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  1. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    Under-23s vs. Arsenal, 7 p.m. : Grabara; Camacho, Lewis, Phillips, Johnston, Chirivella, Virtue, Christie-Davies, Adekanye, Markovic (Ho-Ho-Ho), Millar. Subs: McKenzie-Lyle, Gallacher, Coyle, Tagseth, McAuley.
  2. cinco veces

    Pineapple on a pizza?

    Is NSFW still available? I can't see an option for them.
  3. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    Full time 5-2. Closer and scruffier than it needed to be, but three points in the bag.
  4. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    PSG get a penalty after trip by Lewis, which they convert, 5-2.
  5. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    5-1, Camacho gets a tap-in after great work by Larouci and Longstaff. And apparently the competition rules allow for 5 subs, as Neco Williams is replaced by Ki-Jana Hoever.
  6. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    Curtis Jones stops the madness with a daisy-cutter from the edge of the area, 4-1.
  7. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    Clarkson on for Coyle Longstaff on for Cain (I don’t remember seeing anything about 4 substitutes being allowed, but presumably we wouldn’t be allowed if it weren’t legal...) PSG make it 3-1 from a long range shot.
  8. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    Should have been a fourth, but Camacho mistimed his free header from a Neco Williams cross.
  9. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    Subs: Duncan and Larouci on for Glatzel and Adekanye.
  10. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    Half time 3-0 Probably should be more one-sided than that, Glatzel hit the bar, had another 20-yarder tipped away and could have had a penalty when he was bundled over, Camacho mis-kicked when unmarked by the penalty spot and there was another chance when their keeper dropped a harmless-looking corner before it was scrambled away.
  11. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    3-0, Adekanye slides the ball past the keeper at the near post.
  12. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    2-0 Camacho with another unchallenged header following a Lewis corner.
  13. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    1-0 LFC Rhys Williams header after a corner wasn’t cleared .
  14. cinco veces

    Youth Team/Cup

    UEFA Youth League, vs. PSG, St. Helens, 3 p.m. (BT Sport 2, etc.) : Jaros; N. Williams, Lewis (C), R. Williams, Clayton, Coyle, Cain, Jones, Adekanye, Camacho, Glatzel. Subs: Kelly, Hoever, Larouci, Clarkson, Longstaff, Duncan, McAuley.
  15. cinco veces

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    Excellent, we can take our inflatable bananas to wave