiting to happen. I’d hazard a guess that it’ll end up around a dollar due to the massive drive its community has to get there. It could all go wrong over the space of about fifteen minutes when a significant enough player leaves everyone else holding the bag and cashes out a billionaire. I started off in January and stuck about a grand into Doge after seeing the online hype. I sold it for a small loss pretty quickly after researching and stuck my money into legitimate altcoin projects like Cardano, Ethereum and Vechain. I’ve got about £28k of all combined after multiplying my money a good few times over since the beginning. I’ve been involved for just a few months but the peddling of shitcoins like Safemoon, Hoge Finance or even Doge is going to absolutely ruin the confidence in crypto as an investment.
  10. Charles Penrose

    Scooter Cunts Rampaging Around Liverpool

    As much as I’d like to I wouldn’t want to run the risk of my lads getting grief for having a Dad dishing out tickets. I’ve only ever given out one in eighteen years so I’m also concerned about protecting and improving my magnificently low average of 0.05 tickets a year. The mate who pulled another engine revving, tyre screeching prick over for no insurance found himself with a free crate of beer a few years back though. I smile every time I see him walking now.
  11. Charles Penrose

    Scooter Cunts Rampaging Around Liverpool

    There’s currently a cunt off at my lad’s primary school. One of the parents picks up his son on an e-scooter and another raised the bar this week by doing so on a quad bike. No helmet for either six year old obviously.
  12. Charles Penrose

    Line of Duty

    Yeah but I wasn’t including it under ‘exciting’ but whatever works for you mate.
  13. Charles Penrose

    Line of Duty

    I’ve not seen a minute of this but suspect it’s absolute garbage. Another one I hear identikit, off the shelf, personality vacuum Police Officers discussing. File under Life on Mars , Hot Fuzz and Luther. As if it gets any more exciting in real life than someone being suspended for trying to return an ‘unworn’ suit they actually wore at a wedding and producing their warrant card as evidence of their supposed honesty. Or the knobhead who was adding his own reduced stickers to joints of beef. Make a series out of that.
  14. Charles Penrose

    The Masters 2021

    The Masters App is phenomenal for those that don’t have it. Every shot in players round available to view etc. Never used it before but downloaded it this morning.
  15. Charles Penrose

    Tiger Woods

    He’s a bellend isn’t he? I watched the two part HBO documentary on him a few nights ago and he didn’t come across too well. Without his injuries he’d have sailed past Nicklaus’s record though.