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  1. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

  2. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    Full time 1-0 (Glatzel)
  3. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    Halftime 0-0 Dull game where both teams have struggled to create.
  4. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    Under-23s at West Ham, 7 p.m. LFCTV : George; Randall, Juanma, Johnston, R. Williams, Coyle, Christie-Davies, Lewis, Jones, McAuley, Glatzel. Subs : Atherton, Gallacher, Larouci, Sharif, Duncan
  5. cinco veces

    Featured: That was the week that was (Feb 9-15 2019)

    I've seen Isaac Christie-Davies play a dozen times now, and I'm none the wiser myself. More importantly, Taiwo Awoniyi scored again yesterday - that's 4 in 5 games for Mouscron since he managed to fight his way out of Gent (allegedly); I wonder if Bournemouth are interested?
  6. He was trying to avoid Monty, who was on the other side of the road.
  7. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    Full time, Liverpool 2 Wigan Athletic 0 A game won by two clinical finishes, and secured by hard work in midfield at the end. Next round, away to Bury.
  8. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    Wigan go close but Jaros tips it over. That should just about do it.
  9. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    Sharif has a free header, which is well wide.
  10. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    Duncan breaks clear, but again shoots straight at the keeper. Then Larouci shoots just over. Into the seven minutes added time.
  11. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    Larouci finds Duncan, whose shot is straight at the Wigan keeper.
  12. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    Bearne on for Clarkson, who got a knock on the ankle.
  13. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    Dixon-Bonner curls one just wide from 15 yards.
  14. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    First sub: Longstaff off, Dixon-Bonner on.
  15. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    15 minutes left, still 2-0 Wigan had the best of the first 20 minutes of the second half, but lost the initiative when they took off a midfielder for another forward.