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  1. I lost my mum to the virus yesterday. She was 86 and had been in a care home for just coming up to six years suffering from alzheimers.

    The care home seemed to be keeping the virus at bay up until a couple of weeks ago and then my mum tested positive around ten days ago. She seemed to be doing ok but then in a space of less than 24 hrs she deteriorated quickly.

    We got a call from them saying she was really poorly so we hurried up there and myself, dad and brother were allowed in separately for 15 mins to say our goodbyes. Within a couple of hours she had passed away :(

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  2. 7 hours ago, Bob Spunkmouse said:



    i just switched on a stream of the Everton game and immediately something tremendous happened.


    64th minute, Hamez running through the middle with the ball, just fell over onto his face with Boone near him.

    i don’t know if @Caramac does requests but here’s hoping

    Don't mind doing requests, I'm struggling to find any video footage of the said incident here though. Maybe our bloo friends have had it erased from existance.

  3. Gini is great in the role that Klopp uses him in but he's more than capable of scoring 10-12 per season if he's played in a more advanced role. If its true he's miles behind Milner in the wages stakes then he probably does deserve to be paid more.

    Plus as others have said he's hardly ever injured. He's also blessed with a great smile so on that fact alone I say pay the man.