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  1. Caramac

    Mohamed Salah

    Ha, he wasn't in the frame long enough to warrant a gif. Will this still image do?
  2. Caramac

    Mohamed Salah

    Sounds like an imposter that fella.
  3. I don't, but something usually shows up sooner or later. I'll post it up if it does.
  4. Caramac

    Spurs (A) 28/1/21 - Premier League - 20:00

    Gini Wijnaldum 93rd minute.
  5. Caramac

    Fuck off Frank Lampard

    Aye if Tuchel gets the job they will..
  6. Caramac


    It is, and as you say its such a slow progressive disease. It must be getting on for nine years since my dad first noticed that something wasn't quite right with my mum.
  7. Too late to vote now but its the 77 cup final for me. It still jars me whenever it gets brought up, that shite deflected goal and then Ray Kennedy heading against the post late on. That treble would have been great.
  8. Caramac


    Thanks Suzy, ran out of rep for now. Will sort it when l can.
  9. Caramac


    Its fine to not know what to say mate. I find myself in that position a lot recently. Difficult times.
  10. Caramac


    It really is mate. We've had a long time to try and prepare for this and then covid comes in and takes away I believe nine of the residents including my mum in a matter of two weeks
  11. Caramac


    @johnsusername Thanks, I really hope you and your family manage to come through this and of course anyone else who is in or knows someone in a similar situation.
  12. Caramac


    Thanks again everyone, genuinely heartwarming to see your kind words and support.