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    What do you eat with your pancakes?

    sugar and freshly squeezed orange juice
  2. I thought he played really well when he came back from his first injury against Arsenal till he went off again with the same said injury. Can't really judge him since he's been back from the second injury. Not played enough to get fully match fit (don't forget he got injured again in his first comeback game) so he's been out a long time, also come back to a side very low on confidence ............the guys a talented footballer and we ain't got enough of those.
  3. Caramac


    I agree he is a twat, but you can't have ex reds on setanta, sky etc squirting their jiz all over the place and generally bum licking LFC. l don't think people would like that all the time either. They probably have to say "controversial" things to hold on to their jobs. lt all generates cash for the media industry imho. .......
  4. got four numbers once...made 36 quid :(..........had a few 10 pound wins as well. A mate of mine won 200 grand about 8 years ago and bought himself a B&B in Skeggy, never looked back.
  5. ..........or shall l bin it
  6. Caramac

    Is my sig pic any good....

    ok ok..... l get the message , but surely someone must have liked it, its the Kop for f@*ks sake, bit of nostalgia and all that..............
  7. Caramac

    Is my sig pic any good....

    ok................its gone :angry:
  8. Caramac

    Is my sig pic any good....

    anyway, back to my sig pic..........is it any good, or shall l bin it?
  9. Caramac

    Is my sig pic any good....

    Caramac ................used to love em as a kid, but find em a bit sickly now tbh
  10. Caramac

    ANOTHER interview!

    sorry to hear that.............get yerself down the shop and indulge in a nice Caramac
  11. Caramac

    Is my sig pic any good....

    well l was going to say get off yer arse and get down to the shop but according to your bio that ain't gonna happen is it?
  12. Caramac

    Is my sig pic any good....

    but it is a pic of a gang of crazy dudes with their cocks out..........they've just all gone home.
  13. Caramac


    no news yet according to the offal DEFENDER SOLD BUT NO MASCH NEWS
  14. Caramac

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Don't forget around 18 months ago we signed the new Ronaldo......
  15. Caramac


    .........yeah l can see him moving on after this season......there is a rumour going round, (probably bollocks like )that Kawasaki are prepared to offer him 70million euro's per season to join them.
  16. Caramac


    Yeah to bad Pedrosa broke his hand....l'm just hoping its gonna be a bit more competitive this season and not just the Casey Stoner show, fair play to the guy though he rode pretty flawlessly last season. It would be great if the some of the other teams could find that few extra mph top speed to match the ducati. Also good to have a brit back in there, be interesting to see how Toseland fairs and also the guys that have moved up from the 250 class, Lorenzo in particular. Yep paddyberger showing my age now but l can remember seeing Sheene and Roberts racing in the Transatlantic Trophy at Mallory Park........awesome stuff.
  17. Caramac

    RIP Snake Pass

    ace view just before you drop down into Macclesfield
  18. ..........4 meg package to be upgraded to 10 meg, no price increase HERE
  19. Caramac

    General Forum Radio

    Probably been seen on here before but well worth the bump. Amazing stuff. Jake Shimabukuro - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  20. Caramac

    Buying a WII tomorrow any advice?

    I think you can play Mario Strikers Charged Football online, Think the biggie will be Mario Kart for the Wii, thats rumoured to be 16 player online. Due out in June l think.
  21. Caramac

    Insults for insults sake

    The Liverpool Way Statistics Threads: 48,826, Posts: 886,911, Members: 4,030, Active Members: 1,066 Welcome to our newest member, Biofactory ...........all nobheaded retards bar me.
  22. Caramac

    Best nut?

    Hazelnut............its by far the greatest nut the world has ever seen.
  23. Caramac

    Rafa may have the club at heart...

    Yep if we manage to win anything at all this season it will be one huge bonus.
  24. Caramac


    :smile: Thats a very imaginative way of describing him there mate.